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What does the 12-team CFP field look like this week’s rankings?

Although not officially confirmed, the expanded 12-team college football playoffs are expected to debut in the 2024 season. The Athletic will use the playoffs committee’s latest top 25 standings each week for the rest of the season to test the proposed format and predict how it will play out. 1st place. Note: Orange and Cotton Balls were previously scheduled to host the 2024-25 Semifinals and Atlanta National Championship games. Top 4 Seeds (Round 1 Byes): Tennessee (SEC Champion) Ohio State (Big 10 Champion) Clemson (ACC Champion) ) TCU (Big 12 Champion) CFP Board of Directors approved model, the top 4 seeds rank highest of 4 conference champions. For our purposes, we are designating the highest ranked team from each conference as champions. This means that #1 Tennessee (SEC), #2 Ohio (Big 10), #4 Clemson (ACC) and #7 TCU (Big 12) could advance to the quarterfinals. 5-12 seeds:5. Georgia (mostly)6. Michigan (mostly)7. Alabama (mostly)8. Oregon (Pac-12 Field)9. USC (large scale)10. LSU (large scale)11. Miss Olle (large)12. Tulane (AAC Champion) 6 top-ranked conference champions and 6 top-ranked teams are guaranteed in the same model. If the season ends today, the 5th and 6th placed conference champions will be 8th placed Oregon (Pac-12) and 19th placed Tulane (AAC). If you join the field with them, you will be in 6th place. Teams: 3rd Georgia, 5th Michigan, 6th Alabama, 9th USC, 10th LSU and 11th Ole Miss.CFP Schedule All Time East. First Round Friday. December 13th 9 USC at No. 8 Oregon, Saturday 7:30 PM Dec 14 No. 12 Tulane at No. 5 Georgia, no. 11 Ole Miss at No. 6 Michigan, 4pm No. 10 LSU at No. 7 Alabama, 8pm on campus in Nos. Sow 5-8 seeds on the third weekend in December. ESPN decides which games will be placed in which slots and LSU-Alabama will be selected during prime time Saturday. (Oregon isn’t expected to host Saturday’s noon ET/9 am PT match.) And the Big Ten fan’s long-standing “SEC team should play north in December” fantasies finally come to fruition with Miss Ole. I did. Play at Michigan.QuarterfinalsTue. December 31 Pitchball 3rd place Clemson vs. Michigan-Ole Miss Winner, Wednesday 7:30pm January 1st Fiesta Ball: 4th Place TCU vs. Georgia-Tulane Winner, 1pm Rose Bowl: 2nd Ohio State vs. Alabama-LSU Winner, 5pm Sugar Bowl: 1st Tennessee vs. Oregon-USC Winner, New Year’s Six Bowl as of 8:45pm New Year’s Day is expected to host the quarterfinals and semifinals, with the goal of playing most of the quarterfinals on New Year’s Day. And the CFP Board of Directors said in the announcement that the top four seeds will be allocated “taking into account the current contractual ball relationship”. Using these parameters, the 1st seed Tennessee will be the SEC’s contract ball, sugar ball, and 2nd place. Seed Ohio State in the Rose Bowl as the Big Ten Champion. There are no conference partners for the pitch and the Fiesta Ball, but geography 3rd place Clemson will go to Atlanta and 4th place TCU will remain for the Fiesta Ball semifinals. January 9 Cotton Bowl: #2 Ohio/No. 7 Alabama/No. 10 LSU vs. 3 Clemson/No. 6 Michigan/No 11 Olemis, Fri 7:30pm Jan 10 Orange Ball: #1 Tennessee/No. 8 Oregon/No 9 USC. Large No. 4 TCU/No. 5 Georgia/No. 12 Tulane, 7:30 pm The Commissioner has not officially set a date for the semifinals, but it must be at least a week later than the quarterfinals and the CFP avoids the NFL’s wildcard weekend (January 12) and vice versa. 11-13). That would probably mean putting one on Thursday night and the other on Friday night. According to the announcement by the CFP Board, “Higher seeds will be given priority for playoff semi-final games.” It will depend on which team wins the quarterfinals, but if the #1 seed Tennessee advances, Knoxville can theoretically go either way, as Knoxville is effectively the same distance between the two sites. We chose Orange.Mon. The title match is expected to continue on Monday night as the National Championship game, 7:30 p.m. NFL’s division round in Atlanta, January 20, is hampered by a potential weekend date. The CFP has already selected Atlanta as the host for their 2025 national championship game, and the match is likely to be held two weeks later than originally planned, but it is still expected. 8th Oregon, 9th USC 5th Georgia 12th Tulane 6th Michigan 11th Ole Miss 7th Alabama 10th LSU 1st Tennessee 8th Oregon 1st 5 Georgia 4th TCU 6th Michigan 3rd Clemson 2nd Ohio 7th Alabama 5th Georgia 1st Tennessee 2nd Ohio 6th Michigan 2nd Beats Ohio beats No. 5 Read all about GeorgiaSee all CFP ranking ranges (top and inline illustrations: John Bradford / The Athletic; top photos: Ben Jackson, Donald Page, Mark Brown/Getty Images)

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