Elon Musk warns Twitter could face bankruptcy as top management escapes.

Elon Musk told Twitter staff on Thursday to prepare for “the difficult times ahead.” And he warned that the company could go bankrupt if it didn’t find new ways to make money. At an all-employee meeting on Thursday, Musk said he was losing money on Twitter. As reported by Platformer and Bloomberg, he says “bankruptcy is not an issue.” The revelation became another whirlwind day after Musk took over the social media platform. Musk sent his first email late Wednesday night, instructing employees to stop working from home and return to the office Thursday morning. This reversed the work-from-home policy implemented by Twitter during the pandemic. You have to email the entire company, but there is no way to add or subtract messages,” Musk wrote. “Without significant subscription revenue, Twitter is unlikely to survive the upcoming economic downturn.” We need half of it.” The next day, Musk convened the first “holistic” meeting, giving a grim assessment of the company’s finances and expanding face-to-face work requirements. Musk says “exceptional” workers can work remotely, but Others who don’t like it can quit: MarketWatch reporter Andrew Keschner claimed that Musk worked 120 hours a week, including 24, on his 47th birthday. 02:21 Layoffs, then resignation Six celebrities left Twitter this week after last week’s layoffs of nearly 3,700 people or the genocide equivalent to half the number of Twitter employees. including Damien Kieran, Chief Privacy Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Marianne Fogarty; Leah Kisner, head of information security, an executive confirmed to colleagues Roth’s resignation on an internal bulletin seen by the Associated Press. Roth’s resignation was a “big loss” to Twitter’s credibility and integrity, calling his ex-colleague and friend Emily Horne. Horne, who oversaw global policy communications on Twitter until 2018, said he was “the most evil troll ever active on the platform.” Dozens of ex-employees have been asked to return, while experts say if the number of employees drops dramatically, the platform will need to ensure users’ data privacy. It will make it more difficult to comply with your legal obligations. Cybersecurity expert Alex Stamos, the former head of security for Facebook, warned on Twitter on Thursday that “a sharp decline in the number of employees poses a serious breach risk.” “Twitter has made great strides toward a more rational internal security model, and stepping back will be a problem for the FTC and other regulators in the US and Europe,” Stamos said. The FTC is Watching The FTC said in a statement on Thursday that it was “tracking the latest developments on Twitter with deep concern.” “The amended consent order provides a new tool to investigate compliance and we are ready to use it.” Musk reserves the right, if so, to request documents and deposit employees. In an email sent by the AP to these employees, Musk said, “Twitter will take all necessary steps to comply with both the letter and the spirit of the FTC consent decree. will,” he said. Musk also has other government regulatory issues that run Twitter. Twitter was fined $150 million in May for violating a consent order in 2011. The updated version sets new procedures that require companies to implement improved privacy protection programs and enhance information security. The new procedure also requires companies to include a full public list that Twitter must disclose to the FTC when introducing new products and services, particularly when it affects personal data collected about users. We review personal information in advance,” tweeted Riana Pfefferkorn, a researcher at Stanford University who said she had previously provided Twitter outside of legal counsel MoneyWatch. In response to that, Twitter, which removed the FTC. Communications department, asked the AP for comment on Thursday. The capricious CEO who has been fined for inadvertently tweeting in the past has a history of entanglement with regulators, Musk declared in a 2018 tweet, referring to the Securities and Exchange Commission as “I don’t respect the SEC.” Horses fled Twitter after taking over Twitter and firing its chief executive, citing growing hate speech against the platform. Advertisers including Oreo manufacturers Mondelez, Allianz, Audi, General Mills, GM, United Airlines and Pfizer advertise on the platform. The pause caused a major cash crisis for the company, with more expected to follow. On a live broadcast, Musk claimed that hate speech on the platform has decreased since his takeover and asked advertisers to be patient, citing the company’s efforts in the coming weeks. He warned that he would do “a lot of stupid things” inside, “How can we make big strides if we don’t make bold moves?” “You have to take a risk here, and I think that’s going to be a really big leap forward.” Musks’ goal is to cut that amount in half, while also getting more money out of their subscriptions. In an email Thursday, Musk told employees, “The last 10 “Priority for days,” he said, is developing and launching Twitter’s $8-per-month subscription service that includes a blue checkmark next to a paid member’s name. A verified account. The project went well with attempts to impersonate celebrities like LeBron James and pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, which Musk said in a second email to employees was “an absolute top priority.” We will stop “bots/trolls/spam” abusing the old account system. A flood of fake accounts was frozen by the company on Friday with the launch of a new subscription service, Twitter Blue, according to tech reporter Zoe Schiffer. latest news

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