Kari Lake Raises Groundless Doubts About Election Results In Arizona Governor Election Too Early To Call | CNN Politics

CNN — Democrat Katie Hobbs leads Republican Kari Lake in Arizona’s governorship election with just over half of the constituency reporting that a lot could change once the votes are counted, but GOP candidates are already skeptical of the election results. Lake won the Republican primary by amplifying former President Donald Trump’s lies about the 2020 presidential election. And while current margins could change dramatically as votes are counted, Lake offers no evidence that Tuesday’s results could be problematic. (Hobbs, as secretary of state, rejected the GOP’s efforts to overturn the results in the 2020 election.) Lake said it felt like “wild boar day” in a speech at headquarters on Election Day night on Tuesday night. Lake said she called “November 3, 2020, 101 incapacity.” She went on to suggest that there was “incompetence” in both the August primary and Tuesday’s elections. This was a not-so-subtle criticism of her opponent’s oversight of the election. It wasn’t immediately clear what she was talking about, but she had no evidence of widespread fraud. “We need an honest election and we will bring it to you,” she said. Arizona, I assure you. The systems we have now don’t work,” said Lake. She later told her supporters that she was patient and confident that she would win. Hobbs also spoke to her supporters on Tuesday night, saying that the campaign felt good about what they were seeing. “I know we all want to know who won this incredibly important race, but we have to be patient and wait for all the votes to be counted,” she said in a ready-to-deliver speech. “We know that my opponent and her allies have created suspicion and confusion throughout this campaign and it is unacceptable that they are spreading misinformation today while people are voting.” All four Republican candidates in Arizona’s highest positions have repeated Trump’s lies about the 2020 presidential election. And right-wing media seized Maricopa County’s voting issues early Tuesday, raising the idea of ​​fraud despite counter endorsements from county officials. 2020. Arizona has become a major battleground for both the governor and the Senate this year and is likely to become president again in 2024, so Democrats including former President Barack Obama have warned that democracy could collapse if Republicans accept Trump’s election lies and conspiracy theories. I warned you. If they swept power, they were in danger. Charlie Kirk, founder and chairman of right-wing group Turning Point USA, tweeted a false claim of a two-hour waiting time in Maricopa County, where there was a recurring partisan “thank you” in 2020. On Tuesday night, a Maricopa County judge rejected a proposal from Republican lawmakers to extend voting time by three hours, saying there was no evidence that voters were being deprived of their voting rights. Lake has repeatedly stated that he will not certify Joe Biden’s win in Arizona in 2020. The former news anchor for Fox 10 in Phoenix rose quickly as she and Hobbs competed to replace her term limit, making her one of the most prominent candidates in the 2022 cycle. Republican Governor Doug Duchy. Rake is closely involved in Trump’s playbook as well as the 2020 presidential election. She has promised to declare an “aggression” at the border in an effort to give her governor’s office more power to address the immigration crisis, and has urged the arrest of Dr. Anthony Fauci and both her Democrat opponents. . Before announcing her bid, Lake left her anchor job in 2021. She said she didn’t like the direction journalism was going. In one of her campaign videos, she said she was using a big hammer for “left-wing lies and propaganda.” Watch a Republican election official answer skeptics’ voting questions 03:36 – Source: CNN She’s a major opponent with strong accusations of the Democratic leader’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, blowing up restrictions like masking as unnecessary and harmful to children has dispatched She welcomed her comparisons to Trump until the end of her campaign. At one of her events, she confessed that she was delighted when one of her fans called her “Trump in the dress.” Hobbs, a former social worker, worked with victims of domestic violence before becoming a state legislator, where she ran far more unpretentious and understated campaigns to restrict access to journalists and hold small, intimate events with her supporters. She made democracy and abortion rights her central focus, and described Lake as “extreme” and “dangerous” who could jeopardize the sanctity of the 2024 presidential election by refusing to certify the results.

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