Kevin Spacey did not molest actor Anthony Rapp in 1986, the jury found.

The jury found Kevin Spacey not responsible for the sex crimes trial. The jury found Kevin Spacey not liable in the sexual assault trial (then 14). However, both were relatively unknown actors in a 1986 Broadway play. The verdict of the civil trial came lightning fast. A jury in a federal court in New York pondered for over an hour before deciding that Rap had failed to substantiate their claims. His lawyer, Jennifer Keller, said he did not speak to reporters as he left the courthouse. “The next thing is that Spacey will be acquitted of all charges against him. All charges are untrue,” she added. During the trial, Rapp tested that Spacey invited him to his apartment for a party and then approached him from his bedroom after the other guests had left. He said he twisted and ran away when the then-26-year-old actor grabbed him and partially laid him on the bed and then got drunk and asked if he was sure Spacey wanted to leave. In an occasional tearful testimony, Spacey told the jury that that never happened and he would never have been attracted to a 14-year-old man. In a final statement to the jury on Thursday, Rapp attorney Richard Steigman accused Spacey of lying on the witness stand. “He lacks credibility,” Steigman said. “Sometimes the simple truth is best. The simple truth is that it happened.” Rapp, 50, and Spacey, 63, each were tested over several days in a three-week trial. I’ve been working on the Netflix series “House of Cards” and I’ve seen other opportunities run out. The rap was a regular on TV’s “Star Trek: Discovery” and was part of the original Broadway cast of “Rent”. Spacey faces charges of groping a man in a bar in Massachusetts. The charge was later dismissed by prosecutors. Three months ago, he pleaded not guilty in London to charges of sexually assaulting three men between 2004 and 2015 while he was artistic director at London’s Old Vic Theatre. This summer a judge in Los Angeles upheld the arbitrator’s decision to order Spacey to pay $30.9. $1 million to the maker of “House of Cards” for breaching contract by sexually harassing flight attendants. I’m sure the meeting with Rapp never happened. Partly because he was living in a one-room apartment other than the bedroom Rapp mentioned and had never had any gatherings other than housewarming parties. In his final plea to the jury, he told the jury, “I knew I wouldn’t be sexually interested in Anthony Rapp or any other child. I knew.” did. She said it was invented by Rapp based on her experience performing on “Precious Sons.” In this play, actor Ed Harris chooses Rapp’s character, lies on it, and after briefly mistaken him for his wife, learns that he is his son. She also suggested that Rapp became a megastar after Rapp’s groundbreaking gig on Broadway’s “Rent,” while Rapp later became jealous of her “small roles in small shows.” “Fame didn’t follow him,” Keller said. “Mr. Rapp’s coach turned into a pumpkin.” “So we’re here today and Mr. Rapp is getting more attention in this trial than in his entire acting career,” Keller said. She said he is now well known because Rapp pulled one of Hollywood’s biggest actors. During the two-day testimony, Spacey expressed regret for a 2017 statement made when Rapp was first unveiled. But if that happens, “I sincerely apologize for what would have been a very inappropriate drinking practice.” Spacey patted her eyes with a tissue and said she was under pressure from publicists and lawyers to make a statement that empathizes with the #MeToo movement wreaking havoc on everyone in the industry. “I’ve learned the lesson to never apologize. about things that didn’t happen,” he said. He also wept as he regretted publicly exposing himself to be gay on the same day that rap’s accusations surfaced. This is because some have interpreted his presentation as an effort to change the subject or deflect the revelations of the rap. Spacey tested that he had talked about profound personal issues at trial by telling the jury that his father was a white supremacist and neo-Nazi and rebuking him for being gay because he liked the theater. When he impersonated the then Broadway performer Jack Lemmon. He tested early that his ability to impress would benefit his acting career. latest news

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