Russia withdraws troops from Kherson in Ukrainian war retreat | CNN

CNN — Russia has ordered a retreat from the major southern city of Kherson, the only regional capital it has occupied since the February invasion in dramatic strategic frustration with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Faced with Ukraine’s advance into the region, Russian troops across the Kherson region will withdraw from the western bank of the Dnipro River, which includes the city of Kersson, Russian state media reported on Wednesday. The order came from a meeting in Moscow between Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and the commander of the Russian army in Ukraine. As Ukrainian troops approached the city from two directions, Sergei Surovikin. The withdrawal of Russian troops will be the most important military moment in the war since Ukrainian forces swept through northern Kharkiv in September. However, Ukrainian officials remain skeptical as to whether Russian troops have left the West Bank entirely. “Deeds are more important than words. There is no sign of Russia leaving Kherson without fighting. Podolyak added that Ukraine is “liberating its territories on the basis of intelligence data, not TV statements.” Defending the occupied territories on the west bank of Kherson became increasingly difficult for Russians as Ukrainian forces neutralized the bridge across the Dnipro and attacked Russian supply lines. Kherson was one of four regions of Ukraine that were illegally annexed by Russia in September. Thousands of square kilometers of the annexed territory will be surrendered when the evacuation is complete. “The withdrawal shows the importance of the Ukrainian military’s courage, determination, dedication and continued support from the West,” NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg told CNN’s Christian Amanpur on Wednesday. According to the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Survikin “Kherson [city] Under the current circumstances, adjacent settlements are fully supplied and unable to function.” Surovikin claimed that Ukrainian forces were “attacking Kherson’s schools, hospitals and civilians, who are being evacuated across the Dnipro River.” When he was appointed commander-in-chief of operations, Surobi Kean said he would have to make difficult choices. “He claimed that “from August to October, the Ukrainian army lost more than 9,500 people in Kherson,” he said, which is seven to eight times more than the Russian loss. It is impossible to confirm Survikin’s claims. Meanwhile, Russian reporters north of Kherson explained that they had withdrawn from some areas, the prominent Russian Telegram channel with more than a million subscribers “backing up positions” near the West Bank village of Snihuivka in the neighboring Mykoleif region. The channel RVVoenkor reported that “a bridge was also blown up by our troops in the area today.” “A Ukrainian source has released a picture of a flag hoisting at the Snihuivka train station. The agreement is under their control.” CNN confirmed the location of the flag photo on Snihurivka’s tower. The channel also reported that Ukrainians had entered a nearby village (Kalinivske) and that “the front lines are steadily moving towards Kherson”. Another Russian military reporter, Alexander Kots, told Telegram that the city of Kherson decided to take two Russian flags on the departing ferry “after receiving several urgent recommendations to cross over to the banks during the winter.” You will not get them.” Kots added: So I can quit again.”

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