Trump accuses after ordering warrant deposit in E Jean Carroll lawsuit

Donald Trump was outraged by calling the US legal system a “broken disgrace” after ruling on Wednesday that judges must answer questions sworn in next week in a defamation lawsuit filed by a writer who allegedly raped her. “Lies and Lies” by E Jean Carroll, longtime advice columnist for Elle Magazine. The blast came hours after U.S. District Judge Louis A. Kaplan in Manhattan rejected a request from a Trump attorney to delay her testimony scheduled for March 19. October: Carol said Trump raped herself in her dressing room at the Bergdorf Goodman store in Manhattan in the mid-1990s. He called the lawsuit “the perfect scammer.” “I don’t know this woman. I don’t know who she is. But I think she took a picture of her shaking hands with her husband a few years ago.” Trump said on the reception line at a celebrity charity event, “She told me I was in crowded New York City. I met her on the doorstep of a department store and in a matter of minutes made up the whole story of ‘stunting’ her. Like all the other scams that have plagued me over the past 7 years, it’s a scam and a lie. “All I have to do now is go through a few more years of legal nonsense to erase her name. Her lawyer’s fake attack on me. This can only happen to ‘Trump’!” Carol, she is due to be deposited on Friday. Carroll’s attorney, Roberta Kaplan, said she would file a new claim and “have all the proceedings expeditious” the next month after New York State passed the Adult Survivors Act. A Kaplan company spokesperson said: “Donald Trump’s recent comments are clearly not worth responding to.” But she wrote that Kaplan is about to move forward, especially given the “old age” of her, especially Carroll (78) and Trump (76) and perhaps other witnesses. Trump’s legal team has argued that denying allegations, including firing the accuser as “not my type,” was just doing his job as president. This girl is not my type! She has no idea what day, weeks, months, years or decades this so-called ‘event’ is supposed to occur. The reason she doesn’t know is that it never happened, and she doesn’t want to get bogged down in details or facts that could prove wrong.” Had Trump acted within the scope of his duties as a federal employee, the U.S. government would be a defendant in the original lawsuit. A second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Trump was a federal employee when commenting on Carol’s allegations last month. However, he asked another court in Washington to determine whether the public statements occurred during his tenure. Kaplan said Trump repeatedly attempted to delay the gathering of evidence. She wrote that the discovery is inexcusable,” she wrote. “As this court has previously observed, President Trump has been suing this case since 2019, and possibly since 2019 to delay it.” The judge pointed out that the collection of evidence for the case to go to trial was virtually over. Aside from the testimony of Trump and Carol, Kaplan said, “Trump made extensive discoveries about the plaintiffs, but he didn’t come up with anything.” “Completing this testimony, which has already been delayed for years, will not place an undue burden on Trump, let alone irreversible injuries.” The judge also said the testimony could be useful when Carroll’s lawyers file a new case next month. Whether or not rape occurred is at the heart of the defamation allegations and anticipated new lawsuits, the judge said.
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