What we learned from the Walker-Warnock discussion

In a debate highlighted by the theater industry as much as the real issue, Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) faced her first nominee for the Senate and former professional footballer Herschel Walker, over the debate over control of the Senate that appears to be slipping away from Democrats. He emphasized that Georgia plays an important role in the struggle. In the months leading up to the debate, Walker, a pointless public speaker who tends to promote lies related to the 2020 election, his business and his ties to law enforcement on Friday nights were revealed in Warnock, Politico’s Natalie Allison. As Allison reported, Savannah-born pastor of the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. However, Walker surpassed low expectations during Savannah’s discussion stage. He chose to repeatedly tie Warnock to President Joe Biden, primarily by highlighting Warnock’s voting record and questioning Warnock’s spiritual truths. Warnock focused on repeated lies about everything from whether Walker demanded an abortion from his ex-girlfriend, to the claim that Walker was an FBI agent, despite there are no records that he was an FBI agent and worked for the Cobb County Police Department. . Raphael Warnock: “One of the things I never did was never pretend to be a police officer. And he never threatened to launch a gunfight with the police.” Herschel Walker: [pulling out a badge prop, in violation of debate rules] “I work with a lot of police officers.” #GASenDebate pic.twitter.com/pyUzXkw7yT— Keith Boykin (@keithboykin) On October 14, 2022, Walker’s law enforcement allegations sparked word of mouth the night before. In response to Warnock’s point that he never falsely claimed that he was a member of law enforcement, Walker told the New York Times what his campaign later told the New York Times was an Honorary Sheriff’s Badge thanking Walker for the community service he performed for one of the Cobbs. I whipped what I said. County, Georgia Law Enforcement Office. He claimed it was evidence of cooperation with the police, but the moderator advised him to put the badge away and reminded him of the rules for props. Miles Coleman of Sabato’s Crystal Ball said, “Anyway, it’s good to have at least a debate in this primary. In many other major primary primaries across the country, it’s difficult to sit down and debate candidates any longer.” He told Vox that he provides nonpartisan political analysis through the University of Virginia’s Political Center. Georgia’s Senate primary is one of three midterm elections in which Democrats can win a majority or Republicans can control the Senate. While midterm elections usually turn Congress against the current president, this is not necessarily the case in this primary. Roe v. Wade, the influence of former President Donald Trump on the Republican Party, and the Republican candidates themselves have struggled to run, especially in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Nevada. Walker, a high school beauty ex-beauty and now Trump’s ally, has been struggling with horrendous media coverage in recent weeks for allegedly demanding an abortion from his ex-girlfriend in 2009, despite an attractive Republican nominee, Democrats are struggling to compete. are facing. , when she agreed to pay for her procedure. Walker denied the incident in a discussion on Friday, originally reported by the Daily Beast. After her first claims came out, the same woman said Walker asked her for her second abortion in 2011. They ended their relationship when she refused, and Walker told the New York Times earlier this month that they had little to do with it. In addition to paying child support and sending occasional gifts in your child’s life. One of his other children, conservative Internet celebrity Christian Walker, also claimed that Walker threatened his son and ex-wife with violence and had an extramarital affair. This contrasts with Walker’s support of what his website calls “conservative family values” and his previous position that abortion should be banned without exception. During the discussion, he seemed to soften his previous position to be more in line with a provision passed by the Georgia Legislature, namely the life of a pregnant person or a six-week ban on abortion that excludes rape or incest. Although Walker’s personal life is chock full of abortion and abuse allegations, his struggle with dissociative identity disorder, and his vague business claims, he is a widely professed Christian and sponsored by conservative groups such as Trump and the Family Research Council. are receiving Walker’s confession of faith and his story of redemption seem to cover the recklessness of the past. Moreover, politically prominent Christian evangelical communities, like Trump, have proven themselves willing to overlook their inadequacies in order to bolster their power. According to the New York Times, the GOP was quickly mobilized to support Walker despite these allegations, and the Senate Leadership Fund, a super-PAC associated with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, has already booked a $34 million ad purchase in Georgia. “One of the main stories that has emerged this cycle is the low approval ratings on the Republican side. Of the Republicans in that category, I think Walker would be the most palatable. Blake Masters, for example, thinks he looks like a 4chan man,” Coleman said of the Arizona Republican nominee Trump supports. “He seemed very apocalyptic and distant. Dr. Oz has something that comes to him every week, but it’s not real.” Oz competes with Lieutenant Colonel Hyun. According to Sabato’s Crystal Ball, one of Pennsylvania’s Senate seats, John Fetterman (D), is unlikely to win the race, but Coleman said the Nevada seat is considered a toss-up. “Nevada tends to have very straight races. Getting off the base is an important race.” But this race is the first since the death of former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reed (Democrat), and his signed voting rights may not be enough to keep the senator going. Catherine Cortez Masto’s seat in the face of high inflation and Republican gains for Latino voters in the state. Recent polls have shown Walker to have Warnock slightly ahead of Walker due to recent media attention, but it remains to be seen whether Walker’s many failures as a candidate and his recent scandal can significantly move the needle in Warnock’s direction. . In fact, Sabato’s Crystal Ball is tossing the Georgia Rays as of Saturday, Coleman said. However, with only a few weeks left until the election, economic issues like inflation are starting to affect voters more. According to the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which measures inflation in consumer goods such as food and fuel, prices rose 8.2% by the end of September this year. Food, rent and fuel costs are likely to remain high into winter, and if the Fed raises rates again in November, the cost of borrowing money is also expected to rise. What’s more, Walker’s numbers didn’t drop that badly, Coleman noted. “He would have lost two or three points last week, not a plunge.” Georgia politics is changing Georgia, which has a Republican governor, went to Trump in 2016 and became a Democrat in the 2020 election. Biden’s victory as well as Warnock and Senate elections. Republican Kelly Loeffler and Jon Ossoff (D-GA), who will replace David Perdue, changed the state to a solid color. Although Gov. Brian Kemp is likely to beat contender Stacy Abrams and is likely to split the ballot again as Georgia voters did in 2020, Coleman told Vox. “The thing to remember is that counties like suburbs of Atlanta, Cobb, and Gwinnett, I think there are Democrats who were once Republicans,” Coleman said. “What Warnock can help with is that, unlike Abrams, he’s competing with someone Trump supports.” Meanwhile, Kemp has an advantage for himself in this group because he’s not closely tied to the Trump brand, Coleman said. “I’m really interested in seeing voters excited about Kemp decide whether or not they should cover their noses and vote for Herschel Walker.” Walker’s scandal “probably makes it difficult for him to win completely,” Coleman told Vox. To get 50% of the November competition, Walker had the advantage before the runoff. Walker’s appeal as a nominee is extremely limited, but Coleman said, “He has some good will from his football star days and can get along with older Georgians.” You could also gain support among black voters in rural Georgia, the group that supported Warnock in 2020. Walker’s attempt to “degrade Warnock’s image as a preacher” was significant. This region was from Columbus to Macon to Augusta where Warnock was stronger than Ossoff or Biden, and it may be important to collect some of these votes. In fact, some black voters (mostly men) have drifted to the GOP in recent years, as Associate Professor Leah Wright Rigueur of Johns Hopkins University explained in an article in the Atlantic in 2020. According to Wright Rigueur’s research, this is due to disillusionment with Democrats who, despite their commitment and reliance on the black community to win elections, have failed to achieve anything akin to equality for blacks. At least Republicans promote a fantastic but attractive vision of achievable supercapitalist wealth and independence. Among the factors that could change the course of the Georgia primary, including the new Walker scandal and changing voter demographics, Friday’s debate will not be one of them, Coleman said. “Not a lot of people see this. In this case, I think it was planned at the same time as the Braves game.” Goals of the Month Now is not the time to use paywalls. Now is the time to point out the obscurities (such as hundreds of election fraud voters across the country), clarify answers to voters’ questions, and give people the tools they need to actively participate in American elections. . democracy. Reader Gifts help keep well-sourced, research-driven, descriptive journalism free for everyone. We are aiming to add 5,000 new financial donors to the Vox supporter community by the end of September. Would you like to help us achieve our goals by making a gift today?

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