Xi Jinping said Scholz China and Germany should cooperate in an ‘era of chaos’.

BEIJING, November 4 (Reuters) – Chinese President Xi Jinping, during his first meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, stressed the need for greater cooperation between China and Germany in “an era of change and turmoil”. , climate change and development of economic relations. Scholz’s visit on Friday marks the first visit by a G7 leader to China in three years and will test China-Western relations after years of heightened tensions, analysts say. President Xi Jinping held the first face-to-face meeting since Scholz came to power at the Great Hall of the People, saying, “As powerful and influential powers, China and Germany should further cooperate in ‘an era of change and turmoil’.” For world peace, Scholz told Xi that it was good for the two leaders to meet face-to-face at a tense time when Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is causing problems for the rules-based world order, according to state broadcaster CCTV. According to a Reuters reporter accompanying Scholz’s delegation, Scholz also said the two would discuss issues related to Europe-China relations, the fight against climate change and global hunger, and how to develop Sino-German economic relations. The country’s point of view is different. COVID MEASUREScholz and a delegation of German business leaders flying with him landed in Beijing on Friday morning to be tested for COVID-19, while Chinese medical personnel in protective suits boarded the plane to conduct the tests. A Reuters reporter accompanied by the delegation. After the red carpet and honor guard reception, the delegation moved from the airport to the Diaoyutai guesthouse and waited for the results of the COVID-19 test, his media reported. team. Diaoyutai is a diplomatic complex used to host foreign dignitaries visiting Beijing. China’s strict zero-coronavirus policy and escalating tensions with the West have made it impossible for the leaders of major Western powers to visit China, and President Xi is just about to go abroad. Tour resumed.[1/3] German Chancellor Olaf Scholz meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping on November 4, 2022 in Beijing, China. A visit to Kay Nietfeld/Pool via REUTERSScholz would be a welcome development for the Chinese leadership. At the 20th Party Congress, Xi Jinping solidified his status as the core of the ruling Communist Party. Shi Yinhong, a professor of international relations at Renmin University of Beijing, said, “In the current domestic and international environment, China needs all the things jointly declared by both sides and visits, especially in Beijing right after the (party) congress.” .TESTING THE WATERSA With Germany’s historical inflation and recession imminent, Scholz will emphasize the need for continued cooperation with China. Read more Scholz will meet with Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang to raise controversial issues such as human rights and difficulties for Taiwanese and German companies accessing Chinese markets, government sources said. -Before the visit, there were criticisms of the visits within the European Union (EU) and the German government coalition, mainly the Green Party and the Liberal Party. These tensions were brought to the fore last week by a deal acquired by Chinese shipping company Cosco. Despite opposition from coalition partners, approval has been granted to acquire a stake in the Hamburg port terminal in Berlin. China’s important role in key industries from shipbuilding to electric vehicles and the unprecedented economic headwinds facing Germany meant that Scholz needed more cooperation with China than his predecessor. Angela Merkel has had one, said Wang Yiwei, chair professor Jean Monnet and director of the Center for European Studies at Renmin University. “Merkel was also quite ideological at first (about China) but changed her mind. Scholz changed her mind faster, but she doesn’t have as strong a domestic political position as Merkel,” said Wang. : Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
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