Altuve’s G2 breakout sets the tone for Houston’s big beats.

HOUSTON — This wasn’t necessarily a win, but it was pretty close. Confident in the postseason stage that has been part of their regular routine for six years, Astros didn’t want to go to Philadelphia, where they lost 2-0 in the World Series. Appropriately, the three players with a lot of victories last October made everything even before the home version of the early part of the series was over. Jose Altuve made a noise at the top of the lineup. Jordan Alvarez reappeared in the middle as a force. And Alex Bregman, who seems to be taking the most stressful situations as an opportunity, provided a home run that seemed to put the game out of reach. This time it really is. “I think this team takes pride in being able to go out and compete every day and show up with a clear head to wash off a bad game and move on to the next game,” Bregman said. “I think we did a good job today.” The appearance of the Astros in the past postseason appeared almost from the first pitch. Houston led 3-0 in the first inning, contributing in part to a streak of doubles in the first three batters. Director Dusty Baker said, “Actually, we were pulling four points. It’s not a new concept for Altuve to lead the game with extra hits, but how he’s been this postseason prior to this at-bat (he went into Game 2 and got 4 hits at 37) has a nostalgic vibe to it. It was created. For the Astros lineup that has endured most of this postseason without him. “I think the boys played a lot easier because we won,” Alto said in a post-fight interview with FOX. We didn’t win yesterday, but I was just optimistic because we won the last two series. stone.” Jeremy Peña and Alvarez repeated what Altuve started, recording their own doubles against Phillies starter Zack Wheeler in the second and fourth pitches of the night. These hits, along with the Phillies’ shaky defense, closed a three-point frame that could be seen as a tone setter for the rest of the game. “We all know [Wheeler’s] He’s a really good pitcher,” Alvarez said. “But we also know that his plan is to hit the hitter early in the count. So we attacked him aggressively. Thankfully we were able to do it.” Altuve had his second hit in the 5th, and he hit Conor Brogdon’s 96-mile high neck fastball into right field in the 7. Altuve is currently in nine career three-hit games in the postseason, tied for playoff history. He is third, behind Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams, who each have 12 goals, turned his foot to the left center, left the bat at 104.3 mph, and gave Astros a 5-0 lead.Bregman, 28, is already in history. Has two more postseason home runs than any third baseman. His two-run knock out beats Gil McDougald and Scott Brosius for his eighth. Bregman praised Alvarez for setting the sequence. Astros designated hitter Alvarez, who hit third with the , landed in the heavily shifted Phillies’ infield (third baseman Alec Bohm hit the ground on the edge of the dirt just a few feet from first base), beat a double play and hit a double. “Honestly, I think I’m going to give the ball to Jordan, who hustle the line and keep this inning alive,” said . “At first it was a bang bang. I feel like this team plays hard and never goes off the pitch. Being able to add it was amazing.” It doesn’t have to be a win, but Astros didn’t overlook the importance of catching this: “It’s actually almost mathematically essential because it’s hard to lose the first two games at home,” Baker said. Good for you and good for your fans… People got a little sick last night. So we have to have a positive attitude throughout the city and that vibe radiates to us. It was good to win the first game,” he said.

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