Don’t mind this Ticket to Paradise. You will want a refund.

(From left) All Parker’s <낙원으로 가는 티켓>In George Clooney and Julia Roberts, they once got stuck in a hotel with a basic cable. But you will not find such a conspiracy here. The film smells, it smells real, and it’s even more disappointing to have a component that would be a winner. The last of any kind of Hollywood A-lister George Clooney and Julia Roberts is the estranged couple David and Georgia. We’ve seen him thump a construction site in a hard hat and he’s an architect or something because it’s unlikely he’s tying up steel. We see Georgia in her huge LA gallery mocking the contemporary art she sells. (“I think it’s upside down,” she says. I think I’ve seen similar gags on the Flintstones.) The point is that both are very successful, but we’ve never seen them talk about their work and we have the time. no see. It disappears for a while without check-in or meeting etc. I can barely do it and I write about movies on the internet. My God, it’s one step below dog catcher. CASTArielle Carver-O’NeillKimberleyLing Cooper TangAuctioneerDIRECTOROl Parker Synopsis A divorced couple travels as a team to Bali to stop their daughter from making the same thing they think was a mistake they made 25 years ago. Daughter Lily (Kaitlyn Dever), just graduating from law school, goes on a trip with her best friend Ren (Billy Rude) as a gift to her before starting a job at a large corporation. Bali. (Wren has a huge supply of condoms of different colors.) While there, Lily is enchanted by a hunky algae farmer (occurring!) named Gede (Maxime Bouttier), who soon sends a message to her parents. David and Georgia really can’t stand being in one room, but they’ll fly to Bali and try to understand their daughter. They strategize to appear sober in their decisions, but sow seeds of doubt. G/O Media may earn commissions. There’s nothing about this that isn’t fertile ground for good old-fashioned screwball comedy. The problem is that director Ol Parker, who wrote the screenplay with Daniel Pipsky, seems completely allergic to jokes. Bring your microscope to the Ticket to Paradise screenings and report back if you find something interesting. Is Dever yelling “Dad, you’re embarrassing me!!”? Do you think the C+C Music Factory is humorous while Clooney grabs her mug and shakes her ass? For those who have given up on film, that may be the case, but Clooney is already well established and has comedy, but there’s so much you can do without writing. He outlines his voice and smirks, stroking his head to apply as many turns as possible to the barbs and witty horse, but after about ten minutes it gets boring. His whining towards his ex-wife eventually paints him as an idiot who doesn’t like him. Roberts’ rich innate charisma is unfortunately lost when she portrays another wealthy white woman in her paradise. why? Well, he seems to be dedicated to the gentle life of harvesting seaweed in a handsome and very photogenic place. He also loves her madly but is much less motivated by her. She should know that college graduates who are utterly bored and on vacation come by bus. Yes? There is nothing that stands out about her about her. After all, Billie Lourd’s character is ten times more personality (and wears more flashy dresses). It feels as if someone sketched “I’m in love” on the first draft of this scenario and never refilled it. Paradise Tickets | Official Trailer [HD]Ticket to Paradise’s Bali is a joke. Much of the film takes place in a luxurious resort, with the exception of an engagement party hosted by Reggie’s extended family. Here we see a superficial aspect of Balinese culture that can only be found on the beach. We don’t see real life. No one goes to the grocery store in this movie. There is no depth other than that everyone is holy. We had the opportunity to dig into a fascinating culture (Google “Bali Monkey Anthem”) and present it against the modern day, but we got nothing. And while it’s clear that David and Georgia (and us, the audience) will ultimately support this marriage, no one tries to ask basic questions. What is she going to do there? Her career plan changed from legal to “talking”. Can a couple live with only love and seaweed? already released in Europe <낙원행 티켓>is doing well, and was released this year. <잃어버린 도시>is a slightly higher concept (and entertainment), yet shows that an aged A-grade comedy can still draw audiences to the theater. The location photos in this one are definitely enjoyable (each character has its own “I’ve never seen anything better than this” moment). So the fault here is really in the writing and directing. It’s as if we made this film about the joy everyone feels when they go on vacation.
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