‘Dancing With The Stars’: Emotional Contemporary and Electric Group Dance Takes Actors to the Top of Leaderboards

Everyone was in the Halloween mood this week at Dancing With the Stars. Not only did the contestants put on their most spooky performances, but the judges also went on vacation with wholesome praise and critique of each of the remaining nine pairs in their best outfits. And it wouldn’t be Halloween if the resident scammer Sasha Farber didn’t try to surprise her couple during her rehearsal. He hid behind some of the interviews and dropped fake spiders into the rehearsal room, but the pranks were mostly flat. In addition to their individual routines, the two couples participated in two group performances, vying for additional points to keep them from being in the bottom two. Jordan Spark and Brandon Armstrong. The platinum singer, who was praised for her “musicality” last week, had her goal for Halloween night while she tangoed to “Oogie Boogie’s Song” while cleaning out the details and finally finishing her frame. That’s because her head judge Len Goodman told her that “there was a spark” during her performance, and she lavished her praise on Armstrong’s choreography for her. According to the judges, her skills still need some work and her performance still wasn’t enough to get the 10 she was hoping for. Score: 35 out of 40. Charli D’Amelio and Mark Ballas. Another week’s perfect score, the social media star bumped into her in the way when Ballas said she wouldn’t be able to rehearse with her due to her back pain. Pasha Pashkov took his place, and fortunately Ballas recovered in time to get to the ballroom floor for Monday night’s performance. Inspired by vintage horror films, Argentine Tango earned the duo even more praise from the judges. “My head is spinning like Linda Blair from The Exorcist,” said Bruno Tonioli. Carrie Ann Inaba says she’s still looking for more intensity in her teens. Score: 39 out of 40. Daniel Durant and Brit Stewart. The CODA star and his partner took a different approach on Halloween night, dancing Paso Dobble to Billie Eilish’s “Buy a Friend” as if the video game characters were trapped in a zombie apocalypse. He was also out of the game after missing some rehearsal time due to illness, but somehow still picked up one of the season’s best performances. “Every time I sit on this dance floor, I still am amazed, because I am sure everyone in the house will do it,” Inaba said. She agreed that she and Goodman would like to see Durant working in his form in the semifinals. Score: 34 out of 40. Shanghella and Gleb Savchenko. After Len dubbed Michael Bublé’s nighttime show her “best season”, Shangela is ready to shake things up again with a jazz routine for Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do”. Savchenko told her partner that this would be a “perfect opportunity” for her to show off her acting skills while practicing her skills. “You were in a place that was so deep and dark and that Mama loved the most. I loved every moment.” Inaba added that Shanella successfully took her last gig to the next level. She hit the floor when she realized she had received her perfect score. Score: 50 out of 50 by Vinny Guadagnino and Koko Iwasaki. The Jersey Shore star may be a fan favorite, but last week’s Michael Bublé night received pretty harsh criticism from judges who weren’t impressed with his car. Guadagnino hoped his bad boy paso doble could provide the confidence boost he needed to deliver a cleaner performance, explaining that he was “tired of being a good guy.” He seemed to be on stage with a lot more confidence this week, but he still received tepid reviews from the judges. Goodman admitted it was “not all bad,” but it’s not that good either. Guadagnino told host Alfonso Ribeiro, “I have no dancing experience at all,” as he describes himself as “work in progress.” Score: 30 out of 40 by Heidi Damelio and Artem Chigvinchev. Mama D’Amelio is looking for ways to be more “creative” this week as the comparison between her and her daughter continues this week. “Charli and Mark were very adventurous in their choreography,” she said. She and Chigvintsev danced tango with an elastic band for the first part of the show. The risk the D’Amelio Show stars said is that they either get rewarded or get back into the bottom two. Well, it worked for some people and not for others. “Heidi, bondage becomes you!” Tonioli shouted. “You have a killing instinct tonight. I liked it.” Meanwhile, I think Goodman and Inaba have reached a plateau after putting on a few “strong” gigs in a row. Score: 37 of 40 Gabby Windey and Alan Bersten. As former Bachelorette’s partner Val Chmerkovskiy tested positive for COVID last week, Bersten (with his season 31 partner Jessie James Decker, dropped from the vote last week) is about halfway through rehearsals. “It took me a while to get used to Val coming into my space. Alan and I need to be comfortable with each other.” Windey said. The judges were so impressed with the vampire Argentinian tango that whatever they did to quickly track down the chemicals worked. “I’m really proud of you tonight,” Inaba said. “The way you were able to switch and pivot to a new partner still requires a lot of vulnerability because it still has that much chemistry, but you always have your strength. Scores: Wayne Brady and Witney Carson 38 out of 40. Brady was dropped off the leaderboards last week after missing most of his rehearsal time due to illness. He felt that Michael Bublé’s night was “disappointing”. He left and said he hopes to make a comeback this week, Carson said she will use her strengths as a storyteller to help the couple get back to normal by giving him a character to play with. Even though they danced contemporary, Inaba and Goodman still felt like something was missing: Score: 37 out of 40 Trevor Donovan and Emma Slater Rescued from the bottom two for the second time, Donavan climbs the leaderboards for their Halloween night performance Slater tells partners Donovan plays a grieving husband and Slater tells his partner a contemporary dance for Justin Bieber’s “Ghost”, who was his wife in the afterlife. Naturally, their chemistry was off the charts and the 90210 star starred on the judges. It evoked the emotions needed to be appreciated by the public: “It’s really beautiful to witness your dancing talent … and to see your love for dance grow within you,” said Hough. I got 10. Score: 39 out of 40 After the individual dance it was time for the group routine The Wicked team was Vinny and Koko, Shangela and Gleb, Gabby and Val, Heidi and Artem, Jordin and Brandon Score: Team Scream 40 33 of them are Trevor and Emma, ​​​​C It was harli and Mark, Wayne and Witney, Daniel and Britt. Score: 39 of 40. The bottom two are D’Amelio/Chigvintsev and Sparks/Armstrong. Inaba voted to save D’Amelio and Hough and Toniolo voted for Sparks. Goodman broke the tie for D’Amelio and Spark was sent home. It’s 90’s night in the ballroom next week.
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