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CNN – Can Joe Biden Avoid Midterm Election Curse? Republicans have momentum on Tuesday’s election day with high hopes of retaking the House. The Senate is decided by a small number of close races. If the GOP wins one or both senators, they will be in a position to kill Biden’s domestic legislative agenda. Nevertheless, they will struggle to get a policy that goes beyond the presidential veto, which will require a two-thirds majority to override it. The next two years could lead to furious confrontations, financial confrontations, and partisan scrutiny in which the United States is run by a divided government. All 435 seats are decided in the House of Representatives and serve a term of two years. Democrats currently have narrow control of the House, but only a net increase of five seats is needed for Republicans to win a majority. They are competing for a total of 35 seats in the 100-seat Senate. The Senate, where incumbent lawmakers serve for six years, is split 50-50, and the Democrats hold the vote, with Vice President Kamala Harris currently tied. But Republicans need only a single net profit to dominate. There are also many other races to watch, including a contest of 36 governors and many more sub-positions. The primaries for Secretary of State at the state level are even more meaningful this year, as they control state elections, including the 2024 presidential election. There are also state legislative elections and voting initiatives on issues such as access to abortion, changing voting systems, gun control measures, and legalizing recreational marijuana. In every election, candidates tell voters that this is the most important election of their life. This time they may be right. The Republican wave will sweep dozens of candidates swearing by former President Donald Trump’s false allegations that the 2020 presidential election was stolen. The former president is likely to weaponize the Republican-controlled House of Representatives against Biden ahead of the 2024 presidential vote. representative. Kevin McCarthy, who could become the Republican Speaker of the House if Republicans win, hasn’t ruled out the possibility of impeaching Biden, even though there is no evidence that he has committed an impeachable crime. The Democrats’ surprise win will allow Biden to build a social, health and climate change bill and balance the judiciary with a progressive judge four years after Trump’s conservative choices. Kevin McCarthy asked if he would impeach Biden if Republicans win the House. Listen to his answer. The cliché, “You idiot, economy,” is everywhere this election season, dating back to Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign. But it should be “inflation, stupid.” The cost of living in the United States is at a 40-year high and voters are dissatisfied. High gasoline prices didn’t help either, and the sense of post-pandemic normality that Biden promised remains elusive. The president has struggled to present the economic challenge with a strong political message or to convince voters that prices will soon drop. Some Democrats are now asking if their candidate ignores the real concerns of voters, claiming that Republicans will destroy American democracy. Democrats expected the conservative Supreme Court’s overthrow of abortion rights would provoke backlash against Republicans. This may happen in some areas, but the economy was the primary concern of voters in the voting ahead of Election Day. Republicans didn’t have to work too hard. Their strategy was to blame Biden for everything. Despite inflation being driven mainly by external factors such as the epidemic and the Ukraine war. They also branded the Democrats’ position on education, crime and immigration as the mainstream far-left. House bellwethers: The best way to see the results is to pick a few bellwether races to see where the elections are headed. As Republicans begin to win big victories in the suburbs and House of Representatives in 2020, where Biden was far more popular than Trump, it’s a good time to head to banner night. Midterm Elections: Here are the House races to watch. Given the narrow gap in the House, Republicans can win a majority by sweeping seats contested only in states like New York. One fateful battle is in the new spot generated by the post-census report. Colorado’s 8th House of Representatives; If the Republicans win, they are on the roll. Another fierce competition took place in District 7 of Virginia. Abigail Spanberger is trying to win re-election against Trumpy conservative Republican Yesli Vega. If Democrats can hold out in this subdivision that is more favorable for redistricting, it doesn’t mean they’ll win the House, but it could signal that the GOP surge can stay below landslide levels. As one of the Democrats’ most powerful incumbent lawmakers, Spanberger has not hesitated to criticize the president or his party. And keep an eye on Michigan’s District 7, another former CIA employee and Democratic Congressman Elissa Slotkin is running for re-election. Slotkin is a moderate who has criticized the party for moving away from soaring progressive policies and not doing more to address the economic pain Americans are facing. Senate Battlegrounds: In the Senate, keep an eye on one-on-one battles in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada and Georgia. If Democratic Senator Maggie Hassan fails her re-election in New Hampshire, it’s a sure sign that this is Republican night. Pennsylvania offers Democrats the best chance to win a Republican-controlled seat, but their candidate, John Fetterman, suffered a stroke just before being nominated for the party nomination in May. Even on the trail of the campaign over the summer, Fetterman had an edge over his Republican contender, but the pair’s recent discussions raise new questions about how a stroke affects the Democratic nominee. Republicans are trying to win Democrat-controlled seats in Arizona, Nevada and Georgia. If neither candidate gets 50% of the votes in Georgia, there will be a runoff in December, meaning uncertainty over who will run the Senate over the next two years could persist for weeks. These three races may decide the fate of the Senate. 03:40 – Source: CNN The first general election since the 2020 cataclysm when Trump tried to take power without admitting defeat. Biden took office two weeks later with a message of healing and national unity. But his vision that America’s better angels could unite a polarized nation was thwarted. Trump still refuses to admit that he lost, and uses the lie that he illegally took power to spur a prospective bid for his re-election. Millions of Americans believe in him, and among his key supporters he creates a robbery that can bring the GOP back to power in Congress. One major development to watch on Tuesday is whether the losing Republicans admit it, or, like Trump, claiming he won and citing nonexistent voting fraud. Another tension could arise in the primary, where Republicans appear to lead the count until early ballots and mail-in ballots are counted at once. Trump used these scenarios to raise false suspicions about the integrity of the 2020 elections. No need to guess. Republicans are already telling us that it will make Biden’s life miserable and try to destroy his re-election hopes. “The White House plans to face fierce scrutiny on everything from the origin of the coronavirus to its withdrawal from Afghanistan,” McCarthy said in an exclusive interview with CNN. McCarthy said if Republicans win the House, the first bill will be on border security. With a Republican majority in the Senate, it will be very difficult for Biden to confirm cabinet appointments, key public officials, diplomatic ambassadors and judges. A period of extreme confrontation between the budget and the US government’s borrowing limits is expected. This crisis could plunge the global economy into deeper chaos. History shows that a newly elected president almost always faces a backlash in the midterm elections two years later. That’s why they put the highest legislative priority at the beginning of their tenure. If the Democrats don’t act as badly as they fear, Biden will gain strength as he contemplates whether or not to run for re-election. A big win for Republicans will raise new questions about his prospects in 2024. The president will turn 80 in a few weeks. He’s a chance to celebrate, but it’s also a reminder that he doesn’t want his own political responsibility. But not everything is dark for the president. His two Democrat predecessors, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, suffered a debilitating rebuke from voters in the midterm elections, but were easily re-elected two years later. The question is whether Biden has the energy and political dexterity to use as a hideout for what could be an extreme Republican Congressional. The former president amplified his false allegations of election fraud in 2020, making the midterm elections a loyalty test for the Republican Party, which he had to pay for his support. Republican leaders would have preferred Trump to be completely excluded from the election. How he rolls. Trump played a key role in losing the House of Representatives in 2018 and the Senate and White House in 2020, and he’s likely to be a spoiler again, as the students he picks from Pennsylvania, Georgia and Ohio hold great responsibilities as candidates. If Republicans do well on Tuesday night, Trump will recognize the credit. If they don’t live up to expectations, he will blame everyone else. Either way, it looks certain that the former president will run again in 2024. It’s an election campaign that could spark political collapse after the 2020 elections, as there is a possibility of being prosecuted for storing confidential documents or for misconduct. But here is the conclusion. A Republican victory on Tuesday, especially in the House, means Trumpism has returned to power two years after he left in disgrace.
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