Barnes raises voter turnout by betting on abortion.

Although Johnson regained the lead after Barnes took first place over the summer, the Senate primary is still close in the open vote, with Republicans leading 2-3 percentage points. However, Barnes has not led an election investigation since mid-September. Barnes’ campaign and his allies believe Johnson’s abortion record can work well enough to get voters back into his camp. Although Prime Minister Johnson recently proposed not supporting the 15-week abortion ban proposed by the senator. Lindsey Graham (RS.C.), who previously sponsored similar legislation, signed the amicus Brief to Dobbs’ Supreme Court after 15 weeks expressing his support for Mississippi law outlawing most abortions. Democrat consultants think he gave them a chance when he said a few years ago about abortion laws, “If you don’t like the outcome of the state you’re in, you can move.” In Barnes’ recent attack ad, the narrator says: Johnson’s 2019 remarks raised very serious concerns for 49% of Wisconsin voters, according to an internal Democrat poll. In the same poll, 51% versus 46% of voters were more concerned that Johnson would “will try to ban abortion even in cases of rape and incest” than Barnes “will support the police-funding agenda” It happened. For undecided voters, the figure was 53% versus 42%. Wisconsin Democrat Chairman Ben Wikler said the “mood has changed” for the Senate primary after Barnes attacked Johnson over abortion. commercial television. “Two weeks ago, I couldn’t hang up fast enough to get the next call from someone who was panicking. “Now it feels like everything is on deck.” Johnson’s campaign sought to reverse Barnes by arguing that Democrats had too much left to say about abortion. Johnson spokesman Ben Voelkell said he had “the most extreme views on abortion,” noting that Barnes recently rejected government support for legal restrictions on timed abortion. Barnes argues that his position on abortion is Ro v. Wade “strongly protected women’s health and lives.” Speaking of Johnson’s position, Voelkel said, “We want the citizens of each state to make their own decisions on this fundamentally moral issue, and I personally support the legal exceptions for rape, incest and saving a mother’s life.” But abortion rights advocates argued that Johnson supported the “life during pregnancy law” in 2011, and that they would ban abortion procedures without exception. Unlike Democrats, Republicans did not make the issue of abortion a part of their TV advertising strategy. Instead, the GOP’s negative advertising highlighted Barnes’ support for stopping cash bail, accusing him of wanting to “fund the police.” Barnes has in the past advocated repealing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement and reducing police spending, but he said he doesn’t want to get rid of ICE or fund law enforcement in his run for the Senate. About 30 miles from Milwaukee, Kenosha County has a swing area that has supported both former President Donald Trump and Democratic governors. Tony Evers, a minority voter, wasn’t sure if he would support Johnson or Barnes, and concerns about abortion rights and crime were being steered in the other direction. “I don’t like Ron Johnson’s view of abortion. I personally don’t believe in abortion, but I think it’s every woman’s choice to do what she wants,” said Emily Zielsdorf, a retail clerk in Kenosha County. While she said she was leaning on Barnes, she also expressed anxiety about his views on public safety. However, the majority of voters in Kenosha County appear to have made a decision. Mike Stubbs, a part-time driver for a medical transportation company in Kenosha County, admitted that “Johnson says things I don’t like,” but ultimately he “couldn’t vote for the insane Mandela Barnes.” “Because of his stance on crime. “The fact that he is in favor of cashless bail is a big deal to me. I think abortion is a big problem, but ‘it’s up to the woman to make the decision,’” Stubbs said. Troy Dillard, a photographer working for Kenosha, said he plans to vote for Barnes, citing accepted conspiracy theories about fraud in the 2020 election: “Ron Johnson is crazy.” “The way he did in the last election was unacceptable to any powerful person, and rewarding them for such behavior only inspires others to keep going,” he said. “We can’t have it.”
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