Bachelor’s Graduate Madison Prewett Marries Grant Troutt At Romantic Texas Event

Madison Prewett Grant Engagement Photography Megan Kay Photography Madison Prewett is married to the man of her dreams. The former bachelor contestant, 26, married Grant Troutt at her parents’ home in Dallas, Texas, on Saturday. The two exchanged vows in front of 400 friends and family, including Bachelor Nation’s favorites Victoria Fuller, Hannah Ann Sluss and Kelley Flanagan. We chose this place because it makes sense,” Prewett, 26, told PEOPLE exclusively of the celebration, photographed by Megan Kay Photography and filmed by The Clakes. “I’ve always wanted to get married in the fall and we wanted a short engagement, so it couldn’t have been more perfect.” A romantic opportunity comes three months after Prewett and Troutt’s whirlwind engagement that occurred after eight months of relationship. They teamed up with Whitney Bailey of Engaged Events to create an unforgettable romantic event. RELATED: All Celebrity Weddings in 2022 For Prewett, it was important that her wedding be “as unique as possible to me”. Fellow Bachelor Nation star. “Raven Gates Gottschalk is also married in Dallas and we’re using the same florist, Something Pretty Florals,” she shares of Gates Gottschalk attending the wedding. “We were inspired a lot because she looked so beautiful.” Prewett held a bridal brunch the day before her Saturday wedding. And with Troutt, 26-year-old speaker, athlete and church pastor, the couple hosted a Friday evening rehearsal dinner for family and friends. Madison Prewett Grant Engagement Photography About Megan Kay Photography: Madison Prewett on Why She Was ‘on Same Page’ and Grant Troutt’s Premarital Couple Counseling To prepare for the big day ahead, Prewett takes the back of her hair and makeup done. She wore a “special” bespoke gown with her new surname engraved on it. Her bridal party of two maids and six bridesmaids also wore Victoria’s Secret comfy cami sets and gowns at the bar. As the reality star says, “I couldn’t have imagined leaving my hair to someone else on my wedding day.” Her makeup was commissioned by Natalie Mars, which is why the artist always described her as “glamorous at the same time as myself.” Madison Prewett Bachelorette Party Lillian Le Pham Photography Prewett wore a bespoke dress from Nardos Design to NewSong I walked down the aisle to “When God Made You”. The brand has specially created all of her wedding weekend looks. (Musical duo Caleb and Kelsey sang at the awards ceremony.) Don’t miss the story. Sign up for PEOPLE’s free daily newsletter to receive the latest information from PEOPLE, from exciting celebrity news to exciting human interest stories. . Prewett and Troutt’s “Luxury and Elegant” theme continued at the reception. The table was decorated with flowers arranged by Something Pretty Floral and a charger plate with candles and menus on it. The menu was designed by the diligent Addison, who designed the couple’s invitations, seating charts and programs. Jordan Kahn served as the reception band. But when they shared their first dance, Prewett and Troutt danced to Brandon Lake’s “Set of 2”. Bachelor’s graduate Madison Prewett hosts an engagement party with her fiance Grant Troutt: ‘You and Me Forever’ Madison Prewett/Instagram guest was also a treat. There was a variety of food, including beef tenderloin and herb roast chicken, but the show’s star was the couple’s wedding cake. “We wanted the wedding cake to be the centerpiece of the reception. We decided to keep it white with gold details,” she says. “I’ve heard of Lauren’s Fancy Cakes and I’ve heard she’s the best. When Grant and I tasted the cakes they not only tasted great, she was able to make my vision a reality!” RELATED: Inside Bachelor graduate Madison Prewett’s fun-filled bachelorette party Grant Troutt; Madison PrewettMadison Prewett Instagram At the end of the day, Prewett and Troutt know that the day wouldn’t have been a success if the family wasn’t completely in the corner. “They mean the world to us and we are very grateful for all their help during this time!” After the wedding, Prewett said the newlyweds would spend two nights in Dallas and go to Cabo for a week. It’s so exciting, but more importantly, newlyweds can’t wait to see what the future holds for them: “What we’re most looking forward to is being together for the rest of our lives,” she concluded. purpose of life together. We are looking forward to connecting to our local church and host community in our new home!”
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