Putin declares ‘Martial Law’ in Ukraine’s illegal annexation area

Riga, Latvia — Russian President Vladimir Putin declared martial law on Ukrainian territory illegally annexed to Moscow last month, indicating an increased effort to achieve his war goals and thousands of Ukrainians living under military occupation. opened another dark and uncertain chapter for .Martial law, effective at midnight, imposes strict military control over the occupied territories of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kersson and Zaporizia, and gives Russian military and proxy authorities extensive arrest and detention powers. Ukraine is based on the premise that Russian territory is under attack, but the annexation of the four regions is a violation of international law and was overwhelmingly condemned in a United Nations vote last week. Putin said the four regions were under martial law. Before Russia claimed to have annexed and absorbed them earlier this month. “We now have to legalize this state under Russian law,” he said. “Therefore, I have signed a decree introducing martial law in these four regions of Russia.” Since the territory has been under military occupation for months and its inhabitants already live under strict restrictions, Putin’s declaration has been at least in part by a domestic audience, including war-supporting hawks who have criticized Russia’s military failures. It also provided some legal cover-up, at least in accordance with Russian law, against the potential abuse of military authorities and their agents. We have similarly legalized the looting of Ukrainian property.” “Nothing changes for Ukraine,” Podolyak wrote on Twitter. We continue to liberate and occupy our territories,” he said. Putin’s decree came after ten days of continuous airstrikes and drone strikes on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure as part of a change in strategy. Development and development in Moscow aimed at compensating for battlefield losses with superior long-range missile power and massive Iranian attack drones will test another resolve for Kyiv and its Western patrons. NATO powers, including the United States, have promised to rush additional air defense systems to Ukraine to thwart Russian targets to leave Ukraine without electricity or heating as winter approaches. Speaking at a meeting of the Russian Security Council on Wednesday, Putin said: It will also form a new coordination committee for the region under martial law, led by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. Martial law was unanimously ratified by the Federal Council, the upper house of the Russian Parliament, at an extraordinary meeting late on Wednesday. And Ukrainian forces have made significant progress in recent weeks to reclaim previously occupied territories. Four illegally annexed areas where President Putin declared martial law. Territory owned by Russian-backed separatists since 2014 Controlled territory annexed by Russia in 2014 As of October 18 Source: War Institute, AEI’s Critical Threats Project Territory reclaimed by Ukraine in counterattack Putin declared martial law 4 Territory of illegal incorporation of dogs. Territory owned by separatists supported by Russia since 2014 Territory annexed by Russia in 2014 Territory under control as of October 18 Source: War Institute, AEI’s Critical Threats Project Territory reclaimed by Ukraine in counterattack Putin puts martial law Four illegally annexed areas declared. Regions owned by separatists supported by Russia since 2014 Regions annexed by Russia in 2014 Controlled territories as of October 18 Source: War Institute Without martial law, Russia routinely arrested, imprisoned, Tortured and murdered. It has been occupied since the invasion began in February. Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Commission secretary, Olexi Danilov, reiterated the view that martial law is merely an effort by the Kremlin to provide domestic legal cover for further abuse of resisting Ukrainians. Russian occupation, and to punish those still loyal to Kyiv. “Martial law over Putin’s annexed territory… [Russia] To change the ethnic composition of the occupied territories,” Danilov tweeted. He said forced displacement should be considered a war crime. Putin’s announcement said Russian deputy officials in Kherson had begun moving about 50,000 people from the city of Kherson, and Russian officials said they were expecting a large-scale Ukrainian attack. Generation Sergei Surovikin, who was announced as Russia’s commander of the attack on Ukraine earlier this month, said “a difficult decision” cannot be ruled out. “Our plans and actions against the city of Kherson will depend on the unfolding military tactical situation,” he said. “I want to reiterate that today is quite difficult,” Surovikin said in an interview with state television. said. Ukrainian forces have advanced slowly in recent weeks in the Kherson region, destroying bridges, cutting supply lines and increasing pressure on Russian forces on the west bank of the Dnieper. The Russian army retreated, but it appears to be a more orderly and strategic retreat than last month in the northeastern region of Kharkiv, where they abandoned vehicles and equipment and fled. On Wednesday, Kherson and his army blocked civilian vehicles from entering the city. The Kherson region forms an important part of Putin’s coveted “land bridge” from mainland Russia to Crimea, a peninsula that Russia illegally invaded and annexed in 2014. Putin – It will be a major blow to Russia’s war goals. The city was the first regional capital seized in the invasion and served as a Russian logistical and political base to expand Russian control throughout southern Ukraine, including the port city of Odessa. Ukrainian resistance halted these efforts, but Ukrainian attempts to retake the city of Kherson were slow and resulted in heavy casualties as Russia deployed its most experienced troops in the region. Text messages instructing people to leave, warning that Ukrainian forces could bombard Kherson or destroy nearby hydroelectric dams to flood the city Wednesday and Kharkiv ruthlessly attacked civilian targets and attacked apartment blocks, hospitals, schools and Destroys critical infrastructure. Attacking civilian infrastructure with no military purpose is a war crime. NATO countries offer a handful of new pledges amid Ukraine’s plea for air defense. Despite evidence in recent weeks that Russian troops have surrendered, retreated or refused to fight, Surovikin insisted it was a crime. Ukrainian forces rallied to retake the low-morale Kherson, and the general argued that Russia’s strategy was to “take care of all the soldiers and systematically crush the advancing enemy” and avoid civilian casualties. Kherson’s Moscow deputy official Kirill Stremusov said Russia would not retreat. We will stand to the end,” Stremousov said Wednesday. He added that Russia was making Kherson a fortress, hinting at a long and arduous battle ahead, contributed to the report by Mary Ilyushina and Natalia Abakumova of Riga, Latvia and David L. Stern of Kyiv, Ukraine. .
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