Kyrie Irving’s latest statement includes $500,000 donation, no apology

Comments on This Story Brooklyn Nets security guard Kyrie Irving will donate $500,000 and partner with the Anti-Defamation League to combat hatred and intolerance after controversial social media posts about anti-Semitic films. In a joint statement with Nets and ADL, Irving featured the film and book, and acknowledged the aftermath of the social media posts. Irving has publicly announced that Nets without fines or disciplinary action will provide a corresponding $500,000 donation. “I stand against hate and oppression in all its forms and stand firm in the marginalized and affected communities every day,” Irving said in his statement. . “I am aware of the negative impact my posts have on the Jewish community and I take responsibility for it. I don’t think everything in the documentary is true or reflects my morals and principles.” After nearly a week of intense criticism, Irving paused before making an official apology. He tries to listen with an open mind and a willingness to listen.” “So me and my family want to be a beacon of truth and light without harm to one group, race or religion.” Wake Up Black America’ will air on Thursday. When reporters on Saturday asked about the content of the film and previous social media posts about Alex Jones’ “New World Order” conspiracy theory, Irving denied an apology, although he denied he was anti-Semitic. anyone.” During the heated exchange, he said he did not do anything illegal or harm anyone. Irving adds that the “New World Order” conspiracy theory is “true.” Following Irving’s post and subsequent statements, NBA, NBA, Nets and owner Joe Tsai issued a statement against anti-Semitism. Irving eventually deleted the post without public comment, and eight fans sat by the court wearing t-shirts that read “Fight Anti-Semitism” in Monday’s game against the Indiana Pacers by the Nets. ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said, “I know that the best way to fight the oldest hatred is to face it head-on and change your mind and mind.” “Through this partnership, ADL will work with Nets and Kyrie to start a conversation and increase understanding.” Nets general manager Sean Marks said Tuesday that Irving didn’t meet with the press on Monday or Tuesday because Irving needed “cooking time”. Marks added that he and Tsai were talking to ADL. “I am not proud of the situation we are in. “I want to go back to basketball. … Hate speech or anti-Semitic speech is not tolerated and there is no room for it in this organization.” After Brooklyn broke up with coach Steve Nash on Tuesday, Irving appeared not to be involved during a 108-99 loss to the Chicago Bulls. His seven-time All-Star finished with four points on two out of twelve, the lowest score during his four-year Nets tenure. Develop a comprehensive and educational program to combat anti-Semitism and intolerance in all its forms.” “The events of last week have evoked a lot of emotion within the Nets club, the Brooklyn community and the country,” the club said. The discourse has given us a greater awareness of hate speech and the challenges our society faces in combating it, and we are prepared to embrace these challenges and the unique ways they can have lasting impact. We recognize that it is a moment.” Irving, 30, is averaging 26.9 points, 5.1 rebounds and 5.1 assists in. Start The number one pick in the 2011 draft drew criticism during his tenure in Brooklyn, including his polarized decision not to be vaccinated throughout last season. That’s it, subscribe to our weekly NBA newsletter to receive the best basketball stories in your inbox.
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