Venezuela deported from US to Mexico pledges illegal re-entry

A day after Angie Pina was deported from the United States to Mexico under President Biden’s new rules for Venezuelan asylum seekers, The Post saw her entering the United States illegally again on Saturday. Pina claims that Biden first set foot on American soil on Wednesday morning, before President Biden announced that Mexico had agreed to accept Venezuelans seeking asylum in the United States. To prevent illegal crossings at the border, the Biden administration has announced it will grant humanitarian entry to 24,000 Venezuelans if they apply online and arrive by plane. 2,100 immigrants per day. Pina was detained for a day and a half at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency in El Paso when she learned that she and dozens of other Venezuelan women would be sent back to the same cell. “It was a crisis,” she said. We all screamed and wept,” she said. Most asylum-seeking immigrants from Venezuela receive food and supplies from volunteers outside Mexican immigration after being deported from the United States under Title 42. in. They didn’t tell us why we were sent back, but some Venezuelan men who came after us had to stay.” On Friday, Pina was escorted across one of El Paso’s international bridges and released to Mexico, where a new world of uncertainty awaits. “I am a lesbian. It takes a month to get here and I am afraid,” said the 33-year-old young man. “I went through a lot to get here. i’m broke I try to lift my head, but I don’t seem to have the strength to continue. I think it would be nice to sit in the front of the car.” Pina and other deported Venezuelans received basic services such as standing outside the Mexican immigration center to shower and charge their cell phones. Early on Saturday morning, she told her post that she was considering crossing the border again. “She can’t go back to Venezuela, so she wants to try again,” she explains, adding that she is an engineer in her home country. Asylum seekers, mostly from Venezuela, are resting outside Mexican immigration. New York Post’s Go Nakamura “I have no money to go back. She had a three-year-old daughter who was unable to support her due to continued discrimination because of her sexual orientation, which forced her to leave.” Check out the most important news of the day. Check out the latest information through Evening Update. Other Venezuelans agreed that they would want to return to the United States even if they turned their attention to the dangerous human trafficking cartel. Another immigrant said, “If they don’t allow us to come back, we’ll go back, legal or illegal.” “No one will go back. Thousands of Venezuelans are now traveling. They will not return.” “I asked the Mexicans to deport me to Venezuela and they said they couldn’t. So what should we do?” asked Pina. Deported Venezuelans gathered in Juárez, Mexico, say they were left penniless on their travels and could not return to their homeland. At noon, Pina, her partner, and another Venezuelan woman decided to try their luck again and crossed the Rio Grande to El Paso. There they again surrendered to border patrol agents. Then she was transferred to another camp where her fate was known. It is most likely to be deported again.

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