How Angela Lansbury saved her drug addict daughter from Charles Manson

Murder, she stopped. Angela Lansbury saved her drug-addicted daughter from Charles Manson’s cult in the late 1960s. Lansbury, who died Tuesday at the age of 96, recalled in a 2014 interview that her daughter Deidre Shaw had been involved in Manson’s herd as a teenager. “It’s hard to say, but at one stage Deidre was with a crowd led by Charles Manson,” the actress told The Daily Mail. “She was one of many young people who knew him and they were fascinated. He was an extraordinary person, charismatic in many ways, and there was no doubt about it.” At the time, Lansbury was living in Malibu with her husband Peter Shaw and her children. The star recalled how her daughter Day Dre and her son Anthony first got addicted to drugs, she said, “There was a faction dedicated to a deadly chase in the hills above Malibu.” “I started with cannabis, but I moved on to heroin,” she said. “It fills me with fear. Peter and I had no idea what was going on. But we had no experience with drugs. We didn’t realize the importance of finding pipes in drawers. Why?” Angela Lansbury saved her drug-addicted daughter Deidre Shaw from the cult of Charles Manson in the late 1960s. Left is a 1990 photo of Lansbury and Shaw together. On the right you can see Manson. Getty Images (2) Deidre Shaw was pictured with her mom Lansbury in her 2000s. Her daughter eventually overcame her drug addiction and was able to open a successful restaurant in Los Angeles. Seeing the extent of their children’s drug problems, Lansbury and her husband decided to uproot the family and move to Ireland. “I said to Peter, ‘We have to leave.’ So we picked up sticks and moved the family to their home in Cork County. I was drawn to Ireland because it is where my mother was born and because it is a place where my children will no longer be adversely affected.” There, Lansbury devoted herself to raising her teenage children full-time, where she learned to cook and garden. The wholesome change helped guide both Deidre and Anthony on the straight and narrow path, and the family eventually returned to California. Lansbury (center), her husband Peter Shaw (left), and her son Anthony Shaw, photographed in 1979. This is a picture of Manson after he was arrested. His worshipers committed nine brutal murders in the summer of 1969. “Certainly, I have no doubt that one or both of us would have been lost if they had not been moved to a completely different environment, the simplicity of life in Ireland. “We eventually found a doctor who prescribed methadone, a substitute for heroin,” Lansbury recalled. “This helped relieve withdrawal symptoms as Anthony and Deidre stopped taking the drug. We knew what to do in time. I was really lucky to find out what was happening.” The “Murder, She Writes” icon adds that Anthony “takes his bad clothes out very quickly” and Deidre “takes a little longer”. Calm down. Lansbury said proudly. Deidre is now 69 and Anthony celebrated her latest 70th birthday. Manson was spotted in 1971. After being convicted, he spent the rest of her life in prison. Popperfoto via Getty Images this August. A September 9, 1969 file photo shows the body of actress Sharon Tate being moved from her rental home in Los Angeles. After Lansbury’s death on Friday, writer Christopher Moloney took to Twitter to recall how the star previously talked about Manson and his daughter’s brush. “Angela Lancebury told the story of her daughter falling into a Hollywood deadbeat,” Moloney tweeted. “He would pick her that girl up from her school and have her steal her money and food from her parents. Worried, Lansbury moved his entire family to Ireland. That man was Charles Manson.” Manson led the Southern California community and cult Manson family in the late 1960s. Several members committed nine murders in July and August 1969, including the brutal murder of Roman Polanski’s pregnant wife Sharon Tate. Although Manson never directed the murder, he was convicted of first degree murder and conspiracy to murder. However, prosecutors argued that his ideology was a conspiracy. He died in prison in 2017.

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