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WARNING: Full spoilers for the end of Halloween follow. Want to know if a movie has a post-credits scene? We’ll tell you right here. No, there are no mid-credits or post-credits scenes. Halloween was (again) rebooted in 2018, promising an apt end to the story of Laurie Strode and Michael Myers that began long ago. 1978. And now we have reached the end of this special trilogy with Halloween Ends. Is this really for Lori? Who gets you out alive? When does evil die?! Halloween is over without spoilers. So a point on the premise offering! But beyond this point, we’ll break down what’s happening in Halloween Ends with complete spoilers. You’ve been warned! (Read the Halloween Ends review when you’re done here!) Halloween Ends Ending ExplainedHalloween Ends kicks off on Halloween 2019, a year after the events of the previous two movies. Michael Myers hasn’t been seen since that last doomed Halloween, and is a sort of figurative urban goblin. We meet Corey Cunningham (Rohan Campbell), 21, with a bright future to care for a child named Jeremy. Simply put, Corey accidentally drops Jeremy from a high stairwell and the child dies. Then Corey becomes a looter in a town called “Child Killer” and he can’t shake it and his dreams never come true, and when he becomes Hyundai in 2022, he gets a job at his father’s auto junkyard. Here we select the rest of the movie. up. Meanwhile, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is writing a memoir. She chronicles how the town of Haddonfield has changed, and Michael’s attack leaves her with sadness, fear and paranoia. She is trying to live in a lovely new home with her granddaughter Allison (Andy Marty Chek). Of course, Allison’s parents are killed again during Michael Myers’ 2018 attack, Rory arranges a cute encounter between Corey and Allison, and Allison tries to get Corey out of her shell at a Halloween party. But that night, he is jumped off by a group of marching bands and finds himself in a sewer that is also Michael Myers’ hideout. Michael attacks him, but when the killer looks into Corey’s eyes, something strange happens and he lets the child go. Corey runs away, accidentally or intentionally, and stabs and kills a homeless man almost immediately… Hard to say. He wants to learn Michael’s way and all the darkness Michael has in him seems to be shifting to Corey. Meanwhile, Corey becomes close to Allyson, decides to “burn the land” with her and leave Haddonfield. Not good, Bob inevitably comes October 31st. Rory learns that Cory is having a serious problem, so she approaches Cory and tells her that she should stay away from Allison. He replies, “If I can’t have her her, she can’t have anyone.” Then he goes out and kills others, and in the end, Rory disguises a suicide attempt, but actually shoots him when he learns that Corey is coming for him. After struggling, he once again beheaded her, saying, “If I can’t have her of her, she can’t have anyone.” Allyson comes in at the wrong time and thinks that Laurie did it, and Michael rejoins the chat, killing Corey forever before reclaiming the mask from Corey. He and Laurie had a big fight in the kitchen, stabbing his hands to the table with a knife and stabbing them in the chest and armpits and beheading them. Oh, because she also dumps the refrigerator on one of his legs. He puts her hand on his neck and she shouts “Do it!” Memories of former Michael Run-in flash before his eyes, but Allison rushes in and stops him. Laurie cut his wrist… and Michael finally died. “But he doesn’t seem to be dead enough. Because people tie his body to the top of their car and drive to the junkyard as the townsfolk follow. There, Laurie threw Michael Myers’ body into a giant grinder. And we watch his limp body crumble little by little. In the final moments of the film, Allison leaves Hadenfield to be alone and Rory sees him provisionally reconnecting with Lieutenant Frank Hawkins (Will Patton), who has arrested Michael. His OG murders. The movie ends when we see Michael’s mask lying on a table in Rory’s house. Sorry! Michael Myers’ Many Pale Faces From Halloween Halloween Ends Easter Eggs No Halloween is complete without Easter Eggs! Wait, it’s another, unrelated holiday. It’s not about Michael or Laurie. that… It’s about ghost masks. Here are some tributes and direct recreations of the original Halloween movie. For the first few minutes, while Corey is taking care of Jeremy, the two are watching OG Halloween director John Carpenter’s sci-fi classic The Thing. This is not only a nod to one of Carpenter’s best films, but also a reference to a scene from the original Halloween where Lindsay Wallace watched The Thing from Another World in 1951 (a remake of Carpenter’s film). Original Michael Myers actor Nick Castle appears as a flasher during a costume party. Do not worry. He wears real costumes depicting human intestines. It’s okay! Laurie is writing a memoir entitled Stalkers, Saviors, and Saw-Wen. Saw-Wen is the Celtic festival that eventually became the Halloween holiday we know today, but it was also mentioned in previous Halloween movies. In Halloween II, Dr. Loomis finds that Michael wrote it down on a blackboard, but there he translates the word to mean “Lord of the Dead.” This is historically inaccurate. In Halloween 3: Season of the Witch, villain Conal Cochran (Dan O’Herlihy) is a Celtic witch who plans a mass sacrifice of children on Halloween night. This holiday is also central to the plot of Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers. The Curse of the Progenitor was the Curse of Thorns, which was the force that caused Myers to be killed in the canon of the movie. She disappears when she sees Corey near her bush looking down from her house, Corey looking up at her from her sidewalk. This recreates a similar setting from Halloween ’78 where she sees Michael in the backyard from her bedroom. Michael stabs Allyson’s colleague into a wall the same way he killed Lynda’s boyfriend Bob on Halloween ’78. In the final showdown, Michael’s face is reflected in Rory’s sword. This is a bit of a visual callback for posters for Halloween 5, Halloween 6 and Halloween: Resurrection. This trilogy is the closest to those movies. The film ends with a series of scenes of an empty room in Rory’s house. It’s similar to how Halloween ’78 ended… It’s gotten a lot quieter after Michael’s death. Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear The Reaper” plays in the end credits. A song plays on Halloween Radio 1978 as Rory and Annie drive their car around Haddonfield. But what about the end of Halloween? right… Is it over? Why didn’t anyone ever think of throwing Michael’s body into an industrial grinder? Let me know in the comments! And check out the Halloween Multiverse Timeline!
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