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CNN—House Democrats appear likely to pick New York House Representative. It’s a potentially historic move as Hakeem Jeffries elects the first black man to lead a party in Congress, succeeding Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Jeffries launched his bid for the leadership of the House Democratic Party on Friday and promised in his letter to empower, protect and expand the ranks of his colleagues. “Non-governmental top priority for the American people is to get back the majority in November 2024,” Jeffries wrote. After Pelosi announced on her Thursday that she was relinquishing her leadership role, which she had held for 20 years, her speaker did not say who would support her on her behalf on her November 30 vote. But in a sign of Jeffries’ rising power, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn quickly backed him after announcing that they too would step down from leadership positions. “Speaker Pelosi has left an indelible mark on Congress and the nation. I look forward to her continuing to serve and doing all I can to help a new generation of Democratic leaders who hope to become Hakim Jeffries, Catherine Clark, and Peter Aguilar. ”Clyburn said in his statement, referring to the New York, Massachusetts and California Democrats. Hoyer said Jeffries would “make history for the House system and for our country.” Jeffries, 52, will represent a generational change from the current House Democratic leader, who is 30 years older than him. He became the chairman of the 2019 Democratic National Convention, making him the youngest person ever to lead. In his letter on Friday, Jeffries praised the past leadership, but “fights inflation, defends our democracy, secures reproductive freedom, welcomes new Americans, promotes equal protection under the law, and protects the whole country.” We need to do more to improve public safety.” “We must plan a return to regular order,” he wrote to his rank-and-file colleagues, promising to give them more power in the legislative process. He also said that in “dangerous times,” Congress should focus on passing “combat crimes” legislation for Americans and “significantly increase the safety of all members of Congress and their families.” Jeffries seems to have wide support at the House Democratic National Convention. Ohio congressman before Pelosi’s announcement. House Black Caucus Chair Joyce Beatty told CNN that she expects the caucus to support Jeffrey. Beatty said, “If she steps down, it will be very clear that Hakeem Jeffries will be the one I will vote for and lead the Congressional Black Caucus to vote for.” “I don’t always speak for everyone, but I feel very comfortable saying that I believe every black caucus member in Congress will vote for Hakeem Jeffries.” and a Wisconsin senator. Mark Pocan, former chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, also endorsed Jeffries. “Hakeem Jeffries came into my class and I’m a huge Hakeem fan,” Pocan told CNN. “I think he is very smart. He’s a good guy to build consensus among caucuses. I think he will make a great leader.” For months, Democratic lawmakers have been whispering that Pelosi’s potential exit from Congress could clear the way for Jeffries. The Brooklyn-raised attorney graduated from the State University of New York at Binghamton, Georgetown, New York University Law School prior to the 2006 New York State Assembly elections. 10 years ago. During the Trump era, Jeffries was instrumental in passing a bipartisan criminal justice overhaul bill known as the First Step Act and advocating for the former president’s impeachment as House Manager in the first trial. He has continued to shape the party’s message during the Biden administration. Some House Democrats have been waiting a long time to turn the pages of the Pelosi era. She won the chairman’s gavel after the 2006 election, lost it after the 2010 election, and won it again after the 2018 election. The Massachusetts House of Representatives said, “She’s a historic speaker who has accomplished a great deal, but she thinks there are also many Democrats who are ready to break a new chapter.” Seth Moulton, who previously tried to oust Pelosi, told CNN. But anyone who follows Pelosi will live in the shadows of her legacy to serve as one of the most powerful and polarizing figures in American politics. Chaired the Affordable Care Act, the 2008 Economic Stimulus Act, the $1.9 trillion Coronavirus Relief Act, the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package, and most recently the 7,500 He was instrumental in passing billion-dollar health care and tax legislation. A history of dealing with climate change. Pelosi, who will continue to serve in Congress representing San Francisco, will leave her successor with a larger-than-expected House minority after the 2022 midterm elections. Some Democrats have said they want her to remain their leader. When asked about her decision by Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said he clutched her chest and begged her to stay. “When she called me and said this or that, I said, ‘Change your mind,’” she said. We need you here’” said Schumer. This article and headline have been updated with further developments.

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