As Liz Truss’s agenda is nullified, the British are asking if the prime minister is still in power.

Comments on this story LONDON — Britain’s new Treasury Secretary on Monday scrapped the rest of Prime Minister Liz Truss’s signed tax policy, which seemed to have successfully reassured the market, but many are now in charge of the government. It made me wonder who it was. Jeremy Hunt – a political rival nominated for the highest office in the cabinet on Friday – announced that the government would allow tax increases rather than cuts. Opposition lawmakers and some insurgent politicians from the ruling Conservative Party are defending the government’s U-turn in Parliament, which is calling on the prime minister to resign after six weeks in office. It was another miserable day for Truss. Liz Truss fired her finance minister after she overturned the policy that caused the British pound to plummet. Labor leader Kier Starmer pushed her trusses to the chorus saying, “She’s on a mission, but she doesn’t have power.” She said, “Where’s the prime minister?” Starmer asked rhetorically. She “hides, avoids questions, and is afraid of her own shadow.” A British tabloid is live streaming her iceberg lettuce head next to a photo of her truss, asking which one will last longer. International stage.” “Her party members must now act in her national interest and get her out of her Downing Street as soon as possible. “The editorial went on to call Hunt “Prime Minister De Factor.” Hunt is a moderate Conservative party who has lost two primary to lead the party, but is seen as a safe hand. “I reassured the country,” he said in Congress, “accepting the decisions you make is the most challenging form of leadership.” I did it willingly. I respect her.” Why does the UK compare the prime minister to lettuce?The truss was installed on Downing Street as follows: The Conservative Party’s 160,000 rightful party voters – about 0.3% of the population.It helped push forward her candidacy and Margaret’s candidacy. The plan for growth through tax cuts that sparked admirable comparisons with Thatcher is now completely scrapped. Tax cuts for the rich have not been well-matched with the masses, who are facing record inflation and soaring prices. It has much more to do with bond traders frightened by the level of borrowing needed for the economy, but he slammed the brakes hard, emphasizing that debt and spending would become the new motto. We will withdraw the action,” said Hunt. “As we deliver on our commitment to reducing debt as part of the economy in the medium term, more difficult decisions will be made on both taxes and spending.” It also announced a public aid plan: a landmark policy supporting millions of hard-winter people, energy bills for households don’t last for two years, but only through April, then the government will take a “new approach” that “costs taxpayers much less” The falling British pound has stabilized. The country’s main stock index, the FTSE 100, has risen. And while the cost of government borrowing has been declining, it is still higher than it was before Truss came to power. But UK politics is still in turmoil. A general election is just around the corner, but two polls released on Monday show Labor is more than 30 points ahead of the Conservatives’ “Who voted?” Jonathan Tong, a professor of political science at the University of Liverpool, said protests and opposition The congressman’s social media feed is showing signs of a handshake between the Conservatives, he said: “A sensible democracy would have her by now.” “She campaigned on a platform for tax cuts, growth and supply-side reforms, all of which were dismantled by Jeremy Hunt,” he said. If the truss survives, “the top Conservatives will agree to a successor.” Boris Johnson won an overwhelming victory in the 2019 general election, but had to resign after the Conservatives were overturned in scandals and polls. Truss’s individual turnout was worse than Johnson’s, and her party’s turnout plummeted. If the party held another leadership contest so quickly people would “look pretty puzzled,” said Damien Green, a prominent Conservative party recognized on BBC Radio 4. When asked if Truss wants to lead the party at the next general election, Green only provided backhand support: “If she leads us to the next election, it will mean that the next two years have been a lot more successful than the last four weeks.” It can be a real challenge to do. Although Hunt has a powerful role, he’s not a rising star within the party. He lost to Boris Johnson in the 2019 Conservative leadership primary in the first round, winning just 18 votes from fellow lawmakers last summer. He was eliminated from the vote: Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak, who finished second in the summer leadership contest, and many of his economic forecasts proved to be foresight, but Johnson’s loyalists say he led a rebellion that overthrew the last prime minister. And if Conservative lawmakers overturn the party’s grassroots by promoting Sunak, it could cause other problems, but she wrote in the Sunday Telegraph that now is not the time to replace the prime minister. Over the weekend, President Biden was asked by reporters what he thought of Truss’s “fallout plan.” The presidents did not comment on the alliance’s budget, but Biden said Mentioned: “Well, it is predictable. I wasn’t the only one who thought it was a mistake,” he added. But that decision rests with the UK, not me.”
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