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By Agence de presse APEI Issued on: 22 July 23:46 News See my news Follow the media The Mercedes T-Class is perfectly versatile and impeccable quality. (©Mercedes) The result of an industrial agreement between Renault and Mercedes was born with the launch of the Sitan 10 years ago. It was actually Kangoo who lost the diamonds on the grille for three stars. At the time, the German manufacturer didn’t have a small compact utility vehicle and decided to settle for a clone of the Kangoo. There were also MPV versions for families, but today’s new generation is designed in close partnership between the two manufacturers, and Mercedes has highlighted the market’s concern for a product worthy of a premium brand, especially for the MPV to be sold today. In France, it’s immediately more “advanced” with the new name “Class T”. T would like to propose a compromise between tourism, transportation and business. Anything is possible with the perfectly versatile Class T of impeccable quality. However, while still being built at Maubeuge on the same assembly line as the new Kangoo, the materials used for the passenger compartment, dashboard and upholstery display a top-notch appearance, while the styling and assembly of the body elements are 4.50m long, 1.86m wide and 1.86m high. 1.81 m, identified by carved shoulders and marked wheel arches, a standard chrome grille as well as sill strips engraved with Mercedes-Benz inscriptions and 16 or 17 inches. The alloy wheel petrol or diesel T-Class thus shares the same technology base with the Renault Kangoo. A utility version that retains the Citan Tourer’s surname is not sold in France, the MPV is available in two finishes (Style and Progressive), combined with a 4-cylinder diesel turbo 1.5 liter engine under the hood. 131 hp 1.3-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine with two outputs of 95 and 116 hp Video: now on Actu 6-speed manual gearbox or 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox (€ 2,520)… In fact, it’s a well-known mechanic from Renault, with some Mercedes alterations that both brands already share. Alas, they cannot escape the penalty of some consequential punishment. An electric version will be announced soon, but interestingly, the hybrid engine poses a challenge! Inside the Mercedes T-Class, comfort is immediately sensed and the equipment is generous. (©Mercedes) Premium Equipment Thanks to the comfort, functionality and generous equipment that slides behind the wheel of the T-Class, you can feel as if you have entered the Mercedes-Benz world. Very easy access due to the very low loading threshold of the vehicle and boot. In place of the tailgate, double rear doors are also available. The very low loading threshold of the Mercedes T-Class trunk makes it very accessible. (©Mercedes) On the road, the smoothness of a sedan-like car, the smoothness of the suspension and the maximum control of body roll in corners. safety. But you shouldn’t expect road performance without being ridiculous on German highways. However, this is not the calling of a vehicle designed to pay close attention to the needs of small families. Rustic but wealthy enough to buy a Benz. Philip Lacroix Was this article helpful? You can follow Actu in the My Actu space. After registration, you can find all the news from your favorite cities and brands with one click.
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