Ukrainian forces prepare for bloody battle for Kherson

The recapture of Ukrainian forces close to Russian-controlled Kherson would be a major victory in the war. Kherson serves as the gateway to the Crimean Peninsula, which was annexed in 2014. FRONTLINE WEST OF KHERSON, Ukraine, November 4 (Reuters) – Ole, the commander of a Ukrainian mechanized infantry unit, digs a trench west of Kherson, and the Russian enemies in winter weather, I am convinced that logistical and siege threats will force the strategic port to be abandoned. But neither he nor his subordinates think of Russians. His horses haunt the bloodshed for weeks to come to take control of a major city on the western bank of the Dnipro River. Crimea annexed by Russia in 2014. “They will keep fighting. They will hold their position as long as they are capable,” said Oleh, 26, a battle-hardened major who rose through ranks after Enli. 10 years ago when I was a teenager. “It will be a tough fight.” Kirill Stremousov, deputy director of the Russian administration for the Kherson region, said Thursday that he hopes the Russian army will fight. He added in the broadcast commentary. The race for the only provincial capital controlled by Moscow in an all-out invasion began on 2 February. The 24th may be one of the most consequential wars to date. It will be another setback for Russian President Vladimir Putin following a series of serious battlefield losses since mid-August, military experts said. The army will have a foothold to seize a beachhead in the east for the advance of Crimea. Crimea is home to Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, and Kyiv has made it a pledged goal to restore the peninsula. Should Kherson fall into a counterattack, experts also added that it would be a political humiliation for Putin as Kherson is one of four partially occupied regions of Ukraine that he announced with great fanfare that it would become part of Russia on September 30th. I did. It was hit primarily politically,” said Philip Ingram, a retired British military intelligence officer. “And it will cost him[Putin]militarily. If the Ukrainians could get a beachhead east of the Dnipro, it would have been much worse for the Russians. Former U.S. Army Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, former commander of U.S. forces in Europe, said. A US official, who requested anonymity, said Russia appears to have already begun an “organized and phased withdrawal” from Dnipro. West Bank. Itching to attack Kyiv says it contains deportation of civilians from Russian-occupied territories. This is a war crime that Russia denies. Occupying authorities also kept administrative offices and records anonymous, eastern bank and western sources said most Russian commanders had also relocated their bases. Strive to better protect withdrawals. Some Ukrainian soldiers believe that poorly trained Russian reservists are advancing “like sheep.” According to U.S. officials, an orderly withdrawal would be difficult for the Russians as it requires coordination, trickery to cover up movements, discipline of communications, and heavy artillery fire to subdue Ukrainian forces, while skilled troops burrow further back, according to U.S. officials. can. However, Ukrainian forces could face serious obstacles that could impede the capture of Kherson, including booby traps, Russian concentration guns and rocket artillery in East Asia, Hodges said. In intermittent artillery duels, Oleh’s 100-man unit took advantage of the unusually mild weather to clean weapons and install floorboards in earthen and log-covered bunkers lined with insulation, and equipped with portable generators and firewood stoves. , took their position in September after Ukrainian forces retreated Russian troops to the Kherson border with the Mykolaiv province. Olle said the Russian army was running out of time. “The enemy’s weakness is that it can cause panic among reserve forces,” he said. “Mobilized people are good for us because they cause panic. Panic is contagious like a disease. It spreads.” Additional Reports by Phil Stewart and Steve Holland in Washington; Edited by Mike Collett-White and Daniel WallisOur Standard: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principle.
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