Trump sues New York Attorney General in recent fight over allegations of business fraud

Donald Trump is suing New York State Attorney General Leticia James in the form of a recent civil suit against the former president and three men, alleging that she is “a ruthless, vicious, open, inexcusable crusade” did. His adult children Donald Jr, Ivanka and Eric. According to a lawsuit filed in Florida’s circuit court on Wednesday, the lawsuit that James announced at a dramatic press conference in September was the company, brand, and ex-wife who was married three times, was frequently sued, was impeached twice and was widely legally precarious. The president’s reputational grievance begins like this: A ruthless, malicious, open and inexcusable crusade against the president. Trump, a resident of Palm Beach County, Florida, has the stated goal of destroying him personally, financially and politically. Suffice it to say that it is against the law of “You can actually destroy it. [Trump’s] Very Profitable Florida Real Estate”. James accuses the Trump organization of exaggerating asset values ​​as a way to deceive investors and lenders. If successful, her lawsuit will ban Trump and his three nominated children from serving in executive positions in New York, regulatory analysts say, potentially destroying Trump’s business empire. The lawsuit would not have been brought if James “did not lead the polls by a significant margin for both Democrats and Republicans.” Most observers expect Trump to announce his third run for the White House this month, after the November 8 midterm elections. The wedding of their fourth adult child, Tiffany Trump, on November 12 at his Mar-a-Lago resort. In October, James claimed that he was concerned that Trump was engaging in “fraudulent practices” and was relocating business operations to avoid his lawsuit. James also sought an order banning real estate-related activities and a fine of up to $250 million (£224 million). Effectively block Trump in the industry where Trump made his name. The state Attorney General is also working to prevent the Trump organization from transferring or disposing of its assets to third parties and securing the appointment of an independent monitor to review the company’s 2022 year. We have submitted our financial statements to prevent any accounting action that could be of financial benefit to the company. In the counterclaim, Trump demanded an injunction against James demanding an end to all actions against him. He also reiterated James’ threats to sue him, a campaign he promised when running for the Democratic nomination in 2018, and claimed that she was involved in a political witch hunt. Trump has already filed a case of prejudice against James. The complaint filed on Wednesday suggests more lawsuits could follow. The New York Times reported that “the faction opposing the lawsuit filed this lawsuit on behalf of the former president,” as Trump’s lawyers reported “vehemently opposed” the lawsuit. He told Florida lawyers who drafted it: According to those who knew about the matter, it was frivolous and would fail The biggest objection was Trump’s Real Estate Law, which warned Florida people could commit medical malpractice. From the adviser, “there was still a lawsuit.” In a statement on Wednesday night, Trump oddly called the New York lawyer “Peekaboo.” One of the most crime-prone places on the planet.” : “James doesn’t do anything to protect New York from these violent crimes and criminals, but she attacks a very successful job I’ve been working on for a long time and a good and healthy company that has done nothing wrong like the tax-paying Trump organization. In a good move, Trump’s lawsuit also targeted former key figure in the Trump organization, Michael Cohen (Trump’s former lawyer and solver), who was accused of fraud, campaign finance violations and lying to Congress for Trump’s sake. It has emerged as a major critic and has been tested against allegations of financial fraud by the Trump organization.
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