Los Angeles City Council Elects Paul Krekorian As New President After Martinez Resigns

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Los Angeles City Council elected Paul Krekorian as the new leader to replace the president, who had to resign amid a surge in scandal over racist remarks. Her leadership and her seat of parliament after leaked recordings were taken of her making racist remarks and discussing manipulation of the urban realignment process. Krekorian is now tasked with leading Congress on a series of political reforms, handling increasingly greater demands on both. Other controversial lawmakers, Gil Cedillo and Kevin de León, should also resign. Legally, the city council cannot step down unless it’s a serious criminal charge, but most members said their resignation was the only thing they could do. The city is healing and the way forward. Krekorian said it will aim to reduce the power of the post. “Chairman of the council is a position. Krekorian, through her statement,” means cooperation, not command. “You will see the powers of the council chairperson shrink, not expand. The era of unilateral decision-making and power integration ends today.” And he repeatedly urged Cedilo and De Leon to follow Martinez and resign.”3 Elected Members of this committee have lost public confidence. One has already resigned, and the greatest service others can now do to the city is to resign their office so we can begin the healing process.” Mayor Eric Garcetti praised Krekorian’s choice. His district is located in the San Fernando Valley: “Paul is a dedicated and hard-working leader who can provide a wise, cooperative and effective approach in the painful moments that Angeleno deserves to be a steady leader in the city council,” Garcetti said. He said, “I am confident he will form a leadership team of bridge builders, and I will work closely with Congress to heal the wounds caused by a few hate speech.” Protesters gathered outside City Hall on Tuesday. The meeting itself was online – demanding the resignation of Cedillo and de León. At one time, protesters tried to force them into a building closed to the public. Police in riot helmets pushed them away. It wasn’t. Because it was going online, it was immediately clear why the protesters wanted to enter the building: only Mitch O’Farrell, who was serving as acting chairperson at the start of the meeting, was in the House of Representatives, while nine other lawmakers held the meeting online. Some protesters were heard shouting, “No resignation, no meeting.” Some protesters opposed Krekorian’s election: “A slap in the face to a former city council leader, given what just happened.” It’s worse than Nouri Martinez,” said Black Lives Matter leader Melina Abdullah. Some protesters in support of Black Lives Matter said they would stay there until De Leon stepped down. Pastor De Leon, along with the NAACP, said publicly after the scandal broke out. It was quiet and there was no sign of him in the house, San Fernando Valley. “This problem has tried to shatter this city. But Black Lives Matter and those who organized for justice, all solidarity is built and all the unity built in the past few years is not destroyed as a result of elected officials.” Tuesday’s meeting marks the starting point for a series of reforms and power shifts. City Council member Mitch O’Farrell, who served as interim president when Martinez resigned earlier this week, stripped de León and Cedillo from most committee duties and leadership positions earlier this week.
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