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CNN — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Thursday that she will relinquish her leadership position after leading the House Democrats for 20 years and building a legacy as one of the most powerful and polarizing figures in American politics. Pelosi, the first and only female speaker, said she would give the next generation a chance to lead the House Democrats, which will be in the minority next year. Midterm election results. “I will not be seeking re-election to the Democratic leadership in the next Congress,” Pelosi told the House. “For me, the time has come for a new generation to lead the Democratic National Convention, which I deeply admire. I am grateful that so many people are ready and willing to shoulder this enormous responsibility.” Pelosi, 82, rose to the top of the House Democratic National Convention in 2002 after leading many in her party to oppose a resolution authorizing the use of force in Iraq. Then she rode the wave of popular opinion and led the Democrats as they saw them rise once more after the 2008 election, swelling to a 257-seat majority and ultimately falling to a 188-seat minority. Her political career was marked by her extraordinary ability to understand and overcome those political shifts, uniting the conflicting factions of her party in getting her major bills passed. She won the Speaker’s gavel twice, after the 2006 and 2018 elections, and lost it after the 2010 election. More recently, she has achieved a series of achievements with one of the slimmest party splits in history, passing a $1.9 trillion pandemic aid package last year and a $750 billion health, energy and climate bill in August. Her legislative victories in the Biden era cemented her reputation as one of the most successful party leaders in Congress. During the Obama administration, Pelosi was instrumental in passing massive economic stimulus bills and the Affordable Care Act of 2010, which provided health care coverage to more than 35 million Americans. The longtime Democratic leader told CNN’s Dana Bash in her “State of the Union address” on Sunday that members of her caucus have asked her to “consider” running in her party’s leadership election later this month. Just have a good election.” Pelosi’s entire decision to run again is “about family and colleagues and what we want is to move forward in a very integrated way as we move forward to prepare for the upcoming Congress,” she said. “Nevertheless, a lot is at stake because we will be facing a presidential election. So my decision will again be rooted in my family’s wishes and the wishes of the caucus,” she continued. “But until we see what the outcome of all of this is, none of that matters much. And there are all kinds of ways to make an impact.” Pelosi told CNN’s Anderson Cooper earlier this month that the violent attack on her husband in late October would influence decisions about her political future. Paul Pelosi was attacked with a hammer by a male assailant at the couple’s home in San Francisco, authorities said. According to court documents, the perpetrator was seeking the Speaker of the House. Pelosi is a towering figure in American politics with a legacy of making glass ceiling-shattering history as the first and so far only woman to become the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. She was first elected speaker in 2007 and held that role until 2011, when Democrats took control of the House. In 2019, after the Democrats won the House back from the Republicans, she was again elected speaker. A small but loud faction of Democrats initially worked to thwart Pelosi’s proposal to become the next speaker after the 2018 midterm elections, but she eventually secured the votes she needed to regain her title. Prior to her final vote, Pelosi negotiated a settlement with some of the Democrats who had been lobbying her to play her bargaining powers and cut her off from her speaker. As part of the agreement, Pelosi supported a proposal to enact term limits for her party’s top three leaders. However, the 2018 contract was an unofficial contract and caucus rules were not changed imposing a time limit on her tenure. Pelosi was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1987 after winning a special election to fill a seat representing California’s 5th District. Over the years, she has developed a reputation as a strong and powerful leader of the House Democrats, with considerable influence and powerful influence over caucus members. She was also a fierce adversary to Republicans in Congress and the White House, who made her the target of high criticism from their party. When she was chosen to be her first speaker, Pelosi pondered the significance of her event and what it could mean for American women. “This is a historic moment. “This is a historic moment for Congress. It is a historic moment for American women.” This story was updated Thursday with additional developments.

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