The rise of survivors in Seoul shows how crowds are overwhelming

Comments on this story Juliana Velandia Santaella took a picture of young women dressed up as bananas, hot dogs and french fries on the streets of Itaewon on a Saturday night at 10:08. Then she decided to go to her house and went down a narrow alley that managed to avoid death at the center of the accident, killing more than 154 and injuring 149. She sent her to her emergency room and her injuries, still debilitating, show what can happen during her dangerous crowd crush. Her body of people trampling her. “At some point my feet didn’t even touch the ground anymore,” she said. “There was a man on top of me who was unconscious, and it was affecting my breathing.” As Bellandia began to feel her lungs flattening, she concentrated on taking shallow breaths through her mouth. She said people around her called for help or called the police, but she gradually fell into silence as her body drooped up and down, she said. Trapped among her many people, she recalls that the rest of her body was constrained to move her neck freely. “She really thought she was going to die,” she said. “I was completely paralyzed. At one point I couldn’t feel my miscarriage. I couldn’t even move her toes.” She was so motionless, unable to feel any part of her body, when a young man standing on a high place grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the crowd, she could then see her phone and at 10 pm After a few minutes she began to regain numbness in her legs. Even then, she said, “there were so many unconscious bodies on the floor that I couldn’t even walk.” I had a fever and spent 4 hours in the emergency room of St. Louis Hospital. I was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis at St. Mary’s Hospital, Catholic University, and in Vellandia, the cells in the legs begin to die, causing muscle damage and necrosis, a life-threatening condition. can release proteins and electrolytes into the blood and damage the heart or kidneys or cause permanent disability or death On Friday doctors will check her kidneys for damage Monday in her dorm room said the pain got worse: one leg is swollen and purple, can’t put all of my foot on the ground when walking, and it still hurts when I breathe too deeply G. crowd safety expert and crowd science visit at the University of Suffolk, UK Professor Keith Still told the Post that pressure or restrictive asphyxiation is a possible cause of most people who die from crowd crushing: It takes about six minutes for people to enter this condition if their lungs don’t have room to expand. I’m terrified because I’m there, so what’s happening is people fall over and people fall on top of each other, trying to get up and getting their arms and legs twisted together.” According to Velandia, a lot of people have tried to move the body clearer. I sat on the floor to do CPR while avoiding the crowd. Some who appeared to be lifeless said it was possible that they vomited in and around the mouth and suffocated. Velandia said, “The two met in front of Itaewon Station, where the Halloween party started, and hugged each other and cried a lot.” “It is a miracle that we are alive,” she said.
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