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CNN — Very thin elections for the Nevada state senator and Arizona governor have not yet been held on Saturday. That’s because counties in both states are still working to reduce the tens of thousands of ballots they have to count. Democrat Katie Hobbs leads Republican Kari Lake by about 31,000 votes in the Arizona governor election. And as of Friday evening, Republican Adam Laxalt is narrowly leading the incumbent Democrat by just over 800 votes. Catherine Cortez Masto. As these primaries continue, CNN predicted the Arizona Democratic Senator on Friday. Mark Kelly will defeat the Republican Blake Masters in Arizona and Republican Joe Lombardo will defeat the Democrat Governor. Steve Sisolak, Nevada. Kelly’s Senate victory gave Democrats a place in maintaining control of the Senate, and missed the Nevada election. If Cortez Masto wins, the Democrats will need at least 50 seats, regardless of the outcome of the Georgia Senate runoff. If Laxalt wins, the Georgia runoff will determine the control of the Senate, as in 2021. Meanwhile, control of the House of Representatives still remains in the air with 21 races absent. CNN forecasts that Democrats have won 203 seats so far, while Republicans have won 211 seats (need 218 to dominate the House). Most of the Nameless House Races are in California. Regardless of the final composition of both houses next year, Republicans’ sluggish midterms have provoked a backlash against Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and a small number of Senate Republicans are calling for a delay in the leadership elections scheduled for next week. As Election Day turns into Election Weekend, here’s what you need to know: In Clark County, Nevada’s largest state, including Las Vegas, CNN estimates that there are about 24,000 more mail-in ballots to be counted, along with about 15,000 more provisional and extra ballots. get treated Nevada’s second most populous county, Washe County, had about 10,000 bundles counted on Friday, with CNN estimates of about 12,000 remaining. By Friday, Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria said the county expects to complete ballot-by-mail by Saturday. Gloria said the veil is being inspected by the county’s counting board. State law allows mail-in ballots to be received in Nevada by Saturday, but ballots must be postmarked by Election Day to be valid. Political organizations, especially the Democratic-leaning unions, which for months urged people to vote in Nevada’s major Senate primaries, are now focused on “cure” defective mail-in ballots in the still pending primary. “Curing” is the process by which voters correct problems on their mail-in ballots so that they are counted. This could mean adding missing signatures or resolving signature matching issues to ensure that the votes are truly from them. The deadline for voters to “cure” their ballots in Nevada is Monday, November 14, according to state law. A Republican strategist from Nevada told CNN on Saturday that the atmosphere inside Laxalt’s campaign was “terrible.” And I think it’s a forgotten conclusion that several factions of Candidate Ops have started a game of internal accusation and that Cortez Masto will soon take the lead. When asked by CNN to describe the mood inside Laxalt’s campaign, the strategist said it was “shocked and depressed.” Laxalt acknowledged his gap against Cortez Masto in a too close competition on Saturday and tweeted that most mail-in ballots were in favor of Democrats with higher-than-expected margins. “This has narrowed our win window. Laxalt said in a tweet, “The race will go on until 20-30K Election Day Clark delivers the bundle.” can. If they continue to show a heavy DEM trend, she will overtake us.” Former state Attorney General Laxalt previously made false claims about the 2020 Nevada state election. As co-chair of Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign at Silver State, he played a leading role in the post-election legal effort to overturn Joe Biden’s state victory. Magic Wall: John King Analyzes Recent Nevada Senate Numbers Arizona’s Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, reported about 80,000 more votes added late Friday evening. There are about 275,000 ballots left in the county, according to Maricopa County Board of Supervisory Board Chair Bill Gates. Gates said that if about 60,000 to 80,000 ballots a day keep counting at the same rate, counties will have to finish counting by “very early next week.” Arizona’s second most populous county, Pima County, which has Tucson, is expected to have around 85,000 ballots left for counting at the end of Friday, county elections director Constance Hargrove told CNN’s Wolf Bleacher and John King on Friday. Hargove said he hopes Pima County will count a majority of the remaining votes by Monday. She previously told CNN that all votes will be counted by Monday morning. But on Friday night, she explained that this would no longer be the case due to the large number of votes of about 80,000 votes received from the recording studio earlier that day. In a speech in Phoenix on Saturday, Kelly said, “I would like to express my gratitude to the respected Republicans and Democrats who are doing an important job of making sure the votes and voices of the people of Arizona are heard. Their votes are aggregated as quickly and transparently as possible. .” The Masters were unprepared to yield, tweeting on Saturday that “we will make sure all legal votes are counted properly.” “After all, if Senator Kelly has more senators than I do, I’ll congratulate him on winning his tough fight,” he added. Gates countered Friday night’s allegations of misconduct by the Masters, the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of Arizona, calling them “offensive to the election staff.” “The Republican National Committee’s suggestion of what’s going on here in Maricopa County is absolutely false and offensive to these brilliant electors,” he said. On Friday night, the RNC and Arizona Republicans issued a statement criticizing the county’s process, demanding that “votes be processed around the clock” until all votes have been counted. Public update.” These groups also threatened to “take legal action without hesitation if necessary.” Gates said of the specific accusations in the RNC statement: I am a Republican. Three of my colleagues on the board are Republicans. Raise and discuss issues with us, not these unfounded claims.” “They’re exaggerating the very rhetoric that we don’t need to do,” he added. “They’re exaggerating the very rhetoric we don’t have to do.” Responding to claims that counting “takes too long,” Gates said the county’s pace is similar to previous years. It takes an average of 10 to 12 days to complete. It’s not because of anything Maricopa County has decided to do, it’s because of how Arizona law is set up and that’s what we do here in Maricopa County. We follow the law to make sure it is correct.” Hear Arizona Election Officials on Blake Masters’ Voting Mixing Allegations Arizona officials who tried to conduct a tally of election results in rural counties after a court setback could still wreak havoc A scaled-down version is being considered and the process of certifying the state’s results is delayed, leading to concerns that the Cochise County showdown could keep the main primary race too close, potentially delaying a winner. The current deadline for certifying results in Arizona County is either November 28, or 20 after the last day of voting, Cochise County, which is home to approximately 125,000 Arizona residents, is asking the 2020 election to be counted as a result of Trump lying about fraud. Plans were made to directly audit 100% ballots, one of several places that pressured.On Thursday, a state appeals court overturned a court order limiting the total number of people until plans are revived for midterm elections in a 2-1 vote. He made it clear he wouldn’t, but the attorney for Cochise County Archivist David Stevens, a proponent of the hand audit, said the county is not giving up its efforts to perform hand counting beyond normal procedures. Trump, who witnessed the move, criticized Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and reported that he was speaking out against the Kentucky Republicans ahead of the Republican Senate leadership election, which McConnell cut off support from Senate Republicans, although he cut off enough support to retain the leader. Faced with calls to delay next week’s leadership primaries, McCarthy, meanwhile, faces a new headwind from the pro-Trump House Freedom Caucus, which withholds applications for McCarthy’s bid for the speaker position and begins drafting a list of requirements. If Republicans win the House, a majority of Republicans in Congress McCarthy’s job as a congressman is more complex than McConnell’s because it requires 218 votes, not a number. House Freedom Caucus Chairman Scott Perry met McCarthy in his office on Friday. He said the meeting went “good” after that, but won’t say whether McCarthy had his or Freedom Caucus’ support for the speaker. “We’re having a discussion,” Perry said.

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