Plaschke: ‘Rams House’ becomes ‘Cowboys House’ on an embarrassing day of domination.

“Whose house is it?” “cowboy!” That was their answer. That’s what they were screaming for. That was how a building full of Dallas Cowboys fans sounded at SoFi Stadium on a Sunday afternoon and it was embarrassing. Even without a $40 million quarterback, the Cowboys marched to Inglewood and knocked out Rams in yellow trousers, where they were celebrated with taunts by thousands. The Cowboys won 22-10, and while this may not be the exact lowest point in Sean McVay’s six-year tenure, it ranks and ranks the same. They have a record of defeats (2-3), coming into depth for the first time this season at McVay. They were fatally dull for the first time at McVay. McVay seems completely clueless on McVay for the first time. “I didn’t have much to write at home … I didn’t have much to write at home,” McVay said. But if you still insist on writing home about this afternoon, the letter accomplished in one word. HELP! The Rams lost to a team of cowboys led by a Waiverwire backup named Cooper Rush, not quarterback Dak Prescott. Rams lost an antenna that turned into a cowboy touchdown. They intercepted a punt that eventually became a field goal for the Cowboys. They gave up a 57-yard touchdown run to future Hall of Fame defenders. They ruined living possessions with a bold fake punt. They failed a claim that started off the Cowboys’ 29-yard line. They missed a field goal in the fourth quarter that would have stayed within striking distance. Israel Mukuamu of the Cowboys rejoices after the Rams’ Matt Gay missed a field goal in the fourth quarter (Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times). They couldn’t run (38 yards), couldn’t protect (five) and couldn’t score. (1 touchdown in the last ninth quarter). Combined with a weak effort against the San Francisco 49ers last week, this is the first time the McVay Rams team has endured a streak of under 20 points. Down the road as the baseball playoffs begin, I wonder where McVay’s fastball is. “Now is not enough,” McVeigh said of the recent results. “I’ll never pretend like that.” Almost all Rams season ticket holders seemed to be selling their tickets to cowboy fans, but they were clearly watching from home and apparently as disgusting as the rushed and discouraged Rams. The game started with Matthew Stafford stutter, returning 19 yards. For a touchdown from DeMarcus Lawrence. The game ended with Stafford’s interception from the goal line, Malik Hooker rolling on the floor to celebrate, Stafford lying motionless on the defeated ground, and seemingly all of Inglewood standing and cheering. They were the bookends. The pain stuck between the wounds of the afternoon. “This is some of the adversity we’re facing right now,” McVay said. Rams’ creation. What was their reaction to the scoop of the early cowboys? Rams’ subsequent possession ended with Dorance Armstrong crossing the line again and blocking a punt from Riley Dixon, making it 9-0 with a 33-yard field goal from Brett Maher. It doesn’t help that they’re missing three starting pitchers in the offensive line, but that doesn’t explain the complete lack of engagement. Tight End Tyler Higbee said. One, two… 10, 11… Who’s counting at this point? It looked like Rams Stafford was on the verge of reaching the end zone on the third drive after a beautiful 54-yard pass to Tutu Atwell for the first career catch of the previous round two draft pick. However, Cam Akers was stuffed, Stafford was interrupted and Rams’ drive stopped, leading to Matt Gay’s 29-yard field goal. There is a problem with effectively protecting football,” McVay said. “I love Matthew Stafford. He is competing and doing his best for this team. He needs help. We should be able to help him.” Rams rebounded from a touchdown opportunity that missed a few possessions as Kupp reached out and grabbed a Stafford pass over middle, piercing the defense and completing a 75-yard touchdown pass. At that point, early in the second quarter, the Rams were actually leading 10-9. The euphoria did not last, however, as the Cowboys scored three tackles and three plays on Tony Pollard’s 57-yard touchdown run, which missed several tackles. big hole. The game never felt close again. All offensive series seemingly ended with an unsuccessful pass to Cooper Kupp. Every defensive series was filled with pressure that missed tackles and couldn’t shake the rush. And as with all Rams games this season, there is a question at the end. What happened to this team? We can talk about a Super Bowl hangover, but Rams should have been sweating by now. We can talk about what’s missing, but we still have two of the best offensive and defensive players in the league, right? What they lack seems to be the personal commitment to the culture of selflessness and sacrifice that led this team just 9 months ago. Championship. Maybe it’s because it’s getting in the way of being a champion in Hollywood, but not everyone seems to be focusing on it. McVay said in a post-match interview that he hinted at a lot and promised to fix it. “It is a difficult time, but one thing can be guaranteed. We will keep swinging. We will keep fighting.” It’s going to be an uphill slog. Andrew Whitworth isn’t retiring. Van Jefferson won’t be back for at least a few weeks after undergoing knee surgery. And when Odell Beckham Jr. gets well, it’s back to this mess and SoFi’s ” Does anyone think you’re going to play Chargers in a Road” game? “Not a good movie right now. I’m used to it,” McVay said. “But the story has not been written yet.” Rams just wants to get better. much better like now.
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