F1: Sauber becomes Audi factory team in 2026

A clear association The German manufacturer announced in August that it will join F1 as a power unit supplier when new regulations are introduced that provide increased power supply and 100% sustainable fuel. Sauber, currently racing under the Alfa Romeo banner, will be a “strategic partner” of the F1 program and will be a “factory” structure as the automaker plans to acquire a stake in the Sauber group. The team actually uses the name Audi Works F1 Team, and the name “Sauber” is not shown. Audi will build the power unit at its Neuburg base in Germany, where more than 120 people are already working on the project, while Sauber will develop and manufacture the racing car at its headquarters in Hinwil, Switzerland. “Sauber will also be responsible for the planning and execution of race operations,” said Oliver Hoffmann, member of the Audi AG board of directors responsible for the Formula 1 program. It’s a team from a previous collaboration and I’m sure we will form a solid team together.” Sauber actually has state-of-the-art wind tunnels used by many manufacturers, and is particularly well aware that they have been leased by Audi within the framework of the World Endurance Championship and DTM programs. Sauber also has a high-quality simulator, remaining on the adventure, Sauber Chairman Finn Rausing added: “Audi is the best strategic partner of the Sauber Group. It is clear that we share our values ​​and vision, We look forward to a successful partnership to achieve our common goal: “The partnership between Audi AG and Sauber is a key step for our team as we continue to move towards the forefront of the grid,” said Fred Vasseur, CEO and Team Leader, Sauber Motorsport. (…) It is not only an honor but also a great responsibility to be part of Audi’s official team. It is the best choice for the future and future. We are fully convinced that it can help Audi achieve the goals it has set for its Formula 1 journey.” Sauber Stainless Sauber, King of Survivors and a team familiar with key partnerships. Sauber includes Mercedes, BMW and now Audi! Sauber started out as a prototype maker in the late 1980s, and joined Mercedes in the league, becoming the world leader in Endurance by winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1989 and winning the WEC twice in 1989 and 1990. 1993 The year Sauber arrived in F1 and laid the groundwork for Mercedes (the 1994 one-seater had an Ilmor engine, but said “powered by Mercedes” on the hood), but finally the stars are tied to McLaren. After acquiring Bull as the title sponsor, he partnered with Ford and Ferrari, which plunged into the maker in the early 2000s before being acquired by BMW in 2005. By 2009, the team struggled with the abrupt withdrawal of the Bavarian manufacturer. Previously operated by a BMW-Sauber corporation, it runs through 2018 until a new marketing partnership with Alfa Romeo, which runs until 2023. Sauber approached Andretti to acquire it last year. Year campaign ends Sauber’s sponsorship of the title. Sauber can return to the name in 2024 and 2025 and claim Audi’s power and crest in the next campaign. Audi will be at the Neuburg plant in terms of staff, buildings and technical infrastructure. “Most of them will be in place by 2023,” he said. They plan to conduct the first tests of the 2026 power unit in an F1 test car in 2025. Audi is likely to enjoy some revenge on its cousin Porsche. Ring’s LMDH program suddenly crashed It was Porsche that broke a tooth over Red Bull’s takeover during the hiatus and probably had to retreat to Williams.
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