Trump absorbs GOP losses and DeSantis shines with overwhelming victory

A leading candidate for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination had a victory night on Tuesday, but not Donald Trump. According to Ron DeSantis, the apparent interest in fighting Trump bewildered him, according to advisers, who requested anonymity to reflect a private conversation. The Florida governor didn’t shoot anything other than hosting his campaign event on Saturday, competing with the Trump campaign in Miami and making the ex-president even more annoyed. He was re-elected by a margin of 20 points, 15 points higher than Trump’s 2020 margin by 2020 points. At the party, supporters of DeSantis sang “Two More Years!” — While urging the governor to seek the presidency before the end of his second term, Trump’s own watchdog was dwindled Wednesday morning by a tropical storm raging towards the Mar-a-Lago resort, located in the mandatory evacuation zone. President Trump thanked reporters for attending Tuesday night, boasting a record of victory in his approval ratings, and spoke briefly to congratulate a few Republican candidates who have won or are leading the way. But DeSantis is not. “Wouldn’t it be funny if we were better in the general election than in the general election? [primary] Trump still felt like he was handling the consequences himself. He spent Tuesday night, like other Republicans, among long-term supporters and donors who were expected to give him better advice on Tuesday. After leaving the stage, Trump tweeted about his social media site Truth Social, the Republican nominee for Senate. Sent from New Hampshire to support the downfall of Don Bolduc. And Colorado’s Joe O’Dea was able to boost the party to an uncertain majority on Tuesday night, with several of his favorite candidates in major Senate primary primaries like North Carolina’s Ted Budd and Ohio’s JD Vance. (Especially Vance thanked dozens of people in his victory speech, but Trump did not.) Nevertheless, the result was not the explosion he hoped would be credited with before announcing his 2024 quickly. It was forming as a mixed result for Republicans. Longtime GOP commentator Erick Erickson said he was disappointed with Trump, saying that “the quality of the candidates matters.” “They were not good candidates. They were more loyal to him than anyone else. GOP can still beat both. [chambers] But this is not the night they expected.” Trump’s allies acknowledged that the early return did not live up to their ambitious expectations, but remained optimistic about the Republican opportunity for full control of Congress. overwhelmingly at the ballot box,” said his spokesman Taylor Budowich, who said Trump’s record of victory and defeat in support is “a truly unprecedented achievement and made possible thanks to President Trump’s ability to pick and choose winners.” The allies split his reelection sharply on Tuesday as a signal that national GOP energy was behind him: the governor overtook Democrat Charlie Crist to win Miami-Dade County, which no Republicans have claimed since former Governor Jeb Bush in 2002. He seemed ready, but DeSantis isn’t the only potential Trump contender who looks daring. Rather than being intimidated to clear the fields for Trump on Tuesday night, Sen. Tim Scott (RS.C.) delivered a victory speech Alluding to his potential ambitions, his grandfather said, “I wish I could live long enough to see maybe other people of color being elected president of the United States.” Glenn Youngkin appeared on Fox News and won according to his aspirations. Host Brett Baier said of running for the White House, “Looks like you were thinking about it.” Youngkin said, “Thank you. I’m always humble about these discussions.” Brian Kemp, who was re-elected after significantly outpacing Trump-elected Senate nominee Herschel Walker on Tuesday, struck Trump with an unusual blow in his victory speech, calling for “incumbent and former presidents” to criticize early moves to lift pandemic restrictions. He wasn’t a nerd himself, but a “Trump ticket” is like calling his supporters in major states: the election viability of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” movement after defeats in 2018 and 2020. It is sure to fuel divisions within the Republican Party, whose success will allow hardliners to boldly push for reform. . “First, the seat loss adds to concerns that Trump’s grip on the party is hampering his chances with swing voters to decide independents and close elections,” said Republican National Committee member Bill Palatucci. New Jersey and Trump critics say Democrats wanted to send a message about Trump and his supporters, even though Trump didn’t vote. “We had to constantly distance ourselves from their support for the former president.” Trump was by far the most influential in this cycle’s GOP primary, with around 82% of the candidates he backs (excluding incumbents) winning. Washington Post analysis. In some cases, Trump raided to jump in with already victorious candidates like Pennsylvania governor-nominee Doug Mastriano. But for others in the same state, such as Senator Mehmet Oz’s primary primary, Trump’s support was clearly decisive. However, on Tuesday night Mastriano was expected to be defeated dramatically and Oz fell behind in a tight competition. robocalls, and more than $16 million super PAC ads for important statewide offices “Well, I think they should get all the credit if they win,” he said in an interview posted Tuesday with the NewsNation Network. “Even if they lose, I should not be blamed at all.” Trump decided to take the spotlight on Tuesday night, throwing a big party in his club’s gilded ballroom, inviting current and former advisers to be seen speaking by his flag. According to several advisers, Trump was due to interview staff later this week, and he had planned to make a presidential announcement next week. debate. But advisers turned him away, claiming he could be swept away by other news or blamed for mobilizing Democratic turnout. Although advisers have succeeded in delaying the official announcement, Trump has promised supporters a “very special announcement” for Tuesday, November 15, “so happy” “soon” and finally at Monday’s rally. Some of his urgency stemmed from his desire to pressure other Republicans to line up behind him, advisers said. Clear the field of him and potential rivals, especially DeSantis. He tested many nicknames and attacks before landing on “Ron DeSanctimonious” last week. Advisors said receptions were mixed and he didn’t use it again this weekend. On Monday night, Trump attacked DeSantis while talking to reporters on the plane and even threatened to release harmful information about him if he escaped. I will tell you a story about him that will not flatter you. “I know him more than his wife than his wife,” Trump told a small group of reporters, according to the Wall Street Journal.
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