Britain’s defense minister has said Russia will deplete its arms before Ukraine does.

Britain said on Thursday that Russia would deplete its arms in Ukraine ahead of the West. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace says Russia is isolated and its supply chains are broken. He said the overwhelming United Nations vote condemning Russia’s annexation of Ukraine demonstrates that. Loading Something is loading. Thanks for subscribing! Access your favorite topics from a personalized feed on the go. Download the app UK Defense Minister says Russia’s arms will be depleted ahead of Ukraine as Russia is isolated and blocked from the global supply chain. The Western allies will first run out of weapons to support Ukraine.” Wallace said no. “There is no risk,” he said. He said Ukraine’s Western allies are at risk of depletion “unlike Russia already isolated.” He said Russia’s ability to make and repair weapons and ammunition is now tied to a global supply chain that is almost inaccessible. “It comes from all over the world, including Ukraine,” he said. Ukraine’s allies have imposed sanctions on Russia several times since the start of the war, blocking Russia from key supplies. As reported by CNBC, there are reports that the West has reached the limits of its ability to supply Ukraine with ammunition β€” including the famous HIMARS β€” β€œto a limited extent.” Addressing these kinds of concerns, Wallace said: However, CSIS noted that factors such as long production lead times could slow the process of replenishing U.S. reserves, and French President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday that “France has to keep some weapons on its own,” “I can’t offer as much as there is,” he said. He shows how the West can continue to supply Ukraine with weapons. The manufacturing orders placed through this will “allow us to continue moving forward in 2023 and 2024,” he said. Russia itself is eventually supplying Ukraine with a lot of arms in addition to Western donations, according to the Wall Street Journal. Ukraine has now made them Russians, the report said. On Wednesday, 143 countries voted against by countries other than Russia (North Korea, Belarus, Syria and Nicaragua), all with very repressive regimes. Russia has turned to such backcountry for arms supplies, with US intelligence agencies claiming to have been supplied by North Korea. North Korea denied that the measures were in violation of UN sanctions. Russia also took delivery of Iranian drones reported by Ukrainian officials as being used throughout the fall, including during President Vladimir Putin’s most recent bombing of Ukraine.
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