Taylor Swift breaks records as the first artist to reach the top 10 overall on the Billboard Hot 100, led by ‘Anti-Hero’

Taylor Swift hit one of the most historic weeks in its 64-year history on the Billboard Hot 100 Songs chart. She became the first artist to claim the poll’s overall top ten in her single frame. Swift Surpass Drake, which made 9 of the Top 10 of the Hot 100 in the week of September 2021. “Anti-hero” leading the Hot 100’s rapid entry to the top spot, became her ninth career leader. All ten songs in the top tier of the Hot 100 are from Swift’s New Lp Midnights, which was released on Republic Records on October 21st. The album reached number one on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart, the biggest weekly chart in seven years. Swift also has an exclusive of the top 10 top 10 works, each injecting the top 5 for a week in 2021 and 1964, beating Drake and The Beatles for the most titles in the top 100 in a single week, each . Meanwhile, with Swift adding 10 new Hot 100 Top 10s, she now boasts the top 10 most women in chart history at 40 (outside Madonna’s 38). Of all the acts, she follows Only Drake (top 10 of 59). Midnights also reached #9 on Drake’s Certified Lover Boy in 2021, becoming the first album to contain 10 Hot 100s. The Hot 100 blends all genres of Us streaming (official audio and official video), radio broadcasts and sales data. All charts (November 5, 2022) will be updated tomorrow (November 1) at Billboard.com. For All Chart News, you can follow @billboard and @billboardcharts on Twitter and Instagram. Here’s a recap of Swift’s Unpreceded Week On The Hot 100: Top 10: Streaming, Airplay, and Sales With Swift completely sweeping the Top 10 of the Hot 100, here’s a look at Songs’ official streams, radio Airplay, and sales. Tracking Weekly Debots: Ranking, Title: Streaming / Airplay Viewers / Sales: No. 1, “Anti-Hero”: streaming 59.7 million / Airplay audience 32 million / sales 13,500 2, “Lavender Haze”: 41.4 million / 2.4 million / 2,800 No. 3rd “Maroon” 37.6 million / 471,000 / 2900 No 4, ” Snow on the Beach”, feat. Lana Del Rey: 37.2 million / 615,000 / 2.600 no 5, “Midnight Rain”: 36.9 million / 449,000 / 2,200 no. 6, “Bejeweled”: 35.5 million / 1.6 million / 16,100no. 7, “Question… ?”: 31 million / 425,000 / 21,400 no. 8, “You are alone, kid”: 34.1 million / 498,000 / 1,500no. 9, “Karma”: 33 million / 1.9 million / 3,400 no 10, “Vigilante Shit”: 32.2 million / 424,000 / 6,400 Hot 100’s Top 10 overall takeover (with help from #4 Lana Del Rey), Swift Drake passes, Top 10 9 of them (6 excluding all) entered the region where all 9 of his album Certified Lover Boy, led by “way 2 sexy,” featuring the future and a young thug, topped the charts dated July 18, 2021. I did. , when the set opened at the top of the Billboard 200. Meanwhile, Swift took the most titles in a week, beating Drake and the Beatles in the Top 100. Prior to Drake’s Top 5 tally on September 18, 2021, The Beatles had no. 1-5 of the chart dated April 4, 1964. Swift’s Nine Hot 100 No. 1S Next is Swift’s Nine Hot 100 No. 1, which has risen in just over a decade. It is a summary of 1S. “Three Weeks at No.1, starting September 1, 2012” Shake It Off, “Four Weeks, starting September 6, 2014” Blank Space, “Seven Weeks, starting November 29, 2014” Bad Blood, feat. Kendrick Lamar, One Week, June 6, 2015 “Look What You Made Me Do”, Three Weeks, starting September 16, 2017 “Cardigan”, One Week, August 8, 2020 “Willow” Wonju December 26, 2020 “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)” One Week November 27, 2021 “Anti-hero” One Week To-Date, November 5, 2022 Swift joins Mariah Carey (age 19) and Rihanna (age 14), Madonna (age 12), Whitney Houston (age 11) and Janet Jackson (age 10) became one of 16 productions with more than 9 Hot 100 1S, and one of 7 solo women. ) and Katy Perry (9 persons). The Beatles had 20 Hot 100 Nos. Lead all acts with 1S. Swift’s 5th No. 1 Hot 100 Debut Swift Debots made it to the Top 100 with their fifth title. “anti-hero” (#14 single) followed the chart-top premiere of “shake it off”, followed by “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” ” Cardigan, “” Willow” and “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version).” Overall, Drake leads the way with 7 No.1 Hot 100 Debots, followed by BTS, Grande, Swift (5) and Justin Bieber (4). Thanks to the Billboard 200 and Hot 100 Debots Simultaneous Midnight and “Anti-Hero”, Swift was the first artist to discuss the Billboard 200 and Hot 100 at the same time as the Oven Times. (The Billboard 200 started on March 24, 1956, and the Hot 100 on August 4, 1958.) Swift was released in these doubles when Folklore and “Cardigan” started on the Billboard 200 and Hot 100. It was the first act. respectively, we are in August. She repeated the feat with Evermore with “Willow” (December 26, 2020), Red (Taylor version) and “All Too Well (Taylor version)” (November 27, 2021). Drake, along with Two, is the only other act in Supery that has multiple such simultaneous starts. Top 10 Streamed, Sold Songs are by Swift. As with the Hot 100, Swift maintains an overall top 10 on the streaming song and digital song sales charts. Swift is the first artist to more than triple to the top 10 on the Alice chart at the same time. No other act had previously asserted no. Only drake swept the tier of streaming songs, while it was the Hot 100 or Digital Song Sales numbering 1-10 in a single weekend (7.18, 2021). The song is streamed as the most streaming week of a single song (59.7 million) in 2022, beating Jack Hollow’s ‘First Class’ (54.6 million, April 23), the ‘anti-hero’ fan. No Song scored more Weekly Streams Sale. Drake’s “Way 2 Sexy” surged to 67.3 million (July 18, 2021). Swift adds her 6th #1 streaming song, and second most songs after Drake’s 14, behind Bieber. Swift’s “Question…?” in digital song sales? Her debut at number 1, the record-breaking 24th leader. (Rihanna is in second place with 14.) She helps with the coronation and asks, “A question…?” The last day of Chart Tracking Week (October 27) is now available for sale in both original and instrumental form on Swift’s web store. Like “Bejeweled”, it reached number four in digital song sales. The stream for Swift’s song in the Hot 100’s Top 10 was so strong that all ten tracks made it to the local charts, without sales or chart scores on Radio Airplay. Radio-roaring ‘anti-hero’ speaks of radio reach, Midnights’ first promotional single, “Anti-hero,” debuted at number 13 on radio songs, highest debut of the year, and Swift’s top opening ranking of 45 career entries. . The song peaked at #11 on the Adult Pop Airplay charts in its first week of release, #13 on the Adult Contemporary and #16 on the Pop Airplay chart. Instantly add 10 Hot 100 Top 10s, up to 40 Hot 100 Top 10s, the second-most 40-man Swift Now Sports in Women’s Top Rankings chart history. Swift Leapfrogs Madonna, who previously tied with Michael Jackson – to the extent that she is currently in the top ten women – the Beatles and Rihanna. Swift entered the Hot 100’s Top 10 with “Love Story” on her chart on October 4, 2008. Most Billboard Hot 100 Top 10: #59, Drake40, Taylor Swift38, Madonna34, The Beatles31, Rihanna30, Michael Jackson29, Elton John28, Mariah Carey28, Stevie Wonder27, Janet Jackson26, Justin Bieber25, Lil Wayne25, Elvis Presley Most recently ranked this August. At the start of the Midnights Clocks Most Hot 100 Top 10s from a Album chart, Swift’s Midnights becomes her first album to generate 10 Hot 100 Top 10s. It’s Drake’s certified sweetheart boy, whose set topped the Billboard 200 with Landed Nine, Likely All in the Same Week (September 18, 2021). Swift previously entered the Personal-Best 5 Hot 100 Top 10 on the album. Through 1989 to 2014-15. Janet Jackson leads the way with three albums each making at least five Hot 100 Top 10 entries, and Drake and currently swift are the only acts with more than two of these sets. (Jackson Plays Into the Success of Midnights: “Snow on the Beach” includes the lyrics to “I’m All For You Like Janet.”) Co-written and co-produced by writer and producer Swift, “Anti Jack Antonov and anti anti hero. Swift co-wrote all nine of her Top 100 1S. She co-produced three leaders. “Anti-hero” followed “Look how you make me do” and “I’m so good (Taylor version)”. Antonoff achieved her third Hot 100 number one spot as a co-writer, following “Look What You Made Me Do” and “We Are Young,” starring Janelle Monae. Later LED for Six Weeks 2012 for fun. (including Antonoff, Andrew Dost and Nate Ruess). Antonoff also added the third #1 producer with Swift, following “Look What You Made Me Do” and “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)”. Autumn’s Happiness: Voted “Snow on the Beach,” Del Rey’s top ranking was #4 on the Hot 100. Lana del Rey, for her song (co-written with Swift and Antonoff), made her Lands Her Highest Hot 100 chart. . She previously had 1 in the top 10: “Summertime Sadness” reached number 6 in September 2013 with Cedric Gervais. ‘Hero’-ic Hits “Anti-Hero” is the third Hot 100 number one with “hero” in the title. , and the first since Mariah Carey’s “Heroes” in 1993-94. Here are the Hot 100 Hits with the highest charts. no. 1 (One Week To-Date), “Anti-hero”, Taylor Swift, 2022 no. 1(4), “Heroes,” Mariah Carey, 1993-94no. 1 (TWO), “Billy, Giving Be a Hero,” Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods, 1974no. 2, “We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)”, Tina Turner, 1985no. 2, “The subject of ‘Great American Heroes’ (Believe it or Not),” Joey Scarbury, 1981no. 3, “Heroes”, Chad Kroger Feat. Josh Scott, 2002 no. 3, “Hero”, Enrique Iglesias, “Unholy” by Sam Smith and Kim Petras dropped to number 11 within a week of their peak as Swift dominated the Top 10 on the Hot 100 in 2001. It was the most streamed non-Swift song (24.3 million songs, down 4%) and best-selling song (11,300 songs, down 40%) in the tracking week, and radio audience increased 23% to 26.7 million. Former Hot 100 leader “Bad Habits”, who was a colleague of Steve Lacy, dropped from #2 to #12, and three more Swift songs follow as Midnights’ full 13-song Standard Edition debuts in the top 15. “Mastermind” starts with 13, “Labyrinth” starts at 14, and “Sweet Nothing” at 15. Again, for all chart news, you can follow @billboard and @billboardcharts on Twitter and Instagram and all charts. 5), refreshed on Billboard.com Tomorrow (November 1st) with Hot 100 on that entity. As an independent data provider for Billboard charts, Luminate completes a thorough review of all data submissions used to compile the weekly chart rankings. Luminate reviews and validates your data. Working with Billboard, data deemed suspicious or unverifiable will be removed using established criteria before final chart calculations are made and posted.
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