Investigators say they are pursuing new clues every day to determine the cause of the murder of four men found in the Oklahoma River. CNN

CNN — Investigators are tracking clues every day to figure out how the bodies of four people were mutilated in the Oklahoma River, but each time water is involved, it becomes much more difficult to identify the evidence, the chief of police said. Male – Mark Chastain, 32; Billy Chastain, 30; Mike Sparks, 32; Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma Alex Stevens, 29, was missing by his relatives while riding a bicycle from his home in Oklahoma, Billy Chastain, Oklahoma, police said. A few days later, their bodies, all shot and mutilated, were found in a river outside Okmulji, a city of about 11,000 people about 35 miles south of Tulsa. Okmulji Police Commissioner Joe Prentice described the incident as “very violent” when he announced Monday that the disappearance had been turned into a murder investigation. A 67-year-old man named Joe Kennedy, who was accused of being involved in the horrific murder, is being held in Florida on Tuesday for large-scale car theft, authorities said. he said He also has an arrest warrant issued in the Okmulgee County District Court in connection with the 2012 shooting. Kennedy was not named a murder suspect. Police said they wanted to talk to him again, but did not give a reason. It is unclear whether Kennedy has a lawyer. According to the court clerk, he is due to appear before a judge in Florida’s Volusia County on Wednesday afternoon. Prentice said it’s not clear exactly what caused the man’s death, but he said it appears they were planning to commit a crime when they left Billy Chastain’s home. That belief is based on information provided by a witness who reported at a press conference on Monday that he was invited to go with men to quote or not quote “a lick big enough for all of them,” the chief said. “It’s a generic term for engaging in some kind of criminal activity, but we don’t know what they planned or where they planned it,” he added. As the investigation continued, the discovery of the body raised more questions. Unable to retrieve the gun used in the murder, detectives grapple with a difficult task of wandering the river. Prentice previously told CNN that all four bodies found in the river were “submerged in water for a long time.” This meant that coroners had greater difficulty identifying the body and police faced complex investigations in the river “which appeared to be an arena,” the chief said. “Water always affects decomposition, and there are various factors that do so depending on temperature and current flow,” Prentice said at a press conference on Monday. “Every time water is involved, it becomes much more difficult to identify evidence,” Prentice said. They said they should be more systematic when scouring the water because they are “easy to miss the evidence.” The director said he had never dealt with a case in which so many bodies were decommissioned and that it took several days to recover all of them. Prentice said The cause of death has yet to be determined, but all victims were shot. “All four bodies were cut off before being dumped into the river.” As the investigation continued, the director asked the department to provide additional video surveillance from businesses in the area. “As of Monday, police have not found the bikes the men were riding on as they left the house,” the chief said. After the men were reported missing, police said at least two of them were in possession of a cell phone, he said. Investigators traced the phone’s route and found that the device went to two recovery yards, one about five miles from the river and the other about 10 to 12 miles from the river, Prentice told CNN on Saturday. He warned that the route on the cell phone was not necessarily the route the man took. Police later found “evidence of a violent incident” in a building adjacent to one of the locations, the director did not elaborate on. The director said Kennedy, a person of interest, was the owner of the salvage. Police said Kennedy did not know the man and had been cooperative with investigators in an interview Friday afternoon, but the chief later announced that Kennedy was missing. Kennedy was arrested on the Daytona Beach Shore in a vehicle reported as stolen on Monday, police said in prison, where he was reported missing according to a Florida arrest warrant, but Kennedy told officers he was He was not missing and he was not in danger, he said. Mark and Billy Chastain’s uncle, John Chastain, said their family was filled with “shock,” “anger,” and “woe,” when police, along with two friends, announced that the brothers had been murdered and found dead. told CNN. Chastain said it was unimaginable for his nephews to do something that could justify so much violence. Mark was the father of two children and Billy had four children. Chastain described them as good fathers who worked hard and loved their families. “What happened, I don’t know. But what I do know is that it needs a definition,” Chastain said. Mark Chastain’s wife Jessica Chastain told CNN affiliate KOKI that she was missing the day her husband went missing. Now, she says, while her husband’s death hasn’t come true yet, she’s focused on justice for her husband. “Eventually the truth will come out. Eventually,” she said.

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