Brown fires Burrough, Bengal after an overwhelming defense.

11:21 pm ETBen BabyCloseESPN Staff Writer Former Dallas Morning News University of North Texas alumJake TrotterCloseESPN Staff Writer Covers the Big 12Washington & Lee University, joined in 2011CLEVELAND — The Cleveland Browns are overwhelming I played defense. And a pair of Nick Chubb touchdowns won 32-13 against the Cincinnati Bengals without injured wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase on “Monday Night Football” in Cleveland. Cleveland Browns The Browns are finally here on Halloween night. Alive. Cleveland burried Cincinnati quarterback Joe Burrow to a landslide victory, driving a moribund season into a buy week. The Bengals advanced to “Monday Night Football” with 41 consecutive goalscoring. However, Brown’s abruptly resurrected defense went on to hit streak, leading Cincinnati to a scoreless first half. The Bengal defense also did not allow a touchdown later this season. However, Cleveland scored touchdowns on the first two drives after the first half, leaving the game out of reach. • Joe Burrow and Cleveland’s story • Jets vs. Opportunities… Pats • AJ Brown can still grow I see room • The field is showing signs of growth • Colts wants to see more Ehlinger The Browns (3-5) still has work to do to return to the AFC playoff picture. However, this win means their season isn’t over yet. Buy on Breakout Performance: The Browns ranked 30th in the week for defensive effectiveness. However, after promising performances last weekend in their loss to Baltimore, Cleveland’s defense has finally met preseason expectations. Talent has never been an issue. Browns may have found the chemistry and cohesion they’re missing. Stunning next-gen stats: Browns’ QB Jacoby Brissett throws an average of 3.24 seconds per pass. As a result, he completed 17 of 22 passes over 278 yards, including 259 passing yards when given a minimum throw time of 2.5 seconds. Trade him before Tuesday’s trading deadline. Monday’s defeat allowed Cleveland to trade Hunt, in his final year of contract, as a late-round pick. Cleveland’s attacking style, which has been instrumental in Hunt’s victory over Bengal, should be enough to convince the Browns to spend the rest of the season with him. — Jake Trotter Underestimated stats to know: Myles Garrett’s first half sack made him the first Browns player to have at least 65 sacks since the stats became official in 1982. Next Match: Dolphins (1pm EST) , November 13) Myles Garrett and Browns defense held Joe Burrow and Bengals in check on Monday. AP Photo/Ron Schwane Cincinnati Bengals Losing to the Browns with the Bengals battling the Baltimore Ravens in the competition for AFC North would hamper Cincinnati’s chances of becoming division champion. Cincinnati (4-4) didn’t just lose, but suffered a loss not as close as the final score would suggest. Last season, Bengal beat Baltimore and Pittsburgh 4-2 in the AFC Northern match. . A five-game losing streak to Cleveland in an interteam series reduces Cincinnati’s margin of error for the rest of the season. Set up your lineup for Week 8 fantasy football matches with an analysis of the remaining matches and last minute pickups. Our views on the options and the biggest stories of the weekend. • Playbook: Week 8 Mike Clay analyzes each match from every angle, with predictions and advice for key players. • Fantasy Hot SeatEric Karabell is the most Describe a player facing great pressure. , which includes some tough departure/seat decisions. • Last minute pickup Matt Bowen provides names to consider if you need a by-week fill-in or are streaming from a location. See also: Week 8 Rankings | Describe the Daily Notes game in two words. brutal show. Cincinnati’s night started poorly and was messy throughout the game and the Bengals didn’t even compete against the struggling Cleveland team. QB Analysis: Cincinnati’s attack without Chase was similar to the struggling unit at the beginning of the season. Unlike last week’s game against the Atlanta Falcons, Bengal quarterback Joe Burrow has limited downfield production. 15 of Burrow’s first 21 attempts were under 10 air yards, according to the NFL Next Gen Stats. As the game was balanced, Burrow had a few downfield shots. But whether it’s Chase’s absence or other reasons, Burrow and the striker didn’t have it. Important Play: Once again Garrett caused problems for Cincinnati. On the Bengals’ first drive of the game, things were promising until Garrett crossed the line of scrimmage and hit a burrow pass into the air. Browns cornerback AJ Green III blocked the bias. From there, the Bengals were running on their hind feet and ultimately did not recover. Hole in the game plan: For all the chatter about Cleveland’s dash attack, it was backup quarterback Brissett who burned Cincinnati’s defense through the air. At one point, the Browns averaged 9.2 yards per pass attempt. Cincinnati’s efforts took a hit when cornerback Chidobe Awuzie left the game with a right knee injury at the end of the first half. Rookie Cam Taylor-Britt, the team’s second-round pick this year, made his first NFL start against Awuzie. — Ben Baby Underrated stats to know: Burrow threw an intercept on the opening drive in each of his last three starts against the Browns. Next Match: vs. Panda (Sunday 1pm)
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