Britain’s new prime minister is surprisingly American

You may have overlooked some bizarre news from the UK recently, but the facts matter, especially since it’s about the UK’s new Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak. His background has deep and surprising American ties. You’ll get some good information about Sunak after a while, but first let’s talk about the ties between the US and the UK. France or Israel may think they have a special relationship with the US, but they are fighting for second place. We returned to the doomed colony of Virginia in 1584 and established relations with England, and no country has been closer for the next five centuries. With President Harry Truman. Actually, we have some differences. Hot beer, color vs. Colors, football vs football. But we have much more in common. The United States and Britain share a love for the British Royal Family and an amazing cross-cultural mashup of rock music, fashion and television. The economic relationship between the world’s first and sixth largest economies after India, Germany, Japan and China is as follows. It also plays a decisive role. According to the US Embassy on the UK website, the US and the UK are each other’s number one source of foreign direct investment, says Ann Berry, a Wall Street investor and an Englishman with a Harvard MBA. The US needs every alliance it can get, she points out, given the tensions with Russia, Saudi Arabia and China. “Historical alliances are becoming more important in the modern world. This is because global alliances are not transparent and are changing temporarily. “I think Britain is still America’s friend and will remain our friend,” she said. And I’m still an interpreter across the Atlantic in figuring out how to play in Europe.” The UK faces serious economic problems. Of that, almost two years ago, Brexit or leaving the EU. As a result, the multinational has moved its European headquarters outside London, experiencing labor shortages and trade frictions. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak speaks with journalists during a visit to Croydon University Hospital in London, UK, 28 October 2022. Leon Neal/Pool via REUTERS He will replace Liz Truss as British Prime Minister after six weeks in extreme market volatility. Sunak’s financial expertise will be very important in this new role and the market is already stable. The new prime minister not only has connections with the financial world, but also has deep ties with the United States. The new prime minister is many first-timers. At 42, he is the youngest Prime Minister since William Pitt took office in 1783 at the age of 24. Born in England, Sunak is the first Prime Minister of Indian descent. He was also the first former hedge fund executive, the first to earn a Stanford MBA, and the first to work for Goldman Sachs. After graduating from Oxford in 2001, Rishi joined Goldman in London as an analyst, sitting next to the aforementioned Ann Berry. “He was very smart, analytical, articulate and very playful,” she says. “He was very focused even then on making sure he was doing something that had a broader impact.” Sunak left Goldman and went to Stanford on a Fulbright scholarship to earn an MBA in 2006. His Stanford days had a bit of color. In Sunak’s biography, published in 2020 (how many people endorse this at 40?), entitled “Going for Broke” (not literally) was written by 76-year-old billionaire businessman and Conservative politician Sir Michael Ashcroft. Ashcroft wrote that Silicon Valley dazzled Sunak and once mentioned how he was able to pass hundreds of businesses that changed people’s lives in a 10-minute drive through the Bay Area. One of his classmates, Maria Anguiano, said: Author: “Rish handled very well. He has always been very positive.” Another student there at the time, Rashad Bartholomew, said he remembers serious parties but Sunak didn’t drink, but occasionally took part in some low-cost poker games. The Investment Fund (known as TCI), run by British billionaire Chris Hohn, described me as “an attractive person who takes huge risks” as a British hedge fund manager called him. CSX traces its origins to America’s oldest Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (or B&O). The stakes in CSX eventually became tangled and badly affected TCI. Sunak has been involved in CSX investments and his roles include: Sunak’s fortune came from his wife Akshata Murthy, a Claremont McKenna graduate whom he met at Stanford, and the daughter of Infosys billionaire founder Naraya. me mercy According to Indian magazine Business Today, Akshata owns a 0.93% stake in Infosys worth about $700 million. Infosys’ main business has been to outsource thousands of US jobs to India or replace US jobs with foreigners. It’s also repeatedly banged heads with US regulators, but wait a minute. More Americana through Murthys. According to Guardian research, through Akshata and her family business, Sunak also has relationships with the company that operates Wendy’s in India and a joint venture with Amazon in India. Finally, Sunak once even got a U.S. green card. BBC. He still has a luxurious apartment in Santa Monica, reports The Guardian. The point I’m making is that Sunak’s relationship with the United States is just as important and unique as Britain, and indeed reflects the changing nature of its relationship with Britain. Think about it. . Our relationships in the 19th century were mostly commercial, and perhaps best symbolized by Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish-born American steel baron known for his philanthropy in the United States and the British Empire. In the 20th century, the military alliance with Britain was much loved by Americans and was most important with Winston Churchill (somewhat rewarded) as a symbol of that bond. And now, in the 21st century, there’s a better financial ascension than Sunak from Wall Street with an American MBA who will be the newest Anglo-American representative. —Pie This article was published in the Saturday morning of the 29th of October edition. Receive a morning briefing sent directly to your inbox every Monday through Friday by 6:30 AM EST. Follow Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Andy Serwer on Twitter: @serwer Read the latest financial and business news from Yahoo FinanceDownload the Yahoo Finance app for Apple or AndroidFollow Yahoo Finance on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flipboard, LinkedIn and YouTube
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