Young Democrats Prepare Plans After Pelosi’s Regime Change

House Democrats are united as they struggle to maintain a weak majority in next month’s midterm elections. But the unity won’t last long if they lose, as many election predictors expect. If the Democrats lose in the polls, regular lawmakers are expected to push aggressively to replace the party’s third-generation MP — Nancy Chairman Pelosi, Majority Leader Representative Steny Hoyer and majority Whip Jim Clyburn, both over 80 – with a new generation of young leaders. President Joe Biden will also be in his 80s if he runs for a second term in 2024. Even before Election Day, young MPs did not hide their desire for change. representative. Moderate Michigan Democrat Elisa Slotkin, 46, called for new blood and a new generation to lead the Democrats. representative. Dean Phillips, 53, another moderate Democrat representing Minnesota, told NBC News on Friday: Slotkin shares the same views with me and the majority of my class in 2018.” Three ambitious young Democrats over the past few years – Congressman. Hakeem Jeffries, age 52; Catherine Clark, 59; And Pete Aguilar, 43, is laying the groundwork for the Democratic Caucus to rein in the post-Pelosi world. Pelosi, 82, has led the caucus for nearly 20 years and has previously stated that this will be her last. Although she recently avoided her questions about her own political future. Her longtime spokesperson and trusted advisor, Drew Hammill, repeated her familiar chorus. “The speaker is on duty, not on a shift.” Democrats claim it will be difficult to oust the second speaker if she leads her party to an unexpected victory on November 8. But given Biden’s unpopularity and the GOP’s lead in the general congressional vote (where people ask which party to support), the more likely scenario is a bad election night for House Democrats. Even if Pelosi retires, some Democrats say Hoyer and Clyburn could hold their second and third positions respectively, or run for the highest office. But many colleagues warn that it will lead to messy fights and will have bad consequences for the respected old bull.” [Hoyer and Clyburn] Trying to stick around, but the paint is drying out on the generation replacement decision. “If people don’t see it, it’s going to be a rude awakening,” one Democrat, who has been with Pelosi, Heuer and Cliburn for decades, told NBC News. Both are love. They are great legislators, great people. And it may have moved the convention under everyone’s feet, not just them.” A Democrat aide agreed. “It is inevitable that you will have trouble swallowing right now.” The leadership position said their top priority this fall is to retain the party’s narrow five-seat majority in the House. They traveled across the country, amassing large sums of cash and scurrying on behalf of their vulnerable comrades. But after the election, these leadership candidates hope to see their work come to fruition, offering political advice and blocking support. A popular member of the Congressional Black Caucasus, who holds the fourth position as chairman of the Democratic Caucus, Jeffries has built relationships throughout the caucus over the years and has positioned himself as Pelosi’s undisputed successor. If he succeeds, the Brooklyn native will make history as the first black minority leader or Speaker of the House of Representatives and take over the leadership baton of another historical figure, Pelosi, America’s first female speaker. On September 20, we will hold a press conference at the Capitol Visitor Center. Tom Williams / CQ-Roll Call, Inc. via Getty Images File But Jeffries is expected to face the challenge of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, 62. Schiff, Pelosi’s best ally and fellow Californian, reached out to her colleagues to see if she could run for the top office. Schiff raised national awareness by leading the Democrats’ first impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump. The fundraiser will attend 150 campaign events for Democrats during this election cycle and is gearing up to launch a six-day campaign in California, New Hampshire, New York and Ohio, a source familiar with his plans said. Rivals Jeffries and Clark are now close allies hoping to advance side-by-side for first and second positions, sources say. Like Jeffries, Clark has won the national convention support in the last two elections. Massachusetts Democrats have considerable support from their fellow female congressmen and are close to the black, Hispanic, and Asian caucuses who wield large votes at the diverse 220-member Democratic National Convention. Clark can face the congressman. Pramila Jayapal, 57, chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the first Indian-American to serve in the House of Representatives. Washington Democrats said they were looking for another leadership opportunity, but did not explicitly say which point they would consider. Moving from an ideological leader to the supreme leader of the entire caucus will be a difficult leap forward. Because Jayapal needs a broad support base to win. Last year, she upset the moderates by blocking the passage of an infrastructure bill that would pressure the Senate to adopt Biden’s Build Back Better agenda. Eventually, Democrats passed both the Roads and Bridges Act and a shortened climate and health care bill called the Inflation Reduction Act. “I don’t think we got it wrong,” Jayapal told reporters at her recent office meeting. . “I don’t know if it makes sense to keep repeating it, but I still think we did a very good job of getting what we had to do.” lawmaker. Katherine Clark (D-Mass.) speaks at a press conference after the House Democratic Caucus at the Capitol on September 14. Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc. via Getty Images file. The House of Representatives is likely to run for the third seat, deputy representative. Colleagues say Joe Neguse, 38, the son of Eritrean immigrants and rising party star, is actively locking down the vote to succeed Jeffries as party chairman. Both Neguse and Aguilar are talented communicators and there are currently no contenders for either side. However, this may change after the election if there is a major overhaul. We are Democrats.” One House Democrat, who is closely watching the primary, said: As a sign of just how much Democrats want to rise to the top, candidates are flocking to the race for the lower position of convention vice-chairman. This includes representatives. Ted Liu, 53, of California and Debbie Dingel, 68, of Michigan, two co-chairs of the House Policy and Communications Committee (Democrat Policy and Messaging) and Joyce Beatty, 72, Chairman of the House of Representatives Black Caucasus. Ohio, Congressman. Madeleine Dean, 63, Pennsylvania. Rep. D-California’s Adam Schiff attacked the US Capitol on 6 July 12 at a screening committee hearing for an investigation in January. Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images File Like Slotkin and Phillips, Dean was swept into the House of Representatives in the 2018 anti-Trump wave election. She said Jeffries, Clark and Aguilar already represent “generational change, new lineages, new voices, different experiences and talents, different geography.” We are already moving to make that change. And that’s one of the reasons I’m running. I want to provide a set of skills, background and experience to make the caucus as effective as possible,” Dean said in an interview Friday. “It’s going to be a top three transition.” “But when it comes to where and when you do that, I’m not the type to tell everyone to go. They served us so well. I’m proud to be working with them. I was very fortunate to have come under that leadership four years ago, thinking about it.” The seasoned guards Pelosi, Hoyer and Clyburn didn’t take their feet off the gas. They traveled the country and campaigned alongside their peers in a desperate fight to support the majority. According to the Democratic Campaign Committee, Pelosi took the party off this cycle. It has raised a whopping $213 million for Slotkin, and Hoyer and Clyburn have added millions to fund the campaign.This week, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell asked about Slotkin’s demand for new blood, and Pelosi offered her a risk. “I had no problem using her as a foil in the re-election campaign by the members at the bottom. Just win.” But the speaker shook up the long list of legislative victories for her and Biden, adding that “there is no substitute for experience.” There may be no greater political peak for the 82-year-old Clyburn than now. South Carolina, the highest-ranking black congressman, played the role of a kingmaker two years ago by supporting Biden and giving him the decisive power he needed to win the Palmetto primary and the Democratic nomination, which, in turn, chose a black candidate for a powerful role. I did: Kamala Harris, Vice President, Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense, Ketanji Brown Jackson, joined the Supreme Court. “At this special time of my life,” he said, but added that it could serve as an “advisor.” Democratic sources said Jeffries and his There is no scenario in which political mentor and friend Clyburn runs as minority leader. Neither Clyburn and Hoyer, 83, asked for support from their peers, but were active in the campaign, lawmakers said Hoyer campaigned with colleagues in New York and toured 57 congressional districts in 26 states, his team said. “I am proud to have the support of my colleagues and the American people,” Hoyer said. We look forward to building this strong record by stepping up our efforts to equip the
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