Russia hints at Kherson’s possible retreat, but Ukraine is wary

A Moscow-based official in the Kherson region said Russian troops could withdraw from the western bank of the Dnieper, but expressed optimism about Ukraine’s ability to recapture the strategically important southern city of Kersson, the US. Let Kyiv be more careful. “It is likely that our troops, our soldiers, will leave for the left (east) bank,” Kirill Stremusov, deputy director of civil affairs for the Russian-established Kherson region, told pro-Kremlin online media Solovyov Live on Thursday. media outlets. The region includes the city of Kherson, the capital of the region of the same name, and the only major Ukrainian city that has been preserved since the Russian invasion of the country eight months ago. It also includes one side of the dam across the Dnieper, which controls the water supply to bring water to the Crimea. The Ukrainian Peninsula was confiscated by Russia in 2014 and later annexed. Previously, Russia had denied any plans to withdraw its troops from the region, saying it had no plans to retreat. It represents a grave defeat for the army. There was no news from senior Kremlin officials on Thursday. This is because social media has circulated photos of the main building that no longer flies the Russian flag. Natalia Humeniuk, a spokeswoman for the (Al Jazeera) Ukrainian Southern Command, said the story of the retreat could be a Russian trap and that photos shared on a pro-Kremlin telegram account could be misinformation. “This could be a specific expression of provocation to give the impression that the settlement is abandoned and safe to enter,” she said in a TV commentary. ‘Mudy-clear’ Russia has been fighting for months for land on the western bank of the Dnieper River that bisects Ukraine. Ukraine has been attacking major bridges across the river since early October, making it difficult for Russia to continue supplying troops in the West Bank. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, speaking at the Pentagon on Thursday, did not answer questions about whether Russian forces were preparing to withdraw, but expressed confidence in Ukraine’s ability to counterattack. He said: “I am not sure whether Ukraine can take over the rest of the territory west of the Dnieper River. [Dnieper] At Rivers and Kherson I definitely believe they have the ability to do that,” Austin said. “The most important thing is that we believe that Ukrainians are capable of doing that. We have seen them make a very organized and effective effort to reclaim their sovereign territories.” Ukrainians are experiencing ongoing blackouts as Russia attacks critical power and water infrastructure. [Efrem Lukatsky/AP Photo]
A Western official with Reuters, who requested anonymity, said Russia plans to retreat east of the river to better defend its forces. “I think the plan has almost certainly advanced,” the official said, adding that some Russian commanders had already re-base. “We would appreciate that most of the command echelons in Kherson have now crossed the river and withdrew east, leaving a fairly unmotivated and often unleaded army to confront the Ukrainians from the other side,” he said. But Ukrainian forces at the forefront told Reuters reporters who visited last week that they had never seen evidence that Russian troops were withdrawing and believed they were in fact strengthening their position. Michael Koffman, head of Russian research at the Washington DC Naval Analysis Center, who recently returned from near the Kherson Front, wrote on Twitter that Moscow’s intentions were unclear and that the battle at Kherson was “difficult.” He suspected that Russia would abandon the western bank of the river “without being forced out”, but he said, “I could be wrong about this as well.” “The situation in Kherson is as clear as mud,” Kofman said. As the ‘energy terrorism’ war became increasingly concentrated in Kherson, Kyiv condemned “mass forced displacement” of citizens living in Russian-occupied areas. Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry on Thursday In a statement, it said, “The Russian occupation administration has begun a large-scale forced migration to Crimea or Russia, which temporarily occupied the left bank of the Kherson region.” Similar deportations.” Moscow-based Kherson governor Vladimir Saldo said he was moving more people to the region or to Russia because of the risk of a “massive missile attack.” Moscow-based authorities said last week that 70,000 civilians had killed 70,000 civilians on the right bank of the Dnieper River. Ukraine has charged Russian troops with war crimes during the eight-month war, which Moscow has rejected. Russia denies intentional targeting of civilians, but the conflict has killed thousands and killed thousands. Millions have been displaced and cities and towns have been destroyed.The removal of the flag is the first sign that Russian forces may be preparing to give up the city of Kherson, the only regional capital occupied by Moscow in an eight-month invasion. https: // — The Moscow Times (@MoscowTimes) November 3, 2022 A recent attack on Ukraine’s energy and water supplies hit civilians as winter approaches, when temperatures can drop below zero degrees Celsius In a nightly video address, President Volodymyr Zelensky said that power outages due to recent Russian attacks have left about 4.5 million Ukrainians out of power in the capital Kiev and 10 other regions, the largest in Europe, in Zaporichia in southern Ukraine. The nuclear power plant (ZNPP) was also disconnected from the power grid due to damage to the high-voltage lines left by the bombardment and operated only with diesel generators.”The fact that Russia is dependent on energy terrorism itself shows the weakness of our enemy. They cannot defeat Ukraine on the battlefield. That’s why we’re trying to destroy our people in this way,” Zelenskyy said. In the past month, Russian airstrikes have destroyed about a third of Ukraine’s power plants and the government is urging Ukrainians to conserve electricity as much as possible. I did.

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