Neely Apologies: Bruins ‘Failed’ at Miller Judgment

Boston Bruins chairman Cam Neely said the signing of prospect Mitchell Miller is his biggest regret as an NHL executive. “It’s a decision,” Neely said on Monday. “I take a lot of pride in the Bruins’ organization and what we support and we failed there.” Signed an entry-level contract with the AHL Providence. However, the team announced on Sunday night that they were leaving Miller after a fierce backlash from fans, team players and commissioner Gary Bettman. On Saturday, Bettman said. Come to the NHL.” 2RelatedMiller said It was Arizona Coyotes’ fourth-round pick in 2020, but his draft rights were abandoned in 2016 when he and another middle school classmate were found guilty in juvenile court on assault and assault charges. Bullying Isaiah Mayer-Krooders, a black classmate with developmental disabilities. In the report, Meyer-Crothers’ mother claimed that Miller began abusing her son when he was in sophomore year and repeatedly used racial slurs. Neely said the possibility of signing Miller first came up in August. Bruins said on Sunday that he had decided to sever ties with him “based on new information.” When questioned about that Monday, Neely said that the fact that Bruins had not contacted Meyer-Crothers’ family “was my concern”. And it said “absolutely” there was a problem with the team’s judging process. “We want to be proud of it. We plan to contact the Meyer-Crothers family,” Neely said. “We dropped the ball and we’re here to apologize.” Again, I want to apologize to Isaiah and his family, something they shouldn’t keep going through.” Why did Bruins believe Miller deserved a chance in the NHL after the Coyotes passed? Neely said. “I got the impression he was a 14-year-old kid who made really, really bad decisions and did terrible things. And he’s now 20. I got the impression that he’s done a lot for him in the last six years.” But Bruins said the team “could have digged deeper” before signing Miller. There was an initial backlash. It quickly expanded to Boston’s players when NHL fans heard that Miller would be signed. Captain Patrice Bergeron said Miller’s behavior was “unacceptable and we will not tolerate it” while in Finland. For the NHL Global Series, Bettman said Miller’s future in the league is uncertain. The NHLPA told ESPN on Saturday that the NHL had not given any notice of disciplinary action or disciplinary action against Miller. Neely said Boston GM Don Sweeney spoke with the deputy chief. Bill Daly spoke about signing Miller on Wednesday. “From what I’ve gathered, [NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly] Neely says Mitchell needs to get ahead of Gary Bettman if he wants to play in the NHL. Neely said hiring Miller was her biggest regret as an executive. Bruins is off to the best start in franchise history (10-2-0). “The timing will be bad,” Neely said. [whether] whether we do it or not And we made the wrong decision.” ESPN’s Ryan S. Clark contributed to the report.
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