Mercedes AMG One records Nordschleife

8 seconds improvement despite wet spots After a long development, the Mercedes-AMG One “Formula 1 of the road” took a hit by becoming the then-new queen of the famous Nürburgring-Nordschleife. Covering an officially measured 6′ 35”183, 20.832 km track, the hypercar set a new record for a legal production vehicle on the road as well as a super sports car class. On a track of 20.8 construction km, the previous reference time was 6 minutes 43.300 minutes. , founded by the 911 GT2 RS prepared by Manthey Racing on June 14, 2021, but with 700 pure thermal horsepower, it is neither in the same category nor in the same class. To get an idea, the AMG One is about 30 seconds behind the electric Volkswagen ID.R prototype, but more than a minute behind the stratospheric time of the very special Porsche 919 LMP, which broke an absolute record in 2018. Brand GT and DTM driver Maro Engel, who has achieved performance on tracks where some sections are still partially wet, suggests future improvements. “It was a truly unforgettable experience.” After finishing the record rap, Maro Engel said: “I didn’t expect to be able to achieve these times with these track conditions. It was tricky in some important areas of the track, as it wasn’t completely dry yet. It was a special challenge. During our pre-test, we tried to find the optimal deployment strategy. We also had to make the most of the hybrid drive’s power. It’s not easy, especially on a track of this length. We also had to use the DRS feature optimally. In some sections, such as the quick “Kesselchen” section, the ideal line is not yet completely dry. By the time the track was able to get through the fast first lap, the remaining time had shrunk to less than an hour. With air and asphalt temperatures just under 20 degrees Celsius, it was enough for up to four laps. The Formula 1 hybrid powertrain uses an internal combustion engine and four electric motors to deliver a total of 1063 horsepower from circuit to road. Top speed is limited to 352 km/h. Another contribution from motorsport comes from the carbon monocoque, the engine/transmission as a stressor and active aerodynamics. A fully variable AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive (rear axle hybrid drive and electric drive) front axle with torque vectoring that should be added to this Maro Engel opted for the “Race Plus” drive program. This means active and maximal aerodynamics, chassis fine-tuning, 37mm lower at the front axle, 30mm lower at the rear and of course the full power of any engine. The drag reduction system (DRS) is activated when the driver presses a button on the steering wheel, and Maro Engel also used special energy management for the 20.8 km section of Nordschleife. This meant he couldn’t accelerate to the maximum possible speed on every section of the track, but he had to manage his energy. To do this, he used the AMG ONE’s EFC (Energy Flow Control) and released the throttle a little earlier in certain sections called “lift and coast” in technical terms, as in F1. .Video of the record:
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