Prosecutors force Graham’s grand jury testimony to Supreme Court

Georgia prosecutors told the Supreme Court on Thursday that they had concealed the senator. Lindsay O. Graham’s testimony before a grand jury examining the possibility of President Donald Trump and his allies trying to sabotage the 2020 presidential election could seriously hamper an investigation. A lower court, which ordered a South Carolina Republican to testify, said he had already filed with the court that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis must answer constitutionally protected questions about his senator duties. Using proprietary information, analysis of the resulting evidence, or the testimony of a senator to explore a further path to a valid investigation.” He described the Georgia 2020 election investigation last week. Graham’s attempt to block Willis’ subpoena Justice Clarence Thomas on Monday — Justice d 11 Signed for Urgent Request from Circuit Court – Interim Order Approved as Graham’s Petition to the Supreme Court proceeds, stating that he does not need to testify Thomas could rule on the emergency petition, but it appears that the entire Supreme Court will decide issue. .The grand jury investigating allegations of interference in the 2020 election has required the senator to testify by November 17. The jury has already heard testimony from several Trump lawyers, including Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman and Boris Epshteyn. A judge said that former White House chief of staff Mark Meadow should also testify, whose grand jury term expires in April, and Graham asks Georgia election officials to testify about a call Trump made to Georgia election officials shortly after Trump lost the election to Joe Biden. Prosecutors said Graham had “unique knowledge” of Trump campaigns and “multi-state collaborative efforts to influence outcomes” in Georgia and elsewhere.” Lawyers for the senator said they were told that Graham was a witness and not the subject of an investigation, his phone call for a legal check, but the judge said Willis’s team was working on post-election efforts in Georgia, a public statement about the 2020 elections, Georgia. It said it could seek cooperation with the Trump campaign in any effort to “play” or “emphasize” election officials – the court held that such conduct “does not qualify as legislative activity as understood in Supreme Court precedent.” Two of the three judges on the panel were nominated by Trump, and Willis said that Graham’s petition to the Supreme Court “returns a lower court ruling that shows that his rights are far less ‘irreparable harm’ and no risk. Ignore.” Especially in the exceptional circumstances here, Senator Graham has failed to take on his responsibilities and his application should be rejected.” If the Supreme Court grants Graham’s request, the district attorney wrote: Further investigations of innocence or guilt will continue to fall outside the scope of the grand jury.” At Graham’s request, the Supreme Court did not disclose when to issue a ruling, Tom Hamburger contributed to the report.
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