House GOP Pushes Hunter Biden Investigation Despite Majority

WASHINGTON (AP) — Despite a crappy House majority, Republicans this week doubled down on using their new powers next year to investigate the Biden administration, especially the president’s son. But interim results have emboldened the White House, which has long prepared for this moment. Republicans secured far fewer votes than expected, and President Joe Biden and other Democrat aides believe voters have punished the Republican Party for relying on conspiracy theories and lies fueled by Donald Trump in the 2020 election. They see it as a validation of the administration’s playbook for the midterm elections and focus on legislative achievements going forward, in contrast to Trump-backed candidates whose dissatisfaction with the president’s son has affected their most loyal supporters and who have strayed too far from the weeds. will continue to do it for the average American. Democrats retained control of the Senate, and the GOP’s margins in the House are projected to be its slimmest majority in 20 years. “Looking back, we took seats in New York, New Jersey and California,” said Republican Representative Mike DuHaime. said this. Strategist and Public Executor. “These were not voters who came to the polls because they wanted Hunter Biden to be investigated. They came to the polls because they were mad about inflation. They’re mad about gas prices. They are angry about the war going on in Ukraine.” But House Republicans used their first press conference after gaining a majority to discuss the Justice Department with the president’s son, Hunter Biden. Bombshell Corruption Overlooked by Law Enforcement, Democrats and Media. “In their first press conference, Republicans in this Congress made it clear that this new Congress was going to do one thing: an investigation. This is to pay off politically for Biden’s commitment to an agenda that helps working people. Inside the White House, aides were recruited several months ago to strengthen communication, and the staff concentrated on investigating and preparing for the attack. They worked to identify their vulnerabilities and plan effective responses. representative. James Comer, the incoming chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said there were “troubled questions” about Hunter Biden’s business dealings and James Biden, one of the president’s brothers, that require further investigation. It is the primary task of the Oversight Board in the federal government.” said R-Ky Comer. “Therefore, this investigation is a top priority.” Republican lawmakers promised last week to provide new information, but so far all they have presented has been a summary of years of dissatisfaction with Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Back to the conspiracy theory raised by Trump. Hunter Biden joined the board of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma in 2014, around the time his father, then vice president, was helping the Obama administration conduct Ukrainian foreign policy. Senate Republicans have said the appointment may have created a conflict of interest, but offered no evidence that the hiring influenced US policy, nor implicated Joe Biden in any wrongdoing. Republican lawmakers and their aides have been analyzing messages and financial transactions found on Hunter Biden’s laptop over the past year. They have long discussed issuing a congressional subpoena against him and the foreign agency that did his business, and recently brought in former federal prosecutor James Mandolfo to help with the investigation as legal counsel to the oversight committee. The difference now is that Republicans, no matter how few, will have subpoenas that can be summoned to the end. “The Republican Party will move on,” said Tom Davis, a Republican lawyer who specializes in congressional investigations and legislative strategy. “I think the members are enthusiastic about this. See, the trend of 40 years is for parties to under-examine themselves and over-examine their opponents. It didn’t start here.” White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed the GOP’s focus on the investigation as “brand” thinking. “They said they were going to fight inflation and they said they were going to make it a priority, and then they got the majority and their first priority is really not to focus on the American family, but to focus on the president’s family,” she said. Some newly elected Republicans are also against the idea. “The top priority is to deal with inflation and the cost of living. … What I don’t want to see is what we’ve seen in the Trump administration, where Democrats relentlessly go after the president and the administration. Hunter Biden’s tax and foreign operations are already under federal investigation, and a grand jury in Delaware hears testimony in recent months. He never campaigned for president or held a position in the White House, but his board membership at a Ukrainian energy company and his efforts to close deals in China have long raised questions about whether he traded for his father’s office. Joe Biden said he never spoke to his son about his overseas business, and he had none presented by the Republicans. Meanwhile, Trump and his supporters have put forward a widely discredited theory that Biden pushed for the firing of Ukraine’s top prosecutor to protect his son and Burisma from the investigation. Although Biden actually pressed for the dismissal of the prosecution, this reflected the official position of many Western countries as well as the Obama administration, and there was a perception that the prosecution was tolerant of corruption. Spending and parental rights. White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and FBI Director Chris Ray were named potential witnesses. representative. Ohio Judiciary Committee Commissioner Jim Jordan has long complained about what he calls a politicized Justice Department and the ongoing investigation of Trump. On Friday, Garland appointed a special prosecutor to oversee key aspects of the Justice Department’s investigation into the presence of classified documents at Trump’s Florida estate and a separate January 1 investigation. June 6, 2021 Riots and Efforts to Cancel the 2020 Election Trump denounced the development as “the latest in a long series of witch hunts” in a speech at the Mar-a-Lago estate Friday night. , he asked, “Where is their special prosecutor?” Republican political strategist Matt Mackowiak has said that the investigation into Hunter Biden isn’t just a case of fixating on the corruption issue, it’s a case of devoting some sort of mean message floating around. Around far-right circles, “I don’t know if the public will have much patience with that.”
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