Young Sponsored Driver Jasin Ferati Wins Champions Duel

Backed by Porsche Motorsport Club Switzerland and Porsche Switzerland, this young driver from Winterthur relegated Jürg Aeberhard to second place. In the GT4 Clubsport category, Renzo Kressig and “Gioga” won Class 10 with their 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport with Manthey (MR) package. In Class 11 of mid-engine racing cars without MR equipment, Jens Richter and Andreas Greiling’s Porsche took first place twice. Philippe Menotti drove his 911 GT3 R and won the first race in the Open GT category. The second race was won by 911 GT3 Cup driver Loïc Villiger. The closing night race was won by Patrick Dinkeldane and professional driver Marco Jeffrid in a Porsche 911 GT3 R in a two-hour non-championship endurance race running 4.226 km on the Misano Circuit. 2nd place was taken by his own Ferrati. And Alexander Fach, winner of the 2020 and 2021 GT3 Cup. The winners of the regularity test of the Porsche Drivers Competition were Marc Schöni and Virgil Keller. Porsche Sprint Challenge Switzerland: GT3 Cup Porsche Sprint Challenge Switzerland’s GT3 Cup winner? Is it Jürg Aeberhard, a seasoned pilot and classification leader, or Jasin Ferati, a young sponsor pilot? At the start of the Misano final, there was a difference of over 9 points. A total of 59 points remain distributed in the last two matches. Ferrati won the qualifiers fiercely from the start and secured a pole position 0.513 seconds ahead of his rival. It was also a rookie who set the tone for the powerful 992 generation Porsche 911 GT3 Cup with 515 horsepower during laps 15 of the sprint. He led the race and gave priority only to his opponents on the first meter before a clear win. , it also records the fastest lap times. So, before the final decisive sprint race, the classification table showed Aeberhard 279 points, Ferati 277. From the first lap, we promised that duels would be exciting. Ferati started in pole position, but it was Aeberhard who took the lead. race. The young driver immediately took the lead, but his pursuer followed him throughout the race. But this was enough for him to celebrate his victory. In the final, Ferati showed a lead of 1.787 seconds and scored 59 points, the highest score Misano has access to. He is the GT3 Cup champion in his first year of participation. “This weekend, the car, the team, everything went smoothly. For me, winning a title in the first season is fantastic. Thank you to everyone who has helped me,” delights Jasin Ferati. “At first, we missed the start of both matches. It put pressure on me but I knew what I had to do. In the end we were able to get all the points. “The drivers Gregor Burkard and Alexander Schwarzer also had an exciting duel. They were aiming for third place in the GT3 Cup standings. Before the start, Burkard was ahead by 17 points, but had to finish fourth behind Schwarzer in the first race. He also got two more points in the credits thanks to his 3rd position at the start and 3rd best lap time. It didn’t seem very impressive to receive a five-second penalty for not following the circuit limits. The same scenario was repeated in the second sprint race. Schwarzer finished third without a hitch and Burkard struggled with Peter Hegglin and then Marc Arn. However, his fourth place was enough for Burkhard, 34, from Zug State to defend his overall third place in the GT3 Cup. Porsche Sprint Challenge Switzerland: GT4 Clubsport Swiss Alexandre Mottet was able to wrap up the season finale with confidence at the Misano circuit in Italy. In Class 10, 425 hp Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport with Manthey Pack, the winner can no longer challenge. It was Renzo Kressig who led the speed in the first sprint race. He recorded his first lap time in qualifying and was relegated to 2nd place with an overall win for this group in 15th and last lap. 0.468 seconds, much more powerful Class 19 RS model powered by Paolo Locatelli. In the case of Mottet, after a brilliant first lap, they overtook Markus Lietzau at Misano for 2nd place. The German driver took advantage of the 10-second penalty the driver under the pseudonym “Boga” received for not respecting the limits of the circuit. In Class 11 reserved for 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport without MR package, the name of the champion was already known. After starting from pole position, Jens Richter, who shares a mid-engine racing car bearing the number 128 with Andreas Greiling, 3.4 seconds ahead Pierre Hirschi, overtaking second-placed Remo Stebler to a clear victory. . Class 12 was won by Arnaud Guilland, who defeated Cyrille Bagnoud by just 0.656 seconds. The two drivers competed in a Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport from the previous-generation 981. In the second race, the 500 horsepower 718 Cayman GT4 RS Clubsport was the clear winner. In the first lap, Paolo Locatelli beat Marc Schöni, who took the wheel of Renzo Kressig’s Class 10 Porsche. However, Valerio Presezzi managed to take the lead in the sixth of 14 laps. This finally won the front line with a small lead of 0.309 seconds. In Class 10, “Gioga” beat Alexandre Mottet to win after a strong comeback. The new champion had to retire two laps before the finale and finished sixth behind Schöni, Stefan Chaligne and Daniel Gillioz. Markus Lietzau and Patrick Hofmann were already eliminated halfway through the race. In Class 11, the 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport number 128, driven by Andreas Greiling, took first place. Remo Stebler, 0.380 seconds behind, climbed five places, beating two of his other competitors. The Cayman GT4 Clubsport from the previous generation 781 took the podium in this class with Cyrille Bagnoud revenge. Two-Hour Night Race This year, once again, there was a two-hour night race and a final endurance race that marked the defining moment of the PSCS season in Misano. This race no longer affected the results, but nevertheless attracted many professional pilots. After 66 laps, Patrick Dinkeldein and Marco Seefried took the overall first place in the Porsche 911 GT3 R. Second place and victory in GT3 Cup Class 1 went to new champion Jasin Ferati. Sponsorship program of Porsche Switzerland. Jörg Dreisow and Manuel Lauck took first place in the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup ranking with ABS. The best mid-engine team made up of Valerio Presezzi and Paolo Locatelli crossed the finish line in 19th place at the 718 Cayman GT4 RS Clubsport. Jens Richter and Andreas Greiling were the fastest driving 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsports without the Manthey package at #21. They took first place among MR equipped vehicles, beating the winners Sadamoto Takahashi, Alessandro Baccani and Simone Iaquinta. Porsche Drivers Competition Switzerland (PDC) During the two rounds of the Porsche Drivers Competition Switzerland (PDC) in Misano, a few unusual names appeared at the top of the list of results. One of the reasons was that Nicolas Garski, a streak winner who was already convinced he would become the new and former champion before the finals, gave up on the start. This is how Porsche 911 GT3 driver Marc Schöni took the lead in his first regularity test. His four qualifying laps were only 0.4 seconds behind his average time. 2nd place went to Gabriel Piaget and 3rd place went to Cepand Djamchidi. Of these, the second round presented double the distance with 10 laps of which 9 were considered for classification. With a change of just 1.56 seconds, Virgil Keller was the most consistent. It was followed by Djamchidi, Marius Hutmacher, Peter Meister and Robert Schwaller. “I am very pleased with the title won by the young driver Jasin Ferati, who definitely dominated Misano’s race weekend in the GT3 Cup standings,” said Richard Feller, Director of Porsche Sports Cup Switzerland. “Jasin thus takes over Alexander Fach, the champion of 2020 and 2021. During that time he has entered international motorsport, testifying to the important role the Porsche Sprint Challenge Switzerland plays within the pyramid set up by Porsche Motorsport. I would like to point out that Jürg Aeberhard, a particularly strong and fair opponent, did nothing to make his job easier, and the Swiss Porsche Sports Cup 2022 can be seen as a success overall. We have a family atmosphere in our series. experienced exciting races and great sportsmanship. » Misano Photo Info Password: PSCS_Misano_2022
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