Segura suffers a clutch hit error in Phils win

PHILADELPHIA — Jean Segura played 11 seasons in the major leagues, made up two All-Star teams, and had three .300 hits, but has never seen an inning like four in Game 3 of the National League Championship Series on Friday night. .The Philadelphia Phillies’ second baseman, in their first postseason appearance, dropped a relay draw from shortstop Bryson Stott, turning a potential inning-ending double play into a tie for the San Diego Padres. Clutches, two outs, two-strikes, two runs and one run gave the Phillies a 3-1 lead, they won 4-2 to lead the series 2-1,” Segura said. “It’s a play I’ve probably played 3,000 times in my life, but for some reason I missed it. As a player you never bow your head. Just stay still. You know how the game ends. That play can affect the game.” After a nice dive on the field early in the game, Segura will add a second fantastic dive play to steal the quick Haseong. Kim Joo-ja, who hit with a double out and a double, finished the 7th inning. He pumped his arms into the air and kicked his legs in great signs of emotion. “I don’t know how to explain it, Son Goku, little Son Goku, something like fire in my body. Just like trying to pull it out, like a bomb. If you don’t empathize with 45,000 people in the audience or 46,000 people in the audience, you’re wrong. It’s playing sports.” After Segura’s mistake, the Phillies had a meeting with starting pitcher Ranger Suarez on the mound. First baseman Rhys Hoskins wasn’t surprised that Segura had bounced back from a mistake. “He’s a 10- and 11-year pro and waited too long and competed for too long and enjoyed every moment to get his tail down and immersed in it. 15-16 I wouldn’t be surprised at all during a streak of offseason because the chances are high,” Hoskins said. “Besides, have you seen him hit a lot? He had a chance to play really well on the field. When he dropped the ball and went to the mound, the first thing he said was ‘Ranger, give me one more.’ That’s just the type of confidence he has in himself.” The game ended with controversy at the end of the ninth inning. Third base referee Todd Tikenor defeated Zurixon Propa with a 3-2 check swing after Juan Soto hit against Phillies closer Serantoni Dominguez, who was aiming to start in the second two innings of the season. .Propa, who had already thrown the bat and started the trot with first base, squatted in disbelief and started walking towards Tykenor. Home plate referee Ted Barrett sent Propa off the game. “I didn’t think I was going, I should have walked,” Propa claimed, not swinging. Backdoor Slider. “I haven’t had a chance to see much, but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t go. The bat could have been in front, but I just tried to get out of the way. I didn’t go. I didn’t swing.” He said he wasn’t worried about the possibility of a disciplinary action. We don’t pause people. We play games and we play with emotions. We don’t play smoothly. We play to win and I play with emotions.” Had Profar walked, Padres would have gained momentum from the flanks, putting pressure on the first and second runners and no one out, Dominguez. Instead, the last two batters, Trent Grisham and Austin Nola, popped up and struck out. Dominguez threw 34 pitches in his two innings, his second-highest total of the season, and the Phillies’ first two saves in the postseason since Tug McGraw in 1980. He now pitches 6⅓ innings this postseason, two hits, 13 strikeouts and no walks In the important Game 4 on Saturday night, the two managers pulled out Noah Syndergaard, picking the Phillies’ Mike Clevinger and the Phillies’ Bailey Falter four times. turned to Clevinger struggled from a postseason start against the Dodgers in the Division Series, allowing six hits and five runs in 2⅔ innings. This is after an ERA of 6.52 in six starts in September. He’s battling a sore knee, but on Thursday he was able to pitch the 35-pitched bullpen for the first time in a month. “We’ve had ups and downs,” Clevinger said. After game 3. “Good weeks, bad weeks, weeks the knee didn’t want to do and it’s been pretty bad lately as it’s coming to a close. And finally last week, really, really encouraging.” , Robert Suarez, Josh Hader and none of the best relievers used, so Melvin will give him a full bullpen on Saturday.” I’ll go until Bob comes and says he can’t go any further,” said Clevinger. said Phillies manager Rob Thomson has said he will have to wait to see if Dominguez can make a play in Game 4. Away from Tommy John surgery, the Phillies used him carefully throughout the season. “We’ll have to check out the Serantoni.” Thompson said. “That’s the most pitches he threw in a year. We got to the point in the game where we took the lead late and we need to hit it.”

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