2022 Porsche Taycan GTS road test: electric and electrified

• Auto123 tests the 2022 Porsche Taycan GTS, GTS, short for Gran Turismo Sport. • This modified electric vehicle turned out to be providing electricity the second time we touched it. In December 2020, I finally got my first Porsche Taycan 4S for a short test drive anyway. At that time, the first electric car in the history of the German brand was only available as a four-door coupe. However, since then, Porsche strategists have strengthened the proposal with two different bodyworks: a sporty wagon (Sport Turismo) and an expensive wagon (Cross Turismo). And the addition of the GTS badge (for Gran Turismo Sport) will not surprise anyone, as manufacturers have become masters of the technology to increase the available emblems. After all, the distinction now exists in all other models of the brand. So why not electric motors? It was at this time that we were able to try to discover the character of this version made for driving enthusiasts for a longer period of time in a car wearing Carmine Red. Contact a vehicle for sale near you. The list of options is quite impressive, as is very often the case with a festive Porsche car. Any brand regular knows that a long journey awaits him before he sets off again in his new racing car. If you’re new to the brand, take some time or have fun on the official Canadian site before making an appointment with a sales consultant. Trust me. A study of the available options proceeds in sequence. The stunning Carmine Red color alone adds an extra $3,590, and the Slate Gray interior package adds an extra $6,080. GTSC This emblem changes the game about more aggressive rear steering than any other emblem on the car. The PDCCS (for Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport) system also features 21-inch diameter RS ​​Spider wheels ($3,330), heated second-row seats ($600) and a watch above the dashboard ($790). Want to spend more? 4-Zone Air Conditioning ($1,130), 150kW Onboard Charger ($520), 4-Zone Air Conditioning ($1,130), Mobile Charging Station ($1,270), Technology Package ($4,960), Intelligent Range Management ($340). So what about the premium package ($5,890)? My test vehicle has all of these options, so the selling price of the Taycan GTS you see here is $185,580 instead of the $150,100 you need to access the GTS without the option. Options over $30,000 are staggering, but commonplace at Porsche. Plus, for resale value, the gear-rich copies will outsell the Taycan without options for several seasons. The (same) GTS Recipe GTS version of the regular won’t be out of place when you look at this Taycan. Several exterior details such as the bottom of the front or side mirror shells with these dark shields are black, not to mention the black-banded windows. But that’s not all, as the manufacturer immediately incorporates several components covered in a Race-Tex finish or brushed aluminum with a black anodized finish inside. As for the badges, they are also black. In short, a sportier vibe is finally created and no one will complain about the other colors joining this range. Equipped with a pair of electric motors that reach a milestone of surgical-accuracy 509 horsepower behind the wheel (or 590 horsepower if the Overboost Power function is active), the Porsche Taycan GTS is not a tortoise despite its significant weight of over two tons. So that’s not where the GTS stands out the most. A variant that only replaces the basic version in the Taycan org chart… at least in terms of motorization. No, it’s the details that the GTS shines through, especially thanks to the more aggressive configuration of the rear steering. Additions accompanied by monetary replenishment as this more angular direction appears in the options book. It should also be mentioned the presence of an adaptive air suspension combined with the PASM system (for Porsche Active Suspension Management). This makes life easier for drivers, even on worn roads where potholes threaten the integrity of the best 21-inch vehicles. clog. The Taycan’s differences from other variants are more subtle than what differentiates Porsche models with internal combustion engines, but after a few kilometers you will notice. Steering, for example, feels more precise than usual. Probably thanks to the large rims. Also, the artificial sound emitted by the vehicle in Sport or Sport+ mode is more convincing in the GTS than in other Taycans. Well, it’s true that the Flat-6 symphony is more than welcome, but for now it’s following the trend of the moment when manufacturers offer quiet cars most of the time. For episodes where drivers want to have fun, this artificial music enhances the already very exhilarating experience at the base. The quality of the rendezvous? Do I have to ask this question? At the risk of recurring, the Porsche segment offers cabins that are more impressive than: Even the cheapest Macan comes from a factory with a very well-made interior. The Taycan GTS is no exception to these rules, with leather upholstery, Alcantara suede on the dashboard, or piano black plastic on the steering wheel, although the latter can age badly over time with possible scratches. However, the rest of the Taycan GTS remains true to the brand’s other models. As the last word has been for years, Porsche is applying a successful recipe by multiplying the available variants of a particular model. The GTS variant, in my opinion, is a sharper option for an inexpensive symbol that has slightly more power under the right foot and contains the highest autonomy calculated by RnC (Canadian Natural Resources), i.e. 396 km. On this subject, future owners of the Taycan GTS may attach great importance to this aspect of the car when it has successfully made its first start. The output of both engines is close to 600 horsepower. And since this is an EV, the torque is immediately available. Let me remind you of that. After a few repetitions during the test week, I can say that the exercise was breathtaking. We love the look of the GTSRoad holding. Usable Power We like less. Only the Range S 2+2 with lower rear visibility than the Tesla model and little space behind it. Main Competition Audi RS e-tron GTMWW i4 M50 xDriveLucid AirMercedes-Benz EQS 580Polestar 2Tesla Model S

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