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macOS 13 Ventura is here: All the new features of Mac include:

Apple released the first version of macOS Ventura to Mac users on Monday, October 24. Here’s what you need to know about the new features, whether they will run on a Mac, and how Apple apps, including Mail and Safari, will change. Update 10/24: macOS 13 Ventura is now available to all users. macOS Ventura: Name and Release Date The Ventura name continues Apple’s recent tradition of giving every version of macOS a name in addition to a version number. As usual, the name has traditionally been taken from a California landmark or area since Mavericks launched in 2013. Before that, the big cat was the name for Apple’s Mac operating systems (Jaguar, Lion, etc.). This time the version number will be 13 (unlucky for some, but that didn’t stop Apple from calling the 2021 iPhone the iPhone 13). Apple unveiled features that will be included in the next version of macOS at the WWDC 2022 keynote on June 6 at 10 AM PT. The final version arrived on Monday, October 24th. As with previous releases, it will be available for download at 10:00 AM PT. The next version of macOS is named Ventura. macOS Ventura: Latest Beta Apple has released the first macOS 13.1 beta to developers. This includes the first look at the collaborative Freeform app. macOS Ventura: Compatibility Apple has confirmed that the following Macs are supported on macOS Ventura. MacBook models 2017 and later MacBook Air models 2017 and laterMacBook Pro models 2018 and laterMac mini models 2017 and laterMac models iMac Pro (all models)Mac Pro models 2019 and laterMac Studio (all models) This was previously This means that the next Mac supported by Monterey is now off the list. iMac (models 2015)MacBook Air (models 2015 and 2017)MacBook Pro (models 2015 and 2016)Mac mini (models 2014) Mac Pro (models 2013 – Cylinder/Trash Bin) MacBook (models 2016) The 2014 Mac mini sold through 2018, the ‘trash’ Mac Pro sold through 2019, and the 2017 MacBook Air sold through July 2019. We didn’t think Apple would remove those Macs from their support list. Because people may have bought that model a very short time ago. At least macOS Monterey will continue to support at least two generations of macOS. Note: How long Apple supports Macs. To find out if your Mac supports Ventura, see macOS 13 Ventura Compatibility: Can my Mac run the latest version? Some Macs supported by Ventura may not support all new features. Read: New macOS features that only work on newer Macs. Wondering how Ventura compares to Monterey? Read macOS Ventura vs Monterey. macOS Ventura: Known Issues There are currently no known bugs or issues with macOS Ventura. We will update this section as it occurs. macOS Ventura: What’s New Here is an overview of the features available in macOS 13 Ventura. Stage Manager Continuity continues to evolve with the introduction of Stage Manager, a new way to organize your workspace and manage desktop clutter that reminds you a bit of Spaces because it’s on the side of the screen but can be hidden. , rather than the top. Here’s how to configure windows using Stage Manager. Continuity Camera Another continuity-related feature lets you use your iPhone as a webcam and forward FaceTime calls from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac. The Continuity Camera is a great way to benefit from the iPhone’s superior camera. One of the really impressive features is the Desk View, which displays two views to the caller: face and desk. Using the iPhone camera means Mac users can benefit from features like Portrait Mode, Center Stage, and the new Studio Light feature. Read on to learn how to use your iPhone as a webcam for your Mac. iCloud Shared Photo Library You can now set up albums in Photos, add photos and videos, and choose up to five people to quickly share with each other. Here’s how to set it up on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Spotlight Spotlight, Apple’s way of searching for Macs, has also been improved. Quick Look lets you preview files and lets you search for photos by location, object, person, and more. Live text enhancements mean you can search for text within images and videos. Users can also create new documents, start timers, and more from within Spotlight. More info: How Apple improved Spotlight search on Ventura. Reminders In macOS Ventura, Apple has added several new features to make Reminders even more useful. You can view reminders grouped by time and date, pin lists, and save lists to use as templates. Read about what’s new in Reminders here: Reminders in macOS Ventura. System Settings System Settings is the new name for System Preferences. A name that will make iOS users feel at home. Read our in-depth article on how Apple improved System Preferences in macOS Ventura. It also covers Mac preferences with a new location in Ventura’s System Settings, including Storage, Hot Corners, Extensions, Mission Control, Appearance, Time Machine, and Warranty information. Background Noise Ventura’s Mac can play soft white noise, including sounds of rain, sea, or streams. Read: How to Play Smooth White Noise on macOS Ventura. Gaming I expect gaming on the Mac to be truly successful (Apple does it well anyway). Apple says it will be “easy” to run AAA games on every new Mac. Improvements to Metal 3, MetalFX Upscaling, and Fast Resource Loading APIs will benefit game developers. AirPods In macOS Monterey and earlier, users did not have much control over the settings of their AirPods, but that has changed in Ventura. When Ventura launches, users will finally have access to a full complement of AirPods settings just like on iOS. See here for more details. Full AirPods setup that comes with your Mac. macOS Ventura: App Updates As Apple updates its Mac operating system, it also makes changes to the many apps that come with Macs, and we can expect more this year. Several new features are coming to Safari and Mail, along with updates to the weather, clock, and new accessibility tools like live captions. Mail Mail now has improved search capabilities, but perhaps the most anticipated feature is the ability to cancel email delivery (assuming there is a time limit here) and schedule sending emails after clicking Send. Both are features provided by third parties, but it’s nice to see them available in Apple’s email software. For details, see How to schedule without sending an email in Apple Mail. There is some confusion about the inclusion of the Hide My Mail feature. This means you don’t have to share your email with third parties. Apple initially mentioned this feature, but has since been removed from webpages describing Ventura’s email feature, at least in some countries. Hide My Email is nothing new at Ventura. It arrived in Monterey in 2021, but at Ventura, Apple was expected to expand it to third parties. Messages Just like iOS, Messages on Mac allows users to edit messages once sent and recover accidentally deleted messages. Safari passkeys are generated as a more secure means of identifying you and are associated with Touch ID or Face ID. This replaces the password. Apple claims that “Passkeys are unique digital keys that remain on your device and are not stored on web servers.” So it’s more secure because you can’t leak your password or someone else can phishing it. You might want to read what to expect from Apple in 2022 and the latest information about iOS 16.
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