Justice Department charged with assaulting Paul Pelosi attack suspect, attempted kidnapping

WASHINGTON — On Monday, the Justice Department charged two counts in federal court against D-Calif’s suspect in Friday’s brutal attack on the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Intent of retaliation against federal officials by intimidating or injuring family members Complaint that DePape tried to kidnap Congressman Paul Pelosi, 82, when he broke into his San Francisco residence without realizing that she was in Washington, DC and only her husband was at home.” When DePape came into Pelosi’s bedroom, Pelosi was asleep and said he wanted to talk to ‘Nancy’. When Pelosi said Nancy wasn’t there, DePape said he would sit and wait. Paul Pelosi reports reported to authorities in the bathroom, and police recovered zip ties from Pelosi’s bedroom and hallways near the front door of the house. From DePape’s backpack they also found “a roll of tape, a white rope, a pair of hammers, a pair of rubber and cloth gloves, a journal.” In an interview conducted by police on the day of the attack, DePape said in an interview the investigators said in the complaint, “He took Nancy hostage and tried to talk to her.” If you let it go, she’ll drive into Congress and show the other members of Congress.” He wanted to use Nancy to lure others. On Saturday, law enforcement decided that DePape had been living in the garage of a house in Richmond, California just outside San Francisco for the past two years. “Among other things, the agents confiscated two hammers, a knife, rubber gloves and cloth gloves,” the complaint said in the garage. DePape was not expected to appear in federal court on Monday. San Francisco Police said DePape will be charged with attempted murder, first-degree robbery, assault with a lethal weapon, aggravated beating with a serious injury, abuse of an elderly person, and threatening a public official or family member. A source aware of the situation told NBC News earlier on Monday that Paul Pelosi was in the intensive care unit surrounded by his family. The FBI, San Francisco Police, Capitol Police and District Attorney received his testimony on Sunday, according to sources familiar with the investigation. Sources said he was awake, had all cognitive functions and seemed to remember everything. He talked about his case. On Friday he had “successful surgery to repair a fracture and serious injuries to his right arm and hand,” Pelosi’s office said. His doctors expect him to make a full recovery and the suspect was looking for the Speaker of the House of Representatives in Washington DC at the time of the attack, according to two sources briefed on the investigation. Before the assault, the intruder yelled at Paul Pelosi, “Where is Nancy, where is Nancy?” San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott said. Pelosi and the suspect holding a hammer. The suspect pulled a hammer from Mr. Pelosi and violently assaulted him.” Police picked up the suspect, disarmed him and detained him, Scott said. San Francisco police said a zip tie was found at the scene on Sunday. The suspect, a member of the Pelosi family, said: He took the hammer and smashed the window of Pelosi’s house facing the backyard. When the suspect wasn’t looking, Paul called 911. The family said Paul was alone at home and had been hit in the head several times with a hammer: Aliens, Jews, Communism , vaccines, voting fraud, and virtually every modern conspiracy thought on DePape’s online footprint, in a recent blog post upvoting ideas generally associated with far-right extremism, along with some liberal dissident ideas.
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