‘Ring of Power’ finale: Sauron actor didn’t even know he was Sauron at first

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for The Rings of Power season one finale.]

you knew it Right side? Or did you at least know that the man who would become king of Southland was disguised as Sauron? Introduced at the beginning of Prime Video’s The Rings of Power episode 2 (appearing in the mist of a raft with a salient board that looks like Sauron’s helmet), Halbrand states that the character’s identity as a secret wandering Aragonese king is actually much more hiding a dark past. Below, British actor Charlie Vickers (Palm Beach) talks about his dual identity role, how some of Halbrand’s seemingly dissimilar moves make sense, and what’s next for the character. So when did you know? I didn’t know until the third episode started. We filmed the first two episodes and after that the show was halted due to Corona. At the end of the hiatus, the showrunners sat me down and said, Unknowingly, the sequence was filmed on a raft. It was filmed with the brand Halal with sincerity. But to be honest, I guessed it. my last two auditions [were reading lines from] Richard III and we know he’s not the greatest man in the world. and then another [audition lines were] In Paradise Lost, where you are literally speaking as Satan. So it hinted that something was wrong. So it was definitely suspicious, but it wasn’t confirmed until just before we started filming the third episode. I want to share the character’s journey with him because I think he will review all his scenes. So what’s your understanding of his introduction to the raft? Did he go there to meet Galadriel, or, as she said, their meeting prepared by a higher power? So I know this. But I think it’s best to leave that question unanswered. Because I know the story behind it [in season two]. That question will be answered in time. When I re-watched the early episodes with the idea that Halbrand was Sauron, it became almost astonishingly clear. There are too many hints. What’s your favourite? Here’s the fun part. The second line of the raft is “Appearance can deceive”. I didn’t really realize at the time because I didn’t know I was playing Sauron! But looking back, I think, “Wow, it’s all there.” And I think there was a moment when fans who knew the legend sounded the alarm when they entered Númenor and stood next to the forge. One thing that has kept some fans from believing that Halbrand could be Sauron is that it’s hard to imagine the Dark Lord really wants to work as a blacksmith apprentice in Númenor. What were you thinking behind the scenes? He is a blacksmith. He is well versed in blacksmithing skills. He must think about where he met Sauron in the stage of repentance. Tolkien says quite explicitly in The Silmarillion that he repented. So the question is not whether he repented, but whether the repentance was real. he lowered He was humiliated and almost humbled. So when you see him drifting off the raft, it’s basically as low as you can get. Tolkien said that Sauron reappeared and he stayed in Middle-earth for a long time, and then very slowly came back to power. These are the words he used. And I think that’s why he’s looking for a job. Because he’s looking for a way back. It’s really exciting to think of him rebuilding. He rebuilt it several times during the entire history of Arda. This is an example of one of them. Because you think, “Well, why would the villain of Tolkien, the second greatest in power, work as a blacksmith in Númenor?” If his repentance is real, then he is looking for a new life and is really trying to get away from evil. But if his repentance is not sincere and fake, it’s probably a tactic that allows him to buy time and make himself look busy while waiting for things to develop in Númenor. You can see it in two ways. There is an answer I used while playing the character. But I think it’s interesting to leave it vague and let people interpret it as they like. Someone close to the show pointed out that the Sauron scammers aren’t actually completely lying to their season 1 conversation. Is your understanding the same? That’s true. It’s interesting because he’s this swindler and, ultimately, in order to cheat, he has to fully embody this form he has taken. To convince someone like Galadriel I had to be completely immersed in what he was doing, which meant I was completely immersed in Halbrand’s character. But all of Sauron’s subconscious work is behind it. But yes, he says one line. I think in the fifth episode. “Sorry. I’m sorry for everything. I’m sorry bro.” What’s the truth. It’s just that Galadriel doesn’t see what he wants to see. She doesn’t know the truth of what he said. I liked it when he advised Galadriel exactly what Sauron would do with the ring. “Identify what the other person fears most…and them.” Also, when he warns her of bringing himself into her Middle-earth, “I’ve been looking for my peace for longer than you know. Please, for both of us, let me keep it.” That last doesn’t even make sense for Halbrand, why would it be better for him to stay at Númenor? Only works if he’s Sauron. Exactly! He says in the finale that he wants Galadriel to be his queen. There’s a real charm and interest in it. Is this or was it just power play? I see it only as power play. All the attraction or interest in her is through this cosmic connection. He’s been around for a really long time and so was she. It’s rare to meet him, so it must have been thrilling and exciting for him, but when he tells her it all goes back to his fears or hopes for personal gain. That’s what he has in the moment. .She is a means to regain power with her by his side.I think it will be more effective in the short term, but in the long term he will not be happy unless he takes power and is alone.When he says he wants to heal Middle-earth, what kind of Just as we compare Sauron to darkness and volcanoes, he enthusiastically called Númenor a paradise and seemed to want to stay there. I think he truly appreciates beauty. And his aim is to make the gods They hate and fear so much that they create an independent paradise separate from Valinor to harass the gods. It’s about reorganization and rehabilitation. Tolkien says he wants to get rid of wasted friction in Middle-earth. If you look at the state of the world, it’s scattered with Southland. Everything is chaotic when he sees the factions at war with the tribes that exist. To heal Middle-earth in his mind is to reconstruct everything and make him the sole ruler, while advancing the beauty, wonder and majesty of Middle-earth. Everything has to be really structured and organized, he is in charge and he does things the way he wants. If you can order it, that’s the only way to satisfy him. For Season 2, showrunners said the season was very Sauron-focused, and he said Sauron would move around and manipulate and manipulate. What can you tease your character for next season? I think it’s a really interesting season because I’m starting to see who Sauron is. We saw him in this time of repentance. We will enter this period as we watch his plans unfold. You are with him as he moves the pieces on the chessboard. There are parts of the story that are very rich, exciting and thrilling, and parts of the Silmarillion we will see that I liked. Those really famous stories unfold next season. And finally, actors in genre shows and movies often have to keep secrets. But this was a pretty big event with a lot of speculation. Are there any difficult moments in the process that didn’t leak? From the first broadcast, my friends said, “You are Sauron.” These are some of my best friends and I’ve had to hang them up or send them a different route. I have had people guessing that I am the Witch King or the Death King. I showed people a picture of the Death King, who was literally a skeleton, put it next to my face and said, “You look just like this guy.” When I first found out about the cast, [Galadriel actress Morfydd Clark] He was the only person I could talk to. So it is a great pleasure to be able to share it.
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