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CNN — Arizona Republican governor candidate Kari Lake showed Sunday that a new generation of Donald Trump is using the former president’s anti-democratic tactics to taint another election. Lake appeared on CNN’s “Federal Government” a few days after being investigated by the House Selection Committee on January 6, 2021. The rebellion knew Trump had lost in 2020, but he aired new evidence that he decided to declare victory anyway. Her response made it clear that Trump’s strategy of questioning the outcome before even voting was a legitimate tactic in the eyes of some Republican candidates for office two years later. Under pressure from CNN’s Dana Bash, Lake repeatedly refused to accept the election results, implying that counting after election night was illegal, and that the 2020 election was corrupt despite senior officials. claimed. The Trump administration and several courts have denied this. “I will win the election and I will accept the outcome,” Lake said. Her response highlighted the potential for a crisis before or after the November midterm elections if the defeated Republican candidate decides not to accept the outcome. And he recalled a similar statement made by then Republican presidential nominee Trump in Ohio in October 2016. If I win, I will fully accept the outcome of this great and historic presidential election,” she said. Many Republican candidates who have endorsed Trump or support him are repeating his erroneous claim that the 2020 election is illegal. The fact that some of them could win major state-wide offices that control elections is a wake-up call for advocates of free elections. This is a particularly dangerous scenario without the courage of certain Republican officials who have thwarted Trump’s 2020 election stealing bid. Lake’s appearance also highlighted the most dangerous situations. An important political dividing line in this country is not between the left and the right, but between those who will follow the rules of democracy and those who want to undermine it further. Trump, who remains the most dominant Republican electorate in America, exacerbated this situation by embracing his own voter fraud. His claims that he won major swing states in 2020, including Arizona, have helped convince millions of Republican voters that he was unfairly kicked out of office, despite failing to prove cheating, and is amongst many conservatives. It undermined the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s presidency. For evading and willingly accepting Trump’s dishonest accusations of 2020 election fraud, Lake showed why he could be a potential future voice of Trumpism when the author eventually leaves the stage on Sunday. A former veteran television news reporter from Phoenix, Lake is a seasoned television presenter. She says her answers sound convincing even when they provide false or questionable information, and she’s good at flipping her answers over on issues that may expose them to issues that will please voters. But her political agility won’t be tested during her debate phase, as her Democratic nominee Katie Hobbes rejected her debate over her. Lake also demonstrated a facility to incite undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers on the southern border. Trump was elected president after making it the centerpiece of his 2016 presidential campaign. Lake’s evasion reflects Trump’s stance ahead of the 2020 presidential election. And every time a Democrat wins it means a scam, which is a serious blow to democracy. If the Republican nominee hints to his supporters that the system is corrupt, many will believe it. All candidates have the right to challenge the election results if they believe the election results were unfair. But a growing number of public officials and court-disputed people are using the specter of fraud as a political tool. This is a very corrosive tactic because free and fair elections rely on the losing candidate to accept their losses. When it disappears, democracy is in deep danger. Trump repeatedly questioned the fairness of the 2020 elections long before voters went to the polls and suggested that defeat could only be achieved through illegal means. While Lake isn’t quite as fair as her former president, it’s not a good thing she’s been refusing to say she’s articulate that she’ll accept whatever the outcome is in the current fierce competition. A recent CNN poll did not reveal a clear leader in the race between Lake and Hobbs among influential voters. Trump is still pushing the falsehood of widespread fraud in the 2020 presidential election, repeating many of his unfounded accusations in documents released Thursday after the House Selection Committee decided to subpoena him for his testimony and documents. For example, his claim that he should have won in 2020 because he got more votes than in 2016 was false, but contributed to widespread distrust of the electoral system among his supporters. Trump got more popular votes in 2020 than in 2016. But Biden got about 7 million more votes than Trump and won a comfortable electoral majority. However, skepticism about the election sparked by Trump persisted even after his resignation. For example, in a CNN/SSRS poll conducted in April 2021, 70% of Republicans thought Biden didn’t get enough votes to win. Lake evaded the question of why it’s using misinformation about 2020 scams as a platform in the 2022 governor’s bid. “The real problem is, Dana, people don’t trust our elections,” she said. When asked by several courts and Trump-nominated dignitaries, including then Attorney General William Barr, why they said there was little or no voting fraud in 2020, she claimed she had enough evidence, but she came up with nothing. “The problem is that the media doesn’t cover it,” Lake argued. CNN’s Daniel Dale documented how many Republican candidates for federal and state offices in November questioned, rejected, or tried to overturn the 2020 election results. This includes at least 11 candidates for Secretary of State and more than half of candidates for Governor. In a state where elected officials have a big say in how elections are conducted and how votes are counted, that’s a scary proposition in 2024, when Trump is expected to be a candidate again. Lake’s response to Bash gave Hobbs a chance, the current Arizona Secretary of State. Hobbs said the competitor is responsible for providing evidence of voting fraud. “This is absolutely ineligible. This is the person who has the level of authority over our state’s elections, has the power to sign new legislation into law, and is responsible for validating future elections.” “And she, as you have heard, not only refused whether she would accept the results of this election, but also whether she would authorize the 2024 presidential election if she were governor.” However, Hobbs declined to discuss Lake directly, warning that she could use any discussion to create a “spectacle”. But her position also makes it impossible for Arizona voters to compare each candidate side-by-side. As Bassey put it, “If you think she’s as dangerous as talking about democracy, is she responsible as a candidate to run Arizona to show and explain who their alternatives are?” Hobbs argued that the kind of conversation she’s having on CNN would have been impossible with Lake on stage. “I guarantee the people struggling in Arizona right now are not making a decision as to whether there was a discussion between me and Kari Lake,” she said. They will make decisions based on whoever understands their struggles and has practical solutions to fix them.” One of the key questions in the upcoming elections is the impact of Democrats’ warnings about the fate of a free and fair electoral system on voting. With annual inflation reaching its highest level in nearly 40 years and gasoline prices rising again, voters are likely to consider concerns less noble than the fate of democracy when determining the fate of the House, Senate and major state primaries. So while democracy itself is just a nerd over the next month, it could show up in a much more corrupted form in elections.

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