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Valeo wants to be an integral part of electric motors.

The electric Mercedes EQS is a German brand prestige limousine (from 135,850 euros). The large V8 or V12 internal combustion engine that made its predecessor, the thermal S-Class famous, is gone. Meet the French Valeo engine with combined output of up to 524 horsepower. “You did the perfect job,” Geoffrey Bouquot, director of strategy and innovation for the tricolor automotive equipment manufacturer, proudly stresses in an interview with Challenges. Clearly, the contract with Mercedes was brought by the German group Siemens. But last July, Valeo acquired 100% of the Valeo Siemens eAutomotive joint venture, a leader in high-voltage electrification that the two companies previously shared 50/50. Thanks to these activities, Valeo now “has about 20 German, French, American and Chinese customers and already has 90 models,” continues Geoffroy Bouquot. Would you like a Mercedes? It’s a great business card. The Valeo is also found under the hood of electric Volkswagens such as the ID.3 and ID.4. Also read Autonomous Mercedes: Germany’s Success Behind France’s Innovation Engine, Renault However, Valeo plans to supply one of the most powerful electric motors in the world with record energy efficiency. Christoph Périllat, CEO of Valeo, emphasized, “We will create the next generation of automotive electric motors capable of eliminating rare earths.” That’s a big step forward because highly polluted metals are mostly found… It makes 90% of China’s electricity sector, emphasizing its strategic dependence on former medieval empires that controlled cobalt and lithium production. 75% of the electric motor, 75% of the battery… Scheduled for 2027, the motor will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show on 17 October using 800 volts, twice that of a Mercedes EQS. They will be manufactured at Renault’s Normandy plant in Cléon. When signing the contract in February, Renault CEO Luca De Meo boasted, “I am delighted to be working with Valeo, which is recognized worldwide for its know-how.” Valeo’s strategy is clear. Offering electric motors ranging from “12 volts to 800” convinces Geoffrey Bouquot. A small 48-volt motor from Etaples (Pas-de-Calais) is already fitted to the Citroën Ami electric all-wheel drive. This same engine is now integrated into Valeo Cyclee technology for two wheels! A module mounted at the heart of a crankset manufactured by Châtellerault (Vienne). Especially suitable not only for bicycles, but also for tricycles that deliver goods in the city centre. Therefore, the French company will supply electric propulsion systems to Indian Atul’s three-wheeled vehicles. Jayakumar G, CEO of the equipment supplier’s local subsidiary, said, “Valeo’s CO2 emission reduction technology, engineering expertise and local production capacity will help strengthen our partnership in the growing Indian market. Or hope to reach 250 million euros from sales of small three-wheeled vehicles Valeo’s more than 90 billion offerings to this day… will extend to heavy vehicles and buses Equipment manufacturers serve as the brains that drive the electric current It is estimated that the cake of high-voltage electrical mechanisms (at 60 volts), including chargers and inverters that do In this rapid energy shift, manufacturers cannot do it all on their own: “Valeo should be able to supply more than 10% of the 40 billion market,” Christophe Périllat asserts in an interview with Challenges. As a whole, Valeo’s sales will “fall from €4.3 billion in 2021 to €7.5 billion in 2025,” notes Geoffrey Bouquot, which is not a wet-finger forecast, as 80% of future sales are already recorded in the form of orders. Is everything going well? No, because “losses in the Valeo Siemens eAutomotive joint venture were stronger than expected (eg, €2 billion between 2017 and 2021”), a former analyst at Deutsche Bank and still a keen analyst for the car. Observer Gaétan Toulemonde stresses: The former general company “loses money,” admits Christopher Périllat, but “it was a young shoot, had to invest, built a factory and all this this year has motorized activity out of its cash balance.” You have to be able to do it,” Geoffrey Bouquot specifies. Electrification is a V God’s gift to aleo. Because it’s not just the engine. The world’s leading expert in thermal systems (heat-cooling) with a global market share of 13%, the equipment manufacturer also has a “how to cool the battery during fast charging”, otherwise the charging rate will drop. Another problem with electric vehicles is that they need a heat pump if there is no heat dissipated by the internal combustion engine to heat the interior in winter! A key component worth hundreds of euros in a car. Electric motorization offers “the potential to increase turnover by eight times compared to gasoline or diesel vehicles and heating and cooling systems,” stresses the general manager.

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